LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  —   It’s a new age twist on an ancient treatment.

CBS2’s Suzanne Marques reports about ear seeds and how they are helping people control cravings and appetite.

Most licensed acupuncturists are familiar with ear therapy. The therapy is most-often used with other treatments.

LA acupuncturist Robert Youngs is glad to have ear seeds in his arsenal.

“It’s kind of awesome,” he says.

(credit: Robert Youngs)

(credit: Robert Youngs)

You press the seeds in your ear, and it’s believed these seeds put pressure on acupuncture points in the ear as a stimulus. In Chinese medicine, the ear is considered a control center for the entire body.

Stimulating a certain part of the ear, many believe, can help those battling cravings, appetite and having trouble sticking to a diet.

The seeds come in a variety of sizes — some have magnets, others are blinged-out, some even have tiny needles.

The doctor says the seeds can be very effective but also not to expect miracles.

“You’re definitely going to need some will power, too,” Youngs said. “It’s definitely a combination.”

To reach Robert Youngs, click here.

For information on how to buy ear seeds on line, click here.

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