California To Consider Enacting Statewide Sanctuary

SACRAMENTO ( — California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as legislative Democrats ramp up their efforts to battle President Donald Trump’s immigration policies.

The legislation is scheduled for its first public hearing Tuesday as the Senate rushes to enact measures that Democratic lawmakers say would protect immigrants from the crackdown that the Republican president has promised.

While many of California’s largest cities — including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento — have so-called sanctuary policies that prohibit police from cooperating with immigration authorities, much of the state does not.

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The Democratic legislation, written by Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon of Los Angeles, comes up for debate less than a week after Trump signed an order threatening to withdraw some federal grants from jurisdictions that bar officials from communicating with federal authorities about someone’s immigration status.

The Senate Public Safety Committee considers SB54 Tuesday morning. The Judiciary Committee will also consider fast-tracked legislation that would spend state money, in an amount that has not been disclosed, to provide lawyers for people facing deportation.

Some Republicans have criticized the Democratic reaction to Trump’s policies, saying bombastic rhetoric and provocative legislation will inflame tensions with the president and harm California.

The debate over sanctuary cities reached a fevered pitch in 2015 after Kate Steinle, 32, was fatally shot in the back Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, who was in the country illegally after multiple deportations to his native Mexico. Lopez-Sanchez, who told police the gun fired by accident, had been released from a San Francisco jail despite a request from federal immigration authorities that he be held in custody for possible deportation. Trump often cited the Steinle case during the campaign.

Many other cities and counties in California also refuse to detain immigrants for deportation agents out of legal concerns after a federal court ruled that immigrants can’t be held in jail beyond their scheduled release dates. Since then, federal agents have been asking local law enforcement agencies to provide information about immigrants they’re seeking for deportation, if not hold them.

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One Comment

  1. It is the law! Deport, deport, deport. Maybe hard labor too? Did I say deport? Jail time for aiding and abetting.

    1. Riebus, Paul Ryan and the Rinos are pushing Trump hard to keep Obama’s DACA amnesty.
      As you read this eight hundred applications a day being accepted and approved for illegals under
      Obama’s DACA amnesty. We have to stop this. Leave a comment on Trump’s facebook page or Tweet. @realDonaldTrump @KellyannePolls @StephenBannon @SenatorSessions @Reince Stop Obama’s executive amnesties!! Keep your promise! #EndDaca

    2. How about prison time to for people who hire them… then we can see all the meat company, and ag company republicans go to jail.

      1. Fine by me. A law breaker is a law breaker is a law breaker. Party affiliation be damned.

  2. Deport Deport Deport.

    The politicians are not representing the will of the people. They are next.

  3. BC Veel says:

    Say bye bye to all Fed funds. including you bullet train $$’s

    1. If they don’t follow federal law then their votes can’t count in federal elections. They have no integrity in their vote since they don’ properly check the voters for citizenship, So Democrats, there goes your so called “majority” vote.

  4. David Reed says:

    Actually this might not be a bad idea for the rest of the country. This would entice illegals to further invade Cali and vacate other states. Let Cali have them all.

  5. Jim Kindred says:

    Proof once again stupidity rules supreme in California.

  6. Tomaii Davis says:

    California you picked your leaders, now deal with it

    1. No I didn’t… I voted against every liberal I could.

      1. I did too! Until the majority of Californians wake up we are lost! We need to drain the swamp in California!

      2. The left will never “wake up.” It is not in their DNA.

      3. Jeff Phelps says:

        Those people are so used to getting their way by any means possible it’s going to be hard to rein them in. How would they like it if we went back to slavery in the south? We all obey the laws including lunatic liberals. Anything less and eventually the blood begins to spill. What they’re doing is pushing us to Civil War harder and harder. They certainly didn’t let Rowan County, Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis get by without following the law. They had people threatening the peace if they didn’t get their way on that. Well guess what. It works both ways. If Davis has to follow the law so do they. And that’s just one example. They have bullied people for a long time. Bullies don’t give up their power easily sometimes. But they will give it up. 1 out of 3 Californians are stupid enough to want to leave the union. Where will their drinking water come from? And their electricity? They don’t let people build power plants in their precious state. They will be mighty great without electricity and water. People have fought them over water use for decades. If they aren’t part of the union why would we let them take the water they now take? They’re complete idiots out there and it’s time they realized we have something to say about how this country is run also. Sorry but you will need someone else to clean your pool for a while. After that you won’t have water for a pool.

