ICE Agents Now Going To Courthouses To Arrest Undocumented Immigrants

PASADENA ( — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys.

They worry such tactic will discourage undocumented immigrants from appearing in court to testify as witnesses for prosecutors.

Criminal defense lawyer Octavio Chaidez said his client is among those taken into custody by ICE agents, who arrested him at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Pasadena.

He said he had just finished a criminal court appearance with his client when four agents swooped in, confirmed his name and took his client away.

“It was very shocking because it occurred inside of a courthouse, and the reason for the detention had nothing to do with that proceeding,” recalled Chaidez, who would not say if his client has a criminal history.

Chaidez said he is among many attorneys and prosecutors who worry ICE arrests at courthouses will create enough fear of deportation among witnesses or victims of crimes to affect the outcomes of cases.

“They may refuse to contact the police. They may refuse to give testimony as a witness. They may refuse to show up in court, and that affects the entire system,” the attorney explained.

The threat of deportation erodes the trust built in the non-English speaking community to persuade them to come out of the shadows and help solve crimes, Chaidez said.

“If those people are worried that their residency is going to be in jeopardy or they don’t have any status to be here in the country, then in that situation, they may not contact the police at all, even if they witnessed a very serious crime,” said the attorney, who has not seen or heard from his client since his arrest.

ICE officials said they do so only when all other options have been exhausted.


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  1. Caroli Smith says:

    GREAT JOB ICE! ICE should go to the churches too, they protect and hide some illegals!

    1. Doug Forbes says:

      Illegal immigration is theft. When you enter a fully developed country with roads, water systems and electrical grids and use that infrastructure without permission from the owners; ie, US citizens, you are stealing.

      1. So….they don’t want ICE agents upholding the law inside of a court house. Thast a head scratcher. Churches don’t hide illegals. Illegals basically don’t need to hide.

      2. Carl Quick says:

        Real Americans, actual citizens, CANNOT AFFORD to pay taxes for whole world to come here and get benefits. And “Exempt income” and “Income that is not” are codified in U.S. tax regulations.
        WHAT IS TAXED d ot c om

    2. Lawyers should be arrested for obstruction of justice as well as all personal involved with DACA

    3. Nicole Reed says:

      That’s terrible, nobody should expect that they may end up in jail by going to court.

      1. Funny Nicole, very funny….

      2. Im glad to see a president who campaigned on deporting illegals is actually doing it for we have had our presidents ignored it for 20 years so its a big job now but im in California and im a contractor and im finally retired for illegals invaded here in 1996 after Clinton signed a welfare act to give them welfare and their wives get welfare and benefits and they also get to keep the money their husband earns and they have to learn to do what Americans do and live off what they make and if you have to struggle ,so be it for Americans have had to struggle for years and its part of life and u people want it handed to you and if trump fails in the healthcare bill he will still have my vote in 2020 for he is trying his best and has filled more promises than all the other presidents combined

    4. A former pastor just went to Africa and bought one. I suppose you can then make them legal, it’s just the idea that a white guy would go over there and buy a little 2-3 year old black girl seemed kinda goofy to me.

      1. Obama bought a couple and made them daughters.


  2. Caroli Smith says:

    DEPORT ALL the illegals!

    1. Look at court rooms, homes, schools, business and most of all clean up our flea markets. Flea markets have been infested by illegals… Mile High Flea Market in Denver is ridiculous, I stopped going, and I really enjoyed going back in the good ole days.

    2. Frank Morris says:

      It takes 5 minutes for a DACA illegal “dreamer” to register to vote in California. The DACA amnesty program apparently still up and running, handing out amnesty, work permits, etc. As you read this 800 applications/renewals a day being accepted. Trump could stop DACA with a strike of a pen. Leave a comment on Trump’s facebook page or Tweet. @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls @StephenBannon Keep your promise. We want DACA stopped. #EndDaca

