LOS ANGELES (AP) — California Attorney General Xavier Becerra says his state is committed to keeping families together and is “not in the business of deportation.”

Speaking Sunday on a morning news show, Becerra hit back at a White House letter demanding California and other areas help enforce federal immigration law or risk losing federal grants.

He said that the U.S. Constitution gives states the right to decide how to police its citizens.

Becerra said, “We’re in the business of public safety. We’re not in the business of deportation.”

The attorney general says one of the ways California is protecting people is by creating jobs in a state that is the sixth-largest economy in the world.

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  1. Becerra says this:

    ““We’re in the business of public safety. We’re not in the business of deportation.”

    Wrong on both counts. Mr. Becerra, what you just said is demonstrably dishonest and in a fair world you would be jailed for lying to those you took an oath to protect.

    You cannot possibly be unaware that your Governor publically announced to the Hispanic world 2 years ago – during the visit by Vicente Fox, that, “You are ALL welcome.”

    By definition then, California politicians – for the sheer advantage of guaranteeing a lock-step future of Democratic votes – are also guaranteeing a jaw-dropping number of closed hospitals – 83 at last count – traffic glut, auto theft, street shootings, school violence beyond belief, gang-infestation that make a rat’s next look inviting, and lest we forget, we are now the hit & run capital of the world.

    The reality is, those in positions of power in this state wiggle their toes in glee that an ever-bloated Southern California is morphing into North Mexico.

    “We’re not in the business of deportation.”

    No, you’re in the business of unfettered, non-sustainable IMPORTATION.

    What you are doing, by outright embracing lawbreaking immigrants, is NOT in the best interest of either the state or the nation.

    But by God, it guarantees corruption of what once was a fair system of votes, doesn’t it?

    We reap what we sow. And what you are sowing is the fruit of the poisonous tree.

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