      4. riosam77 says:

        The main problem in CA is you have literally millions of legal citizens that DON’T vote! Somehow the Republicans need to put on ‘get out the vote’ drive and start now and get these people registered and voting. If all those people that don’t vote because they figure is pointless would just
        vote, the state could rid themselves of the Commie Dems and a chance at getting the state, hopefully, back to a more normal existence…..The mid term elections will be coming up in 2018 and I know there will be US representatives coming up for reelection and perhaps some state legislature positions too….
        Just a thought on the subject..

    2. Don Paolino says:

      I have always voted straight conservative. The public employee unions are the ones who pick the leaders, then tell them how to vote in the legislature

  7. Relieve lawmakers in CA and jail them for breaking the law…then declare martial law in that state until politicians willing to uphold and OBEY they laws of the land can be installed into office.

    1. Amen. Let’s see how quickly they change their tune after serving some time amongst Mexican gang members in prison.

      1. I’m not so sure, I think many California law makers would thoroughly enjoy being a gang members piñata.

  8. Fight the feds, and this administration, and you’ll get beeyotch slapped faster than the Dingle Barry administration…So, go ahead and make their day…

    1. Patrick Cash says:

      Says the “thug pavement ape” who’s never worked a day is his life, paid a dime in taxes and is positive that he’s owed a comparable existence to those who struggle working every single day…you’re one sorry excuse for a human being and attempt to “beyoche slap” me and any one I know and I’ll “split your lid”!

  9. Send ALL illegals to California for processing….

  10. Then cut California off from all federal funds, close all the military bases in California and do allow California votes to count in a federal election. They are free to do what they want, but actions have consequences.

    1. Yirmin Snipe says:

      Need to cut all energy from going to California and then stop letting water flow from other states to flow into California. See how quickly they realize they are nothing but a glorified desert without water and energy from the rest of the country.

  11. Dave Bush says:

    Nullification as was practiced by the Sothern States in the ante-bellum South. Time to send in the 82Ed Airborne.

    1. Lewis Goudy says:

      That is precluded by the Posse Comitatus Act. It does not apply to the Naval Service (which includes the USMC), although naval regulation imposes a similar constraint on the use of military force for law enforcement. Trump could direct the Secretary of the Navy to rescind the regulation(s) in question and then send in the Marines.

  12. That’s a great idea! We’ll just run the border wall by Yuma and Reno. Do Washington and Oregon want in on that?

    1. Frank Walker says:

      Have to be careful. There are American patriots in the eastern portions of both those states. Nearer to the Pacific Ocean, of course, they are all communists.

      1. rufusvondufus says:

        Those patriots had best move to Arizona, Nevada, or Texas then! Californicate is going down along with their brain-dead governor, Jerry Brown. What a POS he has always been! No more Federal money and no more military bases. They can have ALL the browns and throat cutting mooslims!

  13. That will certainly make it much easier to cut federal funding, since the federal government sends more funds to the state than to local jurisdictions that were calling themselves sanctuaries. And creates more division within the state from the conservatives who have not become refugees themselves, moving east to avoid the work of the coastal liberal terrorists.

  14. How about, when we finish the wall across Arizona, we just head North with it til we hit Canada.

  15. Now they want to know why their vote in the Election was irrelevant!

  16. Frank Walker says:

    Get ready to celebrate Californistan and Mexical.

    Better there than here in the United States of America.


  17. Well I guess that wall needs to go to Canada too

  18. A poll came out this week saying 57% of Californians do not support this sanctuary city stuff. This is a clear case of elected officials running roughshod over the popular will. That will happen in a one-party state such as California, where officials feel insulated from the ire of the voters. Political reform is desperately needed in California! Those weasels in Sacramento need a house cleaning badly!

    1. An IGS-UC Berkeley poll shows that 74 percent of Californians want sanctuary cities ended; 65 percent of Hispanics, 70 percent of independents, 73 percent of Democrats and 82 percent of Republicans

    2. Jeff Lucas says:

      It does not matter. Because probably 80% of all voters vote by party, left or right, and nothing else. So no matter what these public officials do… will of the people or not… nothing will change. It is democracy failed.

  19. Peter Trzop says:

    This act of sedition should not be tolerated by anyone, any good American. I do not care if they come from a Red or Blue state, this is treason.

    I am glad that Trump has made a liberal state go back to State Rights….but this is the wrong direction with this concept.

    If this is done, it will go to court, but the Federal Agents need to be sent in to make many arrests.