    3. And jail their enablers in the courts, law enforcement, local governments and all those who illegally harbor these CRIMINALS who enter, have entered or remain in our nation illegally. The elected officials of any city that is a sanctuary city, refuses to cooperate with the Feds and thereby ignores our constitution pertaining to illegal aliens, churches or any other person who harbor these fugitives from justice all should be permanently be placed behind bars for their willful intent to break the law and allow illegal aliens to continue to break the law. It’s time we start getting serious about this problem that has been going on virtually unchecked for the past 60 decades that I am personally aware of. Note: This is important.
      This has absolutely nothing what so ever to do with race. It has everything to do with crime and enabling it to continue. If you want to come here legally I welcome you with open arms. But if you sneak in illegally then I am more than willing to send you back comfortably or not. That’s not racism it’s just basic common sense and following established law. If you don’t like the law, change it legally, don’t just ignore it as if it doesn’t make any difference. Our laws are for everyone and should be applied equally to everyone regardless of age, sex, race or fiscal wherewithal.

  3. Just getting the job done… My hats off to you!!!

  4. Brett Sutton says:

    if they are so worried about reporting crime, then that is even more reason to remove them, less crime

  5. “He said he had just finished a criminal court appearance with his client when four agents swooped in, confirmed his name and took his client away.”

    Aw. Like a hawk swooping in to get a poor defenseless little bunny rabbit. Imagine that! Law enforcement officers actually doing their jobs! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

    1. Unfortunately the law enforcement officers were the Federal officers. The local law enforcement officers, the ones who staff the courthouse, the judge and the DA (prosecuting attorney) and even the defense attorney, were not doing their jobs as dictated by the oath they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against enemies both foreign and domestic as law enforcement personnel or officers of the court which include the attorneys and judge. These people should also be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes against the Constitution and all American Citizens who depend on them to do their jobs.

  6. Jeff Brown says:

    Thank you ICE for taking these criminals into custody and sending them out, perhaps those here illegally living in fear should just pack their bags and leave. If the idiots in CA cooperated and turned criminals over ICE would not need to be in court to arrest and remove criminals

  7. bdnsc says:

    “Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally…” FAKE NEWS WARNING!

    No where does this loser tell us why it is illegal! That’s because it’s not.

    Keep up the good work ICE!

  8. Steve Black says:

    Attorneys upset that the law is not enforced? Who would have thunk it? Would they be upset if their illegal alien client was being arrested for child molestation, bank robbery, tax fraud, traffic violations, failure to appear in court? No….but violate the immigration laws and every offense that flows from that and they are upset. Pathetic for those sworn to uphold the law!

  9. This ambulance chaser would have you believe his “client” was there to help in some prosecution of someone else….he was the frickin criminal DEFENDANT!

    1. The lawyer is worried that his client pool is shrinking. He probably represents thousands of illegals who going are frequent flyers going through the revolving catch and release door.

  10. If we HAD no illegal immigration THEN you would not need to protect any to testify in court ya JACK WAGONS ..

  11. How will we survive without an illegal slave wage underclass that burdens the welfare system and votes democrat?

    1. Much better than we are surviving right now.

  12. Joe Jacobs says:

    This guy is a DEFENSE attorney so I will have to assume his client is a defendant in a CRIMINAL proceeding

    1. I see that your critical thinking skills are working well. The problem is that liberals that support continued illegal immigration and harbor illegal aliens from our justice system don’t have any critical thinking skills so they are ripe to be deluded by this article written by the liberal MSM who in this case is CBS. Note carefully they have declared what was done by the Feds as being illegal. Where is the Federal or even State statute/law that indicates that the Feds broke the law while the others present who had also taken oaths of office to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic and purposefully failed to honor that oath of office. Had they executed their duties and done what they has sworn that they would do the Feds wouldn’t have had to show up to the courthouse and arrest the criminal they were protecting. They all need to be removed permanently from ALL public service as they cannot be depended upon to enforce all our nations laws.

    2. Obviously. They’re taking money out of their pockets. Lawyers don’t care about their clients…especially defense lawyers.

  13. Great job ICE agents, he’s a criminal attorney- sir your client is a criminal the reason you haven’t heard from him because ICE did their jobs and sent him back to mexico.

