Dangerous Stunt: Video Shows Man On Dirt Bike Flying Over Freeway In Moreno Valley

MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA.com) — A dirt bike flies over the 60 Freeway in Riverside County. It’s a mind-boggling stunt that would make anyone do a double take.

Before launching over the freeway, the rider can be seen accelerating up a dirt path carved from a hillside and then liftoff.

There’s plenty of traffic below. The stunning video shot from the air and ground was posted on Kyle Katsandris’ Instagram account, along with a YouTube channel, which features several other clips of Katsandris doing stunts and tricks on his bike.

For those who make a habit of using the 60 Freeway in Moreno Valley near the spot of the stunt, there is disbelief anyone would attempt something like this.

Irena and Ivan Milosavljevic wondered what would have happened if something went wrong.

“Becoming a threat to other people as well. Not only to himself. It’s not only about his injuries, it’s about other people,” Irena said.

“In controlled environments like they’re doing in arenas or something like that, that’s okay because they are the ones that are exposed to risks.” Ivan said.

CBS2’s Tom Wait reached out to Katsandris. A man, who identified himself as a friend, called back and said this stunt was almost routine for an experienced rider like Katsandris. It just looks more challenging because of where he pulled it off.

On Katsandris’ Instagram account, someone posted this: “This video scared the daylights out of me. Please grandpa Jay died in a sandrail accident, like you he had no fear. But it caught him in the end. Don’t go into danger zones.”

The California Highway Patrol and Riverside County Sheriff’s Department are investigating.

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One Comment

  1. Matt Ab says:

    Okay,, he might have made it, but I had a family member who had brain trauma from a freeway accident and is now severely brain damaged. What if he failed. I hope the CHP and Riverside police do not condone this behavior. There should have been accountability and a permit to do this stunt. Reckless endangerment.

    1. Ken Spicer says:

      What would the CHP have to investigate? Seems to me he never got on the highway.

  2. Some jail time and a very hefty fine should make him think twice before he puts others lives in danger again.

  3. Wouldn’t encourage this behavior, but the risk to others looked to be minimal. Meanwhile, idiots texting and playing with their phones while driving are killing themselves and others by the thousands.

    1. That was mighty nice of you to shrug off other people’s risk and segway into the classic YA BUT argument.
      Well done!

  4. joechute says:

    You have the right to be stupid you do not have the right to put people in danger

    1. You know Joe, I actually agree with you. So just remember, you don’t have the right to text or use your cell phone while you are driving a vehicle. Why? Because YOU don’t have the right to put other people’s lives in danger. Just remember, you said it.

  5. Look at the comments, a bunch of “you kids get off my lawn” cranks

  6. Freakin’ awesome! Do it again!!!

    1. yeah baby! that’s what I’m saying! Badass…

  7. That was awesome !!!!!

  8. Skeet shooting anyone ?

  9. It’s that Evil Knievil !?

  10. Life is a terminal condition.
    Like it or not, we cannot legislate away or eliminate risk.
    Deer jump in front of cars, volcanoes erupt and destroy villages, Tsunamis occur wiping out hundreds of thousands of people at a time. What are you going to do, fine them, sue them, throw them in jail???
    Texting while driving is just as dangerous as what this guy did.
    People are part of the ecosystem and will live in it and create some degree of risk for others as well as themselves all the time.
    Throwing this guy in jail and everyone like him would do virtually nothing…accidents would still occur at the same rate.
    Mitigating risk is fine and it looks like this guy is a pro and did everything needed to pull the stunt off safely – which it was.
    Life is too short to spend it always trying to control others…why not go out and live a little yourselves???

    1. Dave Baccaro says:

      You’re brilliant Neil. The idea of life IS to live it. As long as you possibly can. You’re also correct that risk can not be eliminated. However, risk can be mitigated. Who are you to decide that everyone should live their lives as you imply that you live your’s?

      If a dirt bike falls out of the sky and lands in someone’s windshield as they are out to ‘live a little’ and kills an entire family, are you OK with that?

      Also, if all this idiot wanted to do was make the jump, why not do it at 3:00am, and when no other drivers are in harms way? Oh wait, that wouldn’t be ‘cool’ enough I guess. He had to put others in danger too.

      Neil’s Life Motto: Do it if it makes you feel good. If someone else gets killed, that’s life!

    2. hitrestart1 says:

      Love it, Neal. Here is wisdom.

      1. Dave Baccaro says:

        Take another hit, maybe you’ll get lucky and actually write something coherent next time!

      1. Dave Baccaro says:

        I always wonder where moronic potheads like you are willing to draw the line. Can we have dirt bikes every 1/4 mile jumping over every highway in the country? If it was OK for this guy, then why wouldn’t it be OK for 10,000 of you idiots?

        Also, once again, why couldn’t he have done this at night when there would be fewer people driving on the highway below? I know why. Because the risk wouldn’t have been so high. He risked the lives of others to make the stunt more dangerous. Which brings me to my next two sentences;

        I hope a dirt bike falls on the head of someone you care for and kills them. Then, at their funeral, you can tell your family members that they are nothing but drips, and should dry up.

    3. Gary Bierend says:

      “Mitigating risk is fine and it looks like this guy is a pro and did everything needed to pull the stunt off safely – which it was.”

      For him.

      He had a helmet and leathers on, protecting himself from some of the risk, the people below had no opportunity to mitigate the risk to themselves. I have to wonder if you be this cavalier if it went horribly wrong and some driver got killed.

  11. Tom Thomas says:

    I am the perfect human to sit in judgement of others based on hypothetical questions.

  12. Guy Gadbous says:

    The doped up California drivers never saw him.

  13. Sorry, the stunt may have been careless, but cops have bigger things to worry about. Quit wasting taxpayer dollars on “what if” scenarios.