    Be good Americans, and avoid these kinds of divisive actions.

    1. Charge a few of these CA politicians with sedition and the rest will fall in line quickly.
      As Trump says… they are all talk & no action… especially when their freedom can be curtailed.
      Put ’em in jail with some of the meanest illegals you can find!

  20. Sherry Adams says:

    No Peoblem. We’ll send all the illegals to California and extend the border wall up through Nevada and Oregon.

  21. mzstitch says:

    Do it! We can make a nice wrap around wall.

  22. Carol Rogers says:

    People will be leaving the state especially the people who pay the taxes so if you don’t get money from the feds and the taxpayer good luck with that one.

  23. Dewey Adams says:

    Sorry for the folks who live there but are out numbered by the insane. It would not bother me one bit if they seceded I would enjoy watching them go downhill once they pull the power cord and stop water flow and cut all funding.The state is broke and broken and sometimes a good dose of reality can do some good.

  24. Joe Diebold says:

    Great idea lets send all of the illegals to California.

  25. CA is nearly 50% Mexican with a Governor Moonbeam. nEARLY 50% of the LA County labor force work for tax free cash. At least 800,000 illegals have CA driver license (about the same number of Hil’s illegal votes.) Let them secede and look to Mexico for welfare, schooling, health care, jobs and security. 90% of residents of the other contiguous states would likely support secession…and a wall.

    1. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      The diversity is now gone as the flight of people continues and the state is becoming more hispanic, poorer. Reminds me of the movie Braveheart, I think, where one king said it will defeat the other kingdom they are at war with. How? By having their soldiers take over the women and raising new generations. And no one was killed. In essence, this is how Mexico intends to take California and in time, eventually Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

  26. OK fine……wall off California too.

  27. Geary Carson says:

    the federal government can withhold many forms of financial aid to California. I would like to know however if the governor of California has a sound plan for avoiding spending the next 4 to 8 years in a federal prison for withholding federal income tax revenue from the federal government. im hoping with all my heart for him to set an example for the rest of the politicians who believe they can be defiant of federal law. do it! we double-dog-dare you to DO IT!

    1. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      4 to 8 years? Brown is in cancer treatment and may not have much time left. He needs to start making peace with his maker for all the sins he’s committing against the people. What a terrible legacy.

  28. For 8 long years i have listened as the Left called me a redneck who clings to guns and religion, subversive element, wing nut christian and other vile things. I watched as the Left used the IRS and other Federal agencies to attack all i love, now we see the Left rioting in the streets burning, looting, attacking anyone with a Trump hat pulling them from cars, tackling them on the streets and beating them bloody. We watched as Trump women were spit on and assaulted.
    Now we see Vet graves desecrated, crosses torn down, Our flag burned, homes vandalized and even churches burnt in fake hate crimes. Our children are taught horrid things about America and we saw teachers actually leaking our kids from class to protest the election.
    Yet WE are called the nazis and violent ones?
    Now California wants to break up the Union.

    I ask, what choice is being left for people like me? What is the next step and WHY isnt the GOP organizing and doing something about this? Are we to just let them burn our nation to the ground?

    1. Bruce Allen says:

      I agree 100%. For years and years I have watched referendums voted on from everything to marriage to gay rights and always a majority voted these issues down and the issue was taken to courts – mostly Federal Courts – and mostly the ruling was in favor of the issue and against the will of the people.
      California: Both NY and California have been fiscal disasters for years and years requiring federal bailouts and watched as the governments have become progressively more liberal.
      The end result is the state governments are basically not functioning properly and are always wasting money and pursuing liberal causes. What gets me is much of the population seems to disagree but the same liberal politicians get elected over and over again.
      The people – the citizens – of both states could have changed this and have not. We all know President Trump carries a big stick now and is absolutely not afraid to use it and because he is not beholden to “big money people” for campaign financing nobody can influence him which is absolutely great for us/US.
      I hope he wears them out with that big stick..
      Go Trump!

  29. Do it! Just do it California! Because – Fun Fact – Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities.

    “Roughly 74 percent of California residents want to see an end to sanctuary city policies, according to a poll by UC Berkeley.

    The issue to end sanctuary cities in the state crosses racial and party lines, with 65 percent of Hispanics registering their agreement, while 70 percent of independents, 82 percent of Republicans, and 73 percent of Democrats feel the same.”

    Let the Left’s Civil War begin!