  14. Rudy Gold says:

    Well, it looks like the Trump administration is really trying to “Make America Great Again”. Good show ICE! The majority of America is with you and supports you.

  15. Well.. If you are breaking one law already. Don’t break two. Good job ICE. Get these thugs out.

  16. Enforcing law inside a court room? Imagine that.

  17. Jeff Welch says:

    You are trying to do your best to mislead people. You are saying in your statement that this lawyer was “his client”. A witness does not need a lawyer. So the person in question had done something to appear before a judge. ICE has only been deporting people who have broken the laws beside being here illegally. Send them all home.

  18. BM Babej says:

    Ha ha , If they are illegal how can they be a reliable witness? There testimony is already tainted. Idiot Lawyers. All are involved in Identity theft in order to work or rent a place to live.

  19. Sally Morgan says:

    ICE isn’t there to take away witnesses, they’re there to take criminals.

  20. “If those people are worried that their residency is going to be in jeopardy or they don’t have any status to be here in the country, then in that situation, they may not contact the police at all, even if they witnessed a very serious crime,”

    I am sure the guy they “swooped” down on was the one who committed a crime, not a “witness”. If the jail does not want to hand them over to ICE after release, you just move further up the criminal system chain. How about if someone is arrested and they are found to be here illegal, the police just call ICE straight away to save time and money? The lawyer says that “they may refuse to show up to court”. That in itself is another violation of law.

    The lawyer is afraid he will run out of criminals to represent. I am sure that defending illegal criminals is very lucrative.

    Enough of the BS.

  21. Wherever they are, arrest them!
    School, courthouse, market.
    Illegal is illegal and I thank goodness every day that there is someone in charge who is doing his job!
    Thank you, President Trump!

  22. illegal aliens were arrested legally. fake news.

  23. “Get em where theyre at”

  24. “He said he had just finished a criminal court appearance with his client when four agents swooped in, confirmed his name and took his client away.”

    His client is not only illegal but a criminal with our other laws. Deport him with prejudice.

  25. I’m shocked, Shocked! That they would enforce the law in a court of law!

  26. Jeffrey Gee says:

    … and so what isn’t that their job???

    1. I see detecting sarcasm is not exactly your strong point.

      Today across America with illegals it seems to be quite a novel idea that they should or could be arrested as they sit next to their defense attorney while being prosecuted with a crime unrelated to the crime of their entering and remaining in our nation illegally. The judge knew he was illegal, the prosecuting attorney knew he was illegal, the court law enforcement officers present knew of his illegal status and any one of them SHOULD have detained him and turned him over to ICE as is dictated by the Constitutional law that all of them swore to uphold in their oaths of office. If they don’t live up to their oaths of office they should all be removed from their public offices permanently.

      It’s time we stop going lightly on the enablers who harbor these criminals who should be deported.

      So lets go after them and prosecute/incarcerate them for THEIR crimes against our nation.

  27. If the government had been doing its job for the last 16 years then these deportations would not be happening. Today it is playing catch up for these previous years negligence. This case looks like an illegal alien with a criminal record was taken away for deportation which is exactly the policy the President has enacted.

  28. Mike Hammer says:

    Well, maybe if the courts and police and prosecutors in LA and the rest of California cooperated with ICE, and held criminal illegals for ICE when asked to do so, ICE agents would not have to swoop into courts to arrest and deport criminal illegals. Instead of complaining about ICE, why not complain to the hack politicians and their law breaking sanctuary city policy. If the courts, lawyers and prosecutors really care about safety and trust, start cooperating with ICE. Otherwise I say to prosecutors and defense lawyers … now you see them, now you don’t. One more criminal illegal alien deported.