    1. Uriah Bentelli – agreed. An ass chewing with the promise of real consequences if he does this again is more appropriate than wasting time and money chasing these guys around. There are just too many other problems the CHP and the Riverside Co Sheriffs need to be focusing on.

  14. Nota Newsa says:

    The Russians strike again!

  15. Jim Morrison says:

    Arresting Illegal Aliens should be a higher priority

  16. Tom Mccoy says:

    It’s not like he was some drunk person wandering along the freeway.

    For crying out loud, lighten up.

  17. James Curry says:

    Evil Knievel 2.1 version.

  18. Kyle Katsandris’ ROCK’IN It!

  19. hitrestart1 says:

    What? He was just rolling past a stop sign.

  20. Coyote Canyon. Popular place to ride. Or use to be.

  21. Police there must have plenty of free time … this is far less dangerous than all the female minivan and SUV drivers texting while they “drive” their vehicles. Let it go … what a bunch of fairies live in California to be upset over this!

  22. Ron Partain says:

    That was Beaumont, NOT Moreno Valley! Awesome jump… dude has serious stones.

  23. Looks like this boy ain’t no rookie at doing something like this. I’m 58 years old and back in the day I would have done it. Minimum risk to those going down the highway, he stood the biggest chance getting hurt on the landing. Problem is we have an entire nation of wimps today that want to sue somebody. I have no use with all these safe zones and this politically correct bull going on now. Grow up people.

  24. Doesn’t look like there are any cars directly below him. Stupid stunt, but it’s done and over with. Move on.

  25. Nonya Bonya says:

    Awesome. That is the spirit of youth and adventure and a little cheekiness. Well a lot.

  26. Just like casinos, in the long run the odds favor Darwin.

  27. tadchem says:

    You’ve been had. Jason Rennie’s 2006 world record mountain bike jump (133.6 feet) required he get towed up to 83 mph by a motorcycle. The gap here is far greater than that. The freeway pavement itself is about 100 feet wide, and the there is the distance added by the slopes on both sides. The winner of this competition is Photoshop.

  28. tadchem says:

    Google maps coordinates are: 33.946332, -117.066987. Google Distance tool measuring from the peak on the north side to the LZ on the south side gives over 350 feet.

  29. Good for him for making life interesting.

  30. Young men are known for doing reckless and utterly stupid stuff. He gets an A+ for living wild abandon.

  31. John Duresky says:

    Look, kid, you did it once, it was cool, you cheated death. Now, be smart, don’t ever try it again, and just enjoy watching that video over and over again. Have fun with your bike, but it’s not worth your life or the ability to walk thanks to a good spine just to give us a video that lasts a few seconds.

  32. Oh, shut up about “endangering others.” You same people shrieking about such things have no problem putting the entire community or even the nation at risk for your ideological-political purposes.

    What he did is pretty awesome, and obviously he didn’t do it on a reckless whim.

    Hopefully, the bike rider has the sense to say nothing to the cops.

  33. Looks awesome to me. California being pretty warped though, will spend more money, time, and effort to find this daring biker than it will to find most criminal illegal aliens. Then again, he’s probably a “White” guy, so that would explain all the outrage.

  34. Bill Potter says:

    Young men who get used to risking their lives (parkour) almost invariably die before the age of 30. The risks are multiplicative. Do something that has a 1% risk of death 69 times and you’ll have about a 50% chance of dying. (.99^69=.4998)

  35. “Irena and Ivan Milosavljevic wondered what would have happened if something went wrong.”

    That’s easy to answer. SPLAT!

  36. I’m all for his stunt. Was cool to watch. Never even appeared to threaten anyone’s life down below. Sounds to me like a bunch of castrated liberals love to whine about anything and everything. Drama queens.

  37. I’d say it was a pretty damn good stunt! Hope the cops back off.

  38. Smith Dee says:

    “skeet” practice, anyone…?

  39. Tom Maxwell says:

    WHAT IF??? OH NO WHAT IF???? He did NOT break any laws. Great Jump!

  40. Tom Maxwell says:

    IDIOT’S should worry more about the IDIOT named Trump.

    1. Use more CAPITAL LETTERS, Tom. It’ll get people’s attention EVEN MORE!!! (Exclamation points, too!!!)

    2. Tom, the plural of IDIOT requires no apostrophe.

  41. William Poh says:

    I’m all for fun, but…the older you get the more you think about things. What if…just at the top his back tire blew out, he only made it halfway across, crashed through the windshield of the 18 wheeler, which in turn careened into an oncoming car and killed an entire family? maybe your family. Would it still be a cool stunt?
    There are plenty of county fairs that would have this guy come and do a jump over a bunch of cars, or that just too much work for him? I don’t know.

  42. Does anyone remember the guy who loaded the lawn chair he was sitting in with beer, then attached weather balloons to his ride? I think he attained an altitude high enough for airline pilots to report him. Oh, I forgot to add that he also had a BB gun to achieve descent by popping the balloons.

  43. I don’t want any airplanes flying over me.. along those lines

  44. Can you say “P H O T O S H O P”?

  45. This is awesome. All you worry-warts suck.

  46. I’m all for this. Absolutely cool, unlike all you idiots saying otherwise. Fat, stupid Americans need a kick in their fat patooties. We need more of this stuff.

  47. I am not worthy I am not worthy

  48. I think that this is pretty cool. Obviously, this isn’t his first bike jump. Good job young man.

  49. Asian countries for Asians.

    Black countries for Blacks.

    but White countries for everybody?

    That’s genocide.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  50. Whoa! Nice jump there! Excellently very fine jump…

  51. This may be more of a case for the FAA. Nice jump

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