  30. Catch and release. Catch in other states, release in California. Seems simple.

  31. Juan Cortez says:

    send all the muslim refugees to California, preferably San francisco.

    1. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      I see them marching in parts of England telling women to go cover up and they shouldn’t be on the streets unaccompanied. The cultural mix will work just fine in San Francisco with the other groups.

  32. Susan Dukes says:

    Your state is already imploding with the high taxes and onerous regulations on businesses. Keep up giving illegals benefits and sanctuary and you will simply cease to exist. Especially when you lose your federal funding which is the only thing keeping your state afloat at all. Really California can you honestly be this stupid.

  33. Todd Thomas says:

    Wait….you mean the People’s Republik of Kalifornia isn’t ALREADY a sanctuary state?

    Who knew?

  34. How long do you think it would be before California goes completely bankrupt?

  35. Arrest everyone from the governor to the legislators to the mayors to the city councils who conspire to violate federal law.

  36. Please California do this!
    Those of us in the other states want to get rid of our illegals. They’ll all rush to CA then you can Calexit.
    So much winning!

  37. Frank Walker says:

    President Trump has four more years. At the rate he is going I don’t think he will need even half that amount of time to apply appropriate punishment to the idiots in California.

    To any American patriots who remain in California, I offer this counsel:

    Get out fast, and get out now while you still are able. If you are a productive person and Cali separates, they might not allow you to leave later . . . at least not without a substantial exit fee.

  38. Doug Woodard says:

    It’s going to go one of two ways, either CA conforms to the federal laws or CA will be made to conform with the federal laws. Your choice.

  39. Then go ahead and secede because by the time Trump is done with California you will wish you did. BTW I was born in San Diego (through no fault of mine, my dad was in the Navy) but we got out when I was 3 and I’ve been a Texan since. Thanks mom and dad for getting us out of that horrible state.

  40. Jason Leeman says:

    I’m sure the fine, law abiding residents of CA won’t like this idea much. I cannot even imagine the crime and decrease in property value, etc. that will come of this.

  41. Trump should federalize the California National Guard and clean house.

    1. Gene Easley says:

      That was the first thing that came to my mind too.

  42. Dre Pep says:

    California needs to be put under martial law.

  43. I believe “sanatorium” is the more appropriate word for California and its cities.

  44. Guys… lets step back for a minute and forget our political alliances, and forget ideology.

    With that said, let’s just look in the abstract. If you saw a fellow state going rouge and defying legal federal law to protect individuals with no actual right for protection who are themselves breaking the law, are you going to say that the state in question is in the legal right? Are you going to say that the state in question is not acting in a borderline treasonous matter that would not warrent federal agents and troops into the state?

    I just will never understand policy and positions that are dictated by emotion. Emotion clouds the senses, and erases the line that divdes legal from illegal and soundness from stupidity.

  45. Mark Burns says:

    Excellent idea. We can build the wall all the way up to the Canadian boarder and ship all the liberals to the left coast to their Illegal Alien Utopia!

  46. Take away the state’s funding and its electoral votes until we can deport its illegals.

  47. Gary O'Neal says:

    Fine. And when the state is overrun and cannot even afford to keep the lights on…don’t call us to bail you out.

    Suddenly, I’m rooting for the San Andreas fault line.

  48. Fred Doe says:

    California has many conservative Americans who have had it up to their eyeballs with the left’s disastrous control of the state government. And that is EXACTLY why that government has been doing it’s best to completely disarm them. If an armed revolution is needed anywhere, that is ground zero.

  49. James Durkin says:

    Great idea! We don’t want your money! Why don’t we just create a country that runs up the entire left coast of the USA, and allow the patriots in the Eastern part of those states to stay in the USA? We could call the new country “Lunaticia” or “Leftobizarro.”

  50. Bob Enyart says:

    Good riddance!

  51. Gov. Brown signed a bill on Oct.4, 2013 making California a sanctuary state.

  52. Horry Cow says:

    These state lawmakers need to know that 18 U.S. Code Chapter 115 – TREASON, SEDITION, AND SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES applies. I am pretty sure our current POTUS will not hesitate to enforce it.

  53. asudad90 says:

    ‘We’ve got refugees coming in and no one’s confident we can vet them, and, yet, we’re told ‘Don’t be a bigot. Don’t be a racist. Don’t be a xenophobe.”

    Investigate thoroughly anyone trying to enter this country. Under Obama they let an Iraqi Terrorist into the country whose fingerprint was found on an IED, He was caught trying to buy a Stinger Missile to shoot down our plans.