    1. While it’s fun to pick on CA for this problem let’s be honest about it. It’s everywhere. From Seattle Washington to New York New York to Brownsville Texas or Minot North Dakota to a tiny city called Langley Washington, the problem of law breaking liberals who harbor criminals away from prosecution goes on. Whether it’s a big sanctuary city or just a small city, these ‘sanctuaries’ are harboring criminals and protecting them illegally. Funny, they desperately want all of the other laws enforced that we live under but when it comes to the illegal alien they are willing to throw the rule of law out the window. My hope is that the Fed will swoop down on all of their public officials, arrest and prosecute them for intentionally breaking the law and even conspiring on how to rewrite local law to achieve their goals. Let the FED move into those places and instead of just rounding up the illegal aliens for deportation arrest, prosecute and punish those who illegally enable them. If I saw a non-violent crime being committed and did nothing about it or even harbored the criminal who committed the crime I would be guilty of breaking existing law and could be prosecuted and punished for it. What is the difference with those who sympathize with the illegal alien and goes out of his or her way to keep them away from the law? If someone broke into your home and looted it and I knew who it was, by law I am supposed to report it and law enforcement then is supposed to legally deal with it.

  29. Brilliant, and a great use of resources. I also heard on NPR (love the music, try to ignore the rest) that ICE is also making regular stops at the county jail and taking illegals into custody rather than the dramatic “raids” the media likes to spin yarns about.

    1. Better find a different station to listen to NPR on now that Trump has nixed all their Federal Grant monies. I use to enjoy the music as well but got so tired of their political pandering I couldn’t tune in any longer. Good to see that the liberal propaganda machines called NPR and PBS are loosing their Federal funding.

  30. Dan Tiede says:

    When the social justice crowd complains, take it as a compliment.

  31. James Hobby says:

    ICE goes where the illegals are! What is wrong with that?

  32. Mark Lozano says:

    You want to catch a majority of them? Go to welfare offices, department of motor vehicles, and food pantries/outreach programs. You will find many many more of them in those places.

  33. Good!!! This should have been done all along, and now that the communist/ liberal traitor Obama is gone, and can no longer shelter these felons, ICE can continue to do their job! ICE should be present at every illegal alien rally, every courthouse, and have posts set up in every illegal alien sanctuary city! Get these entitled freeloaders OUT!!!!!

  34. Why should Citizens have to house, feed and pay legal bills for foreign nationals illegally in the USA who obviously committed a crime to have been arrested in the first place?

  35. This is how far behind the media is on these news items that they don’t like. This in PASADENA happened weeks ago! Should be bigger news so that the country can see that in a COURT of LAWS those breaking our laws are apprehended! Good job #ICE #DrainTheSwampCa

  36. They lawyers are correct. This could cause illegal immigrants who need to testify to not appear in court. Perhaps that’s something that should have been considered before declaring your city a “sanctuary city” and ordering your police to not help ICE. You don’t help ICE, why should they help you?

  37. Thomas Lucas says:

    I got arrested at a civil restraining order hearing because i had an unpaid parking ticket. FFS stop trying to get rights citizens don’t even have. If you are here illegally the one place you should be scared to go is to see a judge. Judges are there ti hurt people not change laws and protect criminals.

  38. laxmom3 says:

    If these sanctuary cities refuse to follow and enforce the laws then they can’t complain when the federal government does it for them…well done ICE, well done.

  39. Greg Cochran says:

    It cannot get any better than this, attorney’s mad and illegals being picked up. Way to go ICE.

  40. Luisa Volpi says:

    Unbelievable the hypocrisy! “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys”. Here are these blood sucking attorneys, representing ILLEGAL aliens preaching to agents of a Government department, who are ENFORCING THE LAW, lecturing them about illegal arrests. It never ends with these libs. Way to go ICE keep it up and DO YOUR JOB!

  41. It’s about time they did their jobs. Obama wouldn’t let them. Now our president with balls is doing the job Liberals don’t want him to do. Let’s be friends with this rally nice ISIS men holding those big knives. Liberals=Morons!

  42. Kurt Frommd says:

    That’s not new. They have been doing it under Obama as well.

  43. It’d be nice if during one of these ‘sweeps’, ICE agents swept up a few attorneys along with the illegals. After a few hours in a Holding Cell, face-to-face with criminal illegal aliens, maybe a couple lawyers would see they’ve been representing the wrong kind of people.
    And after everything is straightened out I’m sure that ICE would apologize to the attorneys for the ‘inconvenience’ (rotfl).

