VICTORVILLE ( — Two violent brawls at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant were caught on camera, showing adults behaving badly in front of children.

Sharon Cabrera caught the first fight on her phone and posted the video on Facebook.

She said several men and women fought over tickets at the restaurant at 12790 Amargosa Road.


The second brawl happened around 2:45 p.m. Thursday, leaving a 51-year-old woman with a bloody face. She said she was left with bald patches on her head and nearly got her eyes gouged out.

She told CBS2’s Crystal Cruz that it started when she accidentally bumped into another woman. Things then quickly turned violent.

The other woman suffered injuries to a hand.

The grandmother said she was there to spend time with her family and was not drinking at the time.

The restaurant does serve beer, but two is the limit.

Comments (31)
  1. Karl Sturman says:

    It’s just a typical La Raza meeting. No wall. Open borders. No problem.

  2. Sardondi says:

    Well, at least they broke up the usual monotony of these things and turned this one into a United Nations free-for-all: I saw Hispanic, white, black and Asian participants in the festivities.


  3. Tobias Keith says:

    Wonderful restaurant brawl on City Island in NYC last week. The usual suspects.

  4. Tom Ronson says:

    Usually it is blacks who are fighting for some stupid reason, but this time I saw some whites and Hispanics. Most likely illegals considering this was Kalifornia.
    Everyone should have been arrested and they ICE could have weeded out the illegal border trash.

  5. Just search fights at chuck e cheese and stand back.

  6. Deport this garbage and build that wall NOW!

  7. JD Yank says:

    Freaking low rent Mexicans and ni##ers….. What do you expect?? Heck, there are probably illegal aliens…. Time for ICE to visit….

    1. Actually I expected 100% moolies, but there aren’t that many of them left in LA.

  8. Josh Davis says:

    Probably safer to go to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza

  9. Guy Gadbous says:

    Urbanites being , well, urbanites!

  10. Homer Wilson says:

    Decent people with money should just stay at home with thier kids and avoid the trash and illegals and blacks out in public mooching for free rides.

  11. Homer Wilson says:

    I’m am blessed to live in an all white area and not exposed to the filth and trash and cess pool of blacks and mexicans and cubANS and illegals. My children grew up in a clean well respected area immune from this type of trash. Amen.

    1. Cubans are alright Homer… I live in Miami … originally from a military town. I was born in Norfolk, lived in Japan and China and other cities like DC along the way. I’d much rather live in Little Havana than North Miami Gardens or Chiraq for that matter.

  12. Can’t we just all get along??? NO! 2 totally different races and totally different cultures. LOL! Solution: give the blacks more money and they will go to Pappa John’s, Red Lobster, etc. This will hopefully bring peace and safety to Chuck E Cheese

  13. Ralph Davis says:

    And they wonder why we think of them as animals….

  14. Love thy neighbor was the hope. Most would just settle with just act like an adult with some semblance of intelligence and respect for others.

  15. Dusty Rhodes says:

    The coming civil war is getting closer.

  16. Trey Wait says:

    I worked at a store next to a Chuck E Cheese for 10 years, the cops were ALWAYS there. You couldn’t pay me enough to work there.

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