  54. Dwight Judy says:

    The DIVIDED STATES of Obama….Trump didn’t cause this. California will end up in a civil war….mexicans of LA vs everyone else. Bring back General Fremont.

  55. Warren Rose says:

    Everyday I see the results of CA on illegal immigration. An illegal lady with 8 kids, half illegal, getting food stamps and everything else she can. Honestly Mexicans think we’re stupid, but hey if it’s free and someones getting it they figure why not them. CA is in the gutter, dirty, and poverty. It’s a joke here.

  56. Excuse me, was their not a poll last week from UC Berkeley that found that 72% of Californians do not support sanctuary cities? Yes there was. The Cali govt is now officially out of control. Tyranny, then throw in Bezos and it’s like living in Nazi Germany.

  57. Not a bad idea. Then they won’t be able to tax the rest of America to save their rapidly failing public pension funds. About 30% of the prison population consists of illegal. We could drive them to the border of CA and let them loose. Then make some popcorn and watch the place melt down.

  58. Angie Smith says:

    California is now a moot point politically. They and New York will simply be ignored by republicans as they take the mid west, north and south in elections and simply bypass Cali and NY. Go ahead and do what you want, nobody cares anymore.

  59. Larry Smith says:

    I think you guys need to keep focusing on seceding! Please just leave…

  60. David Koob says:

    California is playing a dangerous game of chicken here, both with the Federal Government, and it’s own residents. It is, in effect, taking the lawless, anti-Constitutional side of the argument, while simultaneously claiming the moral high ground. Not being one to oppose learning from one’s own mistakes, since it seems to work so well for drug addicts & alcoholics, I propose a bold experiment: Let us have one sanctuary city in California, and confine the criminal illegals to that city for a period of four years so we may study the results. And let that sanctuary city be Sacrament, the state’s capitol.

    1. As tempting as that may be, it would quickly turn into a breeding ground for terrorists who would plot harm to the rest of the country.

    2. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      I agree with most of your argument but disagree on the experiment idea. It would not be confined to Sacramento only. How would you contain the hordes there. I don’t agree with Calexit, either since it’s a grander experiment which will result in a mass exodus into the union, one we would not be able to contain. I’m in a state inhabited by fleeing liberals that created their own mess in their previous state, but come to my moderate state to recreate the menuscha. So we better come up with a better resolution to this building crisis.

  61. Gary O'Neal says:

    And they can have them! All of them!

  62. Please Please Please do it!!! I would LOVE to see it. We can provide cheap one way bus tickets for illegals in every state to go to CA. I’ll start the Go-fund-Me account.

  63. Ray Williams says:

    Build a wall around California until the lefties stop ignoring laws they don’t like.

  64. California cannot declare itself a sanctuary state because it is AGAINST THE LAW to harbor, protect, and board criminals. It is tantamount to secession, which is a declaration of war with the United States. Are they really willing to go down that road? What they are really doing is throwing one big, liberal hissy fit.

  65. Lee Enfield says:

    Would love to start seeing state legislators being put in federal handcuffs and hauled off to a federal SuperMax prison.

  66. Carol King says:

    How about we not pay state income taxes.

  67. Joe Jacobs says:

    The difference with immigrants of the past and today is in the past immigrants came here and made THEIR OWN WAY. the immigrants of today come and suck off the public funds taking money AWAY FROM MY FAMILY

  68. OneGun says:

    More CAP water for Zoners and Nevada. Awesome.

    What Cali will do is parse words and not cooperate with the feds to the extent that the constitution will allow. Then they will say how tough they are. Politics pure and simple.

    What you will see for the next four years is all renewed Grants having a stipulation of cooperation with federal immigration. Politics.

    End result, Cali’s debt will go up more until they next president comes in and changes things.

    Now let’s talk the Republic of California. I like the idea. See once the L.A. crowd gets their own country they will realize they will lose the immediate civil war. The libs from the coast will be prisoners to the north and inland desert folks. Only then will the idiots realize the true nature of geography over population density.

  69. Our survival is dependent on supporting Trump because:

    1. Trump did not force little girls to share their restrooms with adult males.
    2. Trump did not increase our debt to $20 trillion.
    3. Trump did not ruin our credit.
    4. Trump did not double African-American unemployment.
    5. Trump did not send out healthcare costs skyrocketing (mine is now $660 a month. Compared to my $25 a month auto insurance from Insurance Panda, or my $10/month renters insurance from GEICO)
    5. Trump did not increase welfare to a record level for eight solid years.
    6. Trump did not sign a law making it legal to execute and imprison Americans without due process.
    7. Trump did not set free all the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay to return to the field of battle.
    8. Trump did not constantly degrade civil rights, violate U.S. constitutional law, or commit treason.