  44. Abel Garcia says:

    I can only conclude that attorneys want courthouses to be sanctuary places..

  45. Well, I can see that the attorneys feel like the practice is like a hunter setting up at the waterhole or shooting over a baited field. But then ICE isn’t hunting: they’re stopping a flood.

    Besides, if the illegals and their legal counsel (the mind boggles) are so upset, perhaps the illegals should return to their own country.

  46. Mark Bowen says:

    Fake news/deceptive writing at it’s finest.Notice that the conclusion of the lead paragraph “sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys”. The reporter,well I mean fiction writer,names just one (1) defense attorney and zero(0) prosecutors who are outraged.That’s ok,because the attorney says he “is among many”. Why not just take his word for it,right? ICE is doing their job,the defense attorney is arguably doing his. How about the writer and paper doing their job and spare us the hyped up liberal slant. Is that too much to ask?

  47. Ben Jones says:

    Gee, I thought that was why we had “Law Enforcement”, to enforce the laws of this Country. If they are here ILLEGALLY, that means in this Country without proper papers, then they should be immediately DEPORTED. They can sue, stomp their feet and protest in their own Country about how bad they were treated in America.
    ICE has my full support on this matter. There are no excuses for abusing American laws.

  48. Turn over every rock, leaf and branch. Enter court rooms, homes, schools, business. When pulled over for a traffic violation ask everyone if they are an American citizen. Once an ILLEGAL ALIEN FELON has been located, handcuff them, put them into a prison bus and start for the border immediately. While a bunch of Communists and anarchists will wail and beat their chests about how unfair and brutal this is, America is under an assault, an invasion. According to an article I just read, 23% of children in our public schools are here illegally. If that is true and each of those children have a father and a mother, and siblings, and aunts and uncles, then the burden on the American citizen taxpayers is crushing. The Federal government has amassed near $20 TRILLION is direct debt. Add to that the many BILLIONS of dollars that States borrow and you see that America is being crushed under the weight of ILLEGAL AND NON-PAYING, NON-PRODUCTIVE INVADERS.

    GET RID OF THE INVADERS. 1. Handcuff. 2. Put onto bus. 3. Drive to Mexican border. 4. Remove from bus. 5. March across border.

  49. Rob Lynn says:

    Sounds like the attorneys might be illegal too.

  50. Jim Thomas says:

    Maybe these clowns should have thought of this before they stopped cooperating with ICE. And why is an illegal alien allowed to testify in the first place?

  51. Attorneys upset? Never, They don’t give a rats butt what happens. They are appointed by the county and are role playing so they can squeeze more tax payer money.

  52. Osama Bedead says:

    CBS is worried that criminals (EVERY illegal alien is by definition a criminal because they have broken US law by entering the country illegally) won’t testify against other criminals? No wonder the media has to invent stories. They can’t think their way out of a paper sack to understand that we wouldn’t need criminals testifying against criminals if we enforced the law and removed many of the criminals. Illegals don’t testify for or against legal citizens, only other illegals. Go through the paperwork to enter the country legally and we will welcome you and not arrest you when we find you. Break our laws and our law abiding citizens are going to hunt you down no matter where you want to hide such as in court rooms.

    1. De Leweye says:

      Yes, they’re going to hunt you down when their lawns need mowing, their crops need picking, and they need someone to take care of their snot-nosed brats.

  53. Thomas Lucas says:

    FFS!!!!!!When did courthouses become a sanctuary for criminals?

  54. The cities brought this on themselves. If they’d honor ICE holds, there wouldn’t be the need to ‘swoop’ in.

  55. De Leweye says:

    Deport all the xenophobic idiots.Their loud mouths make them easier to find and getting rid of them would do a great deal more for the country. We’d probably have trouble finding anybody who’d take them, though non-existent global warming is melting enough Antarctic ice we could give them their own country.

    1. “xenophobic”

      There’s a $10 word. Do you know what it means? Obviously not. The issue is not race but illegally and thus criminally entering the US and nothing more. You choose to turn it into a racial issue thus demonstrating your own racist feelings.