    It is Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the established grifters who accomplished the above. The Obama/Clinton cult have illegally occupied our government and swiped our future and that of our progeny.

  70. I live in California, I voted for Trump to stop the Liberals use of big cities and poor populations for political power. Trump will bring jobs and prosperity, and quickly, so that the contrast will be apparent for everyone to see. Liberals have destroyed California.

  71. I hope Democrat legislators try to do this with earnest. The result will be a Red state in 2018. MCGA!

  72. Bobby Bonds says:

    I will not let the rest of you badmouth California. They are doing a public service for the rest of the country. They can suck in all they want so that other states can be free of the burden. Everyone wins. What wonderful leadership the have.

  73. David Rice says:

    Can you take Chicago with you? We the people of Illinois wish it would fall into Lake Michigan.

  74. Will they build a wall around California? If they ever become independent, they will need passports and visas to visit the United States. Mexico always wanted to get California back, I guess this will be a way they will do it.

  75. Britt Reid says:

    There is an error in this story. “…that Democratic lawmakers say would protect immigrants from the crackdown…” The president isn’t cracking down on LEGAL immigrants. He is cracking down on ILLEGAL immigrants. Big difference.

  76. A poll came out a couple of weeks ago where Californians DO NOT favor sanctuary cities or any other kind of sanctuary. The idiot who put this bill up will get his head handed to him by Californians.

  77. Dave Wimmer says:

    These people are idiots. Fine Cut off all funds from the federal govt. including highway, social and any other money from the feds. Have fun California

  78. Eric Hein says:

    Not that this is any of business, as I live in Georgia. But if you folks in California would like some friendly advice, we tried that fighting with the Federal government back in the 1860’s and it did not work out so well for us, I am just saying, but like I said, its none of business.

  79. Californicate, why not simplify and accelerate the process: just vote to secede the US and join Mexico? Your presence in the USA won’t be missed, be assured!

  80. Cassie Russo says:

    But…but.. California NEEDS their slaves to clean their pools, cut the grass and serve drinks on the terrace…

  81. Commiefornia can’t fall into the Pacific Ocean fast enough for me. If a Commiefornian ever complains about murderous Islamic terrorism or illegals killing their citizens again, I am not going to listen.

  82. Time to use the military to depose the criminal government of this “state”. I am sure millions of Californian patriots will rally to the armed forces and take pleasure in hanging the ringleaders and jailing the rest. Enough of this nonsense. Or, as an alternative, let´s let them go, carve off the loyal parts of northern California, strip the rest of their citizenship and ban them from travel or trade with the USA, forever. Mine and fortify the border. We can then use Los Angeles for target practice for the Air Force. Win/win.

  83. Guy Gadbous says:

    I am so glad I left that schytte hole aears ago!

  84. curls1 says:

    I can see the rest of the states offering their illegals free bus tickets to California. Once they are all there, it will be easier to keep them there.

  85. Rick Boc says:

    Looks like we’ll need another border wall,and we’re going to send all the Hollywood pedophiles back to the west coast,seems some have found there way over here…

  86. Gary O'Neal says:

    Ugh. Weren’t you guys seceding?

    Just like all those celebrities that were going to move to Canada is Trump won.

    All talk, no action.

  87. California won’t be doing this. Jerry Brown or one of his minions will be doing it, and they should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Or…

    There are a ton of federal laws and regulations I disagree with. Can I start ignoring them as well?

  88. The we can build a wall around California to protect the rest of us!

  89. Andy Howe says:

    Almost sounds like maybe it is too bad that Trump has stopped catch and release. Otherwise, when they caught them, they could ship and release them all in California. I wonder if some of the other states will chip in funds to send all their illegal immigrants to California. Just turn the entire state into one big holding compound for illegal immigrants until they can be processed for either asylum or deportation. If the state dems want them so bad, then let the state have them.

  90. The Nation’s largest State? Hmmmm…I didn’t know Alaska and Texas had left the Union.

    Let California do what it wants. Let it secede, and become the 3rd world Socialist hellhole it apparently desires to be.

    Once the smart folks (and their jobs & money), along with the military bases, and the jobs they create are gone, I give them 5 years before they’re begging to rejoin the Union.

  91. Ruby Begonia says:

    Why does AMERICA not get to vote on californication leaving America? They’d be gone before lunch tomorrow, but each californicator will be REQUIRED to take one washingtonstater and one oragoiner with them. Not too much to ax.

  92. Jack Inmanz says:

    There will be plenty of vacant houses for your new “citizens” to move into.

  93. Lynn Wood says:

    Why can not California establish a fund for the removal of American citizens from California?

    I mean, let us attack the root cause of California’s problems. The American citizens who live here.

    Right? Right?

    Then the other 47 lower states will have to build a wall around California.

  94. Marsha Moore says:

    California democrats tell American citizens to pound sand. ILLEGALS have rights over California CITIZENS. Democrats to aid and abet criminal illegals!!!

  95. Alex Eucare says:


    Lets Crowd Fund & Buy ONE WAY Bus Tickets from ALL 48 Continental U.S. States……

    Send Every Illegal Alien and Muslim Refugee to CALIFORNIA……PERMANENTLY!

  96. The HELL with Mexifornia. Just sell it back to the Mexicans and wall it off. They can take their massive debt, legions of bums and loser, and F off!

  97. Rob Lynn says:

    The US would be so much better without California (and New York for that matter) polluting it up.

  98. Craig Hobson says:

    You think middle class Californians are going to be happy their taxes are going up because these libs want to play savior.

  99. If they are dumb enough to do this, their economy will crumble in a way never seen in this country, ever, including the Great Depression.
    Those that can, will flee, the remaining will be those that are in need of the state’s “assistance”, those on the welfare roles.
    The incoming tax revenues will plummet, and the outgoing expenditures will spiral exponentially out of control.
    It’s sad a first year CPA, or hell, an accountant for that matter, would call this financial suicide, but the “leaders” of California just don’t get basic math/economics.

    CA will collapse into a state with the financial balance sheet of Detroit, and it will not take decades, but mere years.

    CA went far Left fringe long ago, this time they may have done something dumb enough to finally collapse this lumbering liberal behemoth.

    If I had property in CA, I would have it on the market today.

  100. Marsha Moore says:


  101. Cut off ALL Federal funding to traitorous California and watch them bounce their idiot Governor out on his butt pronto

  102. Cool … think of all the money we’ll save cutting the entire state of California off from federal funding. Go Gov. Moonbeam!! Double down!!

  103. Please, please, please….let the BIG ONE strike soon and send this filthy, immoral, and America hating state, out to sea.

  104. I live in California and am highly against this. Are we a part of the United States or what? This makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. When I was a kid in the 80s, yes there were illegal, but not on the level there is today. Southern California is overrun by illegals, and the politicians in the states government are nothing more than criminals who allow this to happen just to have a few votes. Ask yourself this, why is it Americans break the law and are potentially ruined for life, yet these people come here illegally and are rewarded for breaking the law? In another 50 years, the country’s language will be Spanish.

  105. how much is it going to cost to extend that border fence to the north?

  106. Conservative Californians don’t want this, Mexico and the bleeding hearts want it.

  107. Here we go California…. MAKE THIS STATE RIGHT! #DrainTheSwampCa #MAGA

  108. OMG! This would be totally awesome! Will California also build a wall on the borders with other states to keep legal citizens IN THE STATE so they will have some taxpayers to fund this krap????

  109. Pat Kinnick says:

    Unpatriotic leftists and their vile behavior are in full view since President Trump was elected

  110. Great! Now I live in a state full of nut jobs who run the show. I hope the federal government comes down on these idiots with both feet. We don’t have enough mental health facilities for all those in office who propose such things.

  111. Dan Fleming says:

    Aiding and harboring illegal aliens is a Federal Crime. President Trump and AG Sessions can set a REALLY good example by sending in the Federal Marshals to arrest and jail every politician advocating for anarchy against the United States of America. We are either a nation of laws, or we are no Nation at all.

  112. Curt Price says:

    If California goes sanctuary state then maybe we can get the rest of the country’s illegal Mexicans to move there. Then we will need to kick Cali out of the union because they will let all of the Mexicans vote and try to dominate us. That’d be act of war.

  113. The legislature is now made up of agents for the Mexican government who do not have our interests in mind. They’ll ignore us to promote their dream of California back into Mexico’s hands. They’re supposed to promote citizens and they promote the illegals.