      1. Amen. “Illegal” is not a race.

  56. Dianna Moore says:

    Need help picking up Illegals? Places to search: Schools, free medical clinics, emergency rooms at hospitals, food stamp, any kind of social services, roofers, house builders, corners filed with day labors, lawn mowing bus., driers licence departments, getting on airlines without ID, DWI’s

  57. lol…this is hilarious. They go to criminal court to answer criminal charges, and then are caught by ICE, and are complaining? Amazing. Get out of here if you are not here legally. This is insane the way these people are twisting all of this out of reality.

  58. Hispandering to people that have family in Mexico or South America that want to come here illegally. Disgusting.

    Prevent them from coming in to begin with. Build the wall!

    We can no longer afford these illegal invaders. It’s too expensive. It’s too risky.

    America was struggling under Barry Hussein. Many of us had our jobs taken by illegals and just had our health insurance taken away by the government. My healthcare is up to $600/month; compare this to my $25/month car insurance (from Insurance Panda) or my $10/month renters insurance. Both private enterprise (take note, Obama).

    Don’t mess this up Trump! We are counting on you!


  59. Obama says that Mexico is a horrible place filled with criminal lowlifes and it would be inhumane to send anyone who escaped back there

  60. Jon P Mercer says:

    “They may refuse to contact the police. They may refuse to give testimony as a witness. They may refuse to show up in court, and that affects the entire system,” the attorney explained. Especially if they’re back in Mexico..

  61. Gee, if the illegal immigrants didn’t find themselves in court for violating other laws, they wouldn’t find themselves in that predicament, would they? Oh, were supposed to believe the people being picked up are all illegals just in court to appear as witnesses. Bullsh! Heard that line too many times as a reason for not enforcing immigration laws. I no longer care. Like Obama said, they have to go to the end of the line. Well, the end of the line is back home behind those attempting to come here legally.

  62. Greg Munson says:

    Note the phrase “ICE officials said they do so only when all other options have been exhausted.” In other words, after obstruction by politicians, churches, and government officials to prevent them from performing their sworn duties, ICE has figured out a way around the lawbreakers – good for them.

  63. Good, Ice is doing their job. They should hang out at local police stations, and social benefits locations as well. Food pantries are another place to catch them.

  64. Attorneys upset? 50% of the attorneys in EVERY case are upset. So what? Keep going, ICE. You’re doing a great job!

  65. Lawyers upset? Really? Follow the MONEY! Shysters seeing their MONEY flying away.

  66. andybinga says:

    Illegals are illegal

  67. Pike Guy says:

    Could not happen to a better group of people!

  68. jmorlife63 says:

    “It was very shocking because it occurred inside of a courthouse…,Seriously? As an attorney I guess Octavio Chaidez doesn’t realize that its not unusual for people go to court, get arrested, and sent to jail here in the US. Happens all the time. Perhaps Chaidez thinks the court is a church or sanctuary?

  69. ICE Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, are you F**king kidding me ! Unbelievable what the press can put in a news report.

  70. Robert Boone says:

    It would seemake to me that a criminal courtroom in LA would be a target rich environment for ICE.

  71. A feel-good story! Keep up the good work, ICE.

  72. Jim Mitchell says:

    Thank you, ICE agents for doing your job and enforcing the law. Those jerk off lawyers protecting illegals can KMA!

  73. Arresting criminals illegally??? What a BS. Illegals = gang members and drug dealers out of US.

  74. Bob She says:

    Adios Criminals!!!

  75. Mark Mullins says:

    In light of the fact that the majority being detained and deported are convicted criminals, would someone please explain to me, how it benefits Our communities, our states, or America in general to allow these people to remain here?
    I understand that progressives are more than willing to compromise public safety and national security, but we all get to pay for your bad judgment.

  76. Pat Gwynn says:

    How about they refuse to stay in the USA? That would be a great outcome that would affect the entire system in a very positive way!

  77. “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys.How like CBS to declare something to be illegal just because they say so.”

    The attorney couldn’t say if his client had committed a crime. If he had not committed a crime he has nothing to worry about and most likely they would not have bothered him at all.
    But you see, he did commit a crime, that of entering our nation illegally and staying here. So the attorney didn’t really need to say anything because it’s obvious, by the presence of his client, that a crime had and was still being committed. Further more, the prosecutor along with the judge and all law enforcement present were failing to honor their oaths of office so the Fed stepped in and did the job they should have done in the first place.

    Good if this activity keeps these people out of court. Now perhaps these judges, prosecutors and law enforcement personnel will start to pick them up and do the jobs they were constitutionally supposed to do in the first place.

  78. Susan Borden says:

    Wait till the feds start purging illegals from the welfare rolls, Section 8, social security, etc. as ordered in one of President Trump’s first Executive Orders. It will become self-deportation time FINALLY!!!

  79. ICE is just performing its duty to legally enforce our laws. Is there any evidence that they are doing something illegal? If not, sit down and be quiet.

  80. Track everyone visits our country with a visa. Require them to check into motels/hotels with a passport. Let them know that if they overstay their visa, they pay a hefty fine. If they can’t pay the fine, put them in a work camp until the work it off.

    Do the same thing with all illegals, don’t deport them until they spend six months working on a chain gang

  81. Aw, I think I’m going to cry me a river.

  82. An open note to attorney Octavio Chaidez:

    Lets all keep in mind that you get PAID to blur the edges of logic:

    ““They may refuse to contact the police.”

    They ALREADY refuse to contact police. Have you noticed So Cal is now the hit & run capital of the “civilized” world?

    “They may refuse to give testimony as a witness.”

    They ALREADY refuse to testify against others. They don’t even show up to testify for themselves.

    “The threat of deportation erodes the trust built in the non-English speaking community.”

    What TRUST would that be? And how bright is it anyway, to have ‘non-English-speaking’ millions, in an English-dominant country? How well is that working out for us as a nation?

    “. . . to persuade them to come out of the shadows and help solve crimes”

    Come out of the shadows? Are you insane? They MARCH on city hall carrying their ridiculous Mexican flags for the TV cameras. What ‘shadows’ ?

    “And that affects the entire system.”

    Well, congratulations, Chaidez. At least you got that right.

    1. “An open note to attorney Octavio Chaidez:”
      Pretty much all progressives needs to read this to expose the hypocrisy of the open boarder fools.
      Excellent post, by they way. You are a danger to denial, deception and liberal delusions.
      Hat tip.

  83. “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally, sparking outrage from prosecutors and attorneys.”

    So which is it CBS? Are the people here illegally or is ICE going to courthouses to arrest them illegal? Love the way you worded that.

  84. Robb Cochran says:

    “Chaidez, who would not say if his client has a criminal history.”

    LOL, because his client is a criminal there at a case he was charged in, great job ICE

  85. JoAnn Peeler says:

    Now if ICE could just create enough fear of deportation that foreigners decide not to come here illegally then we may be able to fix this broken system.

  86. Mike Arvand says:

    Catch them wherever you can find them. Drive home the utter incapacitating fear of being here illegally. That’ll be more effective than any wall in the long term.

  87. What should be a lawful arrest of law violator has become news worthy is why Americans are mocking the Legacy Media.
    Worse, we are becoming less lawful due to failed Justice of legal US citizens AND legal immigrants.
    This failure reduces the legitimacy of this once great Nation.
    All through the violent religion of Left-wing dogma.
    The legacy Media’s worship at the Alter of Socialism and government dependence.
    Shame on you CBS!

  88. Joe Smith says:

    Arrest illegal invaders where ever they can be found.

  89. Mike Donovan says:

    “Criminal defense lawyer Octavio Chaidez said his client is among those taken into custody by ICE agents, who arrested him at the Los Angeles Superior Court in Pasadena.”

    What part of illegal is this fool too stupid to get?

    1. Stu Pedasso says:

      Probably just upset because he hadn’t collected his fee yet.

  90. Stu Pedasso says:

    Awesome and WAY overdue!

  91. JohnPaulJohnes says:

    ICE has jurisdiction to enter anywhere inside the United States.
    It is highly doubtful these courthouses were inside foreign embassies.

  92. It is great that we have a president who is actually enforcing the laws he swore to uphold. We haven’t had one like that in a really long time.

  93. Jim ONeill says:

    So now it’s ‘illegal’ for law enforcement to arrest criminals, because the lawyers haven’t collected their fees yet? Way to go ICE! FINALLY!

  94. Oh no, actually enforcing our laws. Deport them all!!

  95. So, now the left is demanding that the Mexicans be allowed to hit from the white tees. They have committed one offense by entering-often multiple times-then in court for yet another offense and demands get louder that other infractions be allowed until, eventually, maybe, they are rightfully and legally deported.

  96. Edwin Buck says:

    Why don’t you blame that judge in OREGON for allowing that dirt bag to sneak out of the court house, because ICE was waiting for him in the front door. It’s called “CAUSE & EFFECT”. You liberals, socialists and communists think you can go around the LAW any time you feel like it. Once every one is on the same page, we won’t be having this discussion any more

  97. Mark Meyer says:

    Good! Keep it up and throw out the illegals.

  98. “U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have been going to courthouses and arresting people in America illegally” Great journalism. How is this illegal?

  99. jameswlee2014 says:

    I wrote this a couple of days after Trump announced in 2015:

    Here is why Trump is doing so well. The American people do not view the tsunami of humanity swarming across our southern border and helping themselves to all of our stuff as a wave of migration. We view it as an invasion. We are sick and tired of it. And we are sick and tired of being called names because we are sick and tired of it. Then, out of the clear blue sky comes Trump and says out loud and without a word of apology, and without taking a step backward, what all of us feel.

    Thus he has separated himself from the spineless half-stepping jellyfish that want our votes. We did not appreciate John McCain referring to us as ‘crazies’ one little bit. We are American citizens and if he wants to treat us with that kind of contempt, he is the one that is crazy. It’s not that difficult to understand. Here is what we want. We want the border sealed. We want all of the illegal aliens deported. Here’s what we don’t want. We don’t want to be called racists by people who refer to us as gringos or effete nitwits who live in gated neighborhoods.

    We don’t want any excuses about how hard it would be. Tough luck. We just sent a space ship 3 billion miles over almost a decade and it ended up right where it was supposed to and worked perfectly: we can build a wall. We can detect and track ICBM’s flying at us at 10,000 miles an hour. We can detect and track Mexicans walking at 3 miles an hour. We can send the illegals a couple of hundred miles south and so no, we are not interested in any excuses.

    If Trump sticks to his guns about this issue he will win the nomination and the general election in a walkaway.”

    Nothing has changed and Trump is still driving his opponents into adopting the minority opinion on immigration. It just cost the democrats the election and they are still pursuing their loser agenda.

  100. Sparky Mills says:

    Honestly – GREAT NEWS !

  101. Robert J Dow says:

    How many Illegals go to court to testify against criminals- as the ILLEGAL witness is also a criminal who can be discredited by even a rookie lawyer??


    Doesn’t matter if you are in court or hiding out in a sanctuary city – if you are here illegally, YOU ARE A CRIMINAL!!

    Get it????

  103. Way to go boys…get em where theyre at!!!

  104. I’m an attorney. I’ve worked as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. I’ve also sat as Judge pro tem in criminal cases. It’s not out of the ordinary for local, state or federal law enforcement to arrest someone at a hearing for some other criminal matter. It’s also not out of the ordinary for attorneys to serve process for a civil case on people at an unrelated court hearing. These drama queens are making it out like this is unprecedented and shocking. Why should illegal aliens be given any special treatment from anyone else? As though they are completely above the law. We’re seeing lawlessness on a scale I’ve never witnessed before.

  105. Jim Morrison says:

    The last thing Lawyers want in a Courthouse is The Law being enforced

  106. Detect, Detain, and Deport – The 3D method of choice for illegal aliens.

  107. Pat Wood says:

    Too many immigration lawyers are aiding and abetting criminal activity of illegals.

    Arrest the lawyers too.

Comments are closed.

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