  114. If the good people of California do not understand the difference between the words “immigrant” and “illegal”, their departure from the rest of the United States would result in a significant increase in the measurable IQ of the remaining U.S.

  115. Mr. President: ARREST these criminals in Excremento.

  116. Dyr Wolf says:

    Plenty of room in the movie stars’ and tech workers’ mansions to hold them. Funny how that is never offered, isn’t it?

  117. Jim says:

    Guys, get a grip! So you want all those who are here illegally to FLOCK to California? How is that going to impact the job market? Will it make the economy there stronger or weaker? Is that going to benefit or HURT the legal citizens of Cali? I am so glad I left my hoe state 16 years ago. I can NOT believe the utter insanity of her leaders.

  118. David Gouge says:

    President Trump should extend the wall to California and make them pay for it.

  119. Ethel Weiss says:

    Looks like Gov. Moonbeam and his AG will be wearing an orange suit in Leavenworth soon. I love it.

  120. I love the idea of California becoming the first sanctuary state! Within it’s rights our government will cut off all federal funding to not only law enforcement but infrastructure and any other channels, then we need to aggressively encourage all illegal invaders to make their way to California and start draining all Californias resources. This is a win win for the rest of the country as I see it!

  121. So, let’s see what we have here– FACT: Obama selected the seven Muslim-majority countries two years ago and slapped travel bans on them. FACT: Nationals from those countries were targeted and barred from traveling to the U.S. FACT: Trump’s temporary ban applies to the same Muslim countries restricted under Obama’s policy. FACT: Trump’s policy extends Obama’s existing policy, but Trump didn’t invent the ban.

  122. “SACRAMENTO ( — California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state …”

    When did California become larger (more bigly?) than Texas and Alaska?

  123. To all Californians.
    Please oh please set up a sanctuary state. That way we have cause to arrest your governor, all of your elected politicians and all of your police chief’s and sheriffs that go along with it. You see there is this little thing call the oath of office that they all took and seem to have forgotten. The part they and you forgot in your ignorance is the part where they all swore to uphold and protect the Constitution of the US. Violation of that oath is against Federal law and carries a 5 year prison term along with monetary fines. But it gets better. If you are found guilty, which is relatively easy these days, you can never hold any public office for the remainder of your life. So, please please continue to illegally offer sanctuary to illegal, which means criminal, aliens and pass your silly local laws to prevent police from performing their sworn duties to stop the illegal alien problem. Federal Marshals, please stand by we are going to need your services very soon in California.

  124. I’m going to see what happens, but as of now I’m going to immediately lower by monthly tax deductions to as low as possible and if this happens California will no longer see a penny of my payroll taxes. I’ll be moving out of this ridiculous state soon anyway.

  125. Roger Bacon says:

    If California takes this action my preferred responses in order would be:
    1 Send in Federal troops to restore law. Arrest every legislator who voted for it and try them for treason.
    2 Enact border check point at all roads in and out of the state. Enact a no-fly zone over the entire state and impose a naval block\ade.
    3 Cut off water and power to the state.

  126. Suibne Geilt says:

    Democrats: Thy name is Treason.

  127. Ah….sorry, the state name “New Mexico” is already taken.

  128. Don Rhudy says:

    Go ahead California. Most of us in the rest of America don’t give a damn about you or your people. You’re a pain in the you-know-where. I hope you become a “sanctuary state” and the president withdraws all federal money and closes all the military bases and ports.

  129. Texas is the largest state. Do your homework before you offer your readers this dreck

  130. How many of these immigrants are Chinese? Sounds like China is behind this push. Sanctuary cities are just an excuse for an invasion.

  131. John Smith says:

    I think it’s probably time that CA become it’s own country. Times change, borders change. Their politics are so different than the rest of the country that they are practically a different country already. Time to go it alone and face the consequences of your political decisions.

  132. Ken Kaufman says:

    Hmmm…. Isn’t aiding and abetting felons a crime? Time to send in troops and arrest those doing this. Sanctuary City? Arrest and imprison those doing this. Confiscate their pensions, and send them away for a long time. Why do democrats think they are ABOVE the law? Deport all illegals. Ban them from EVER becoming citizens, owning property or voting, like Mexico does. We need to get these illegals out of the USA. Offer $500 Dead or Alive for each one.

  133. Waiting for California to fall into the ocean is exhausting…

  134. John McElroy says:

    Now, there is a part of me that kind of likes sanctuary cities or states. Leave the funding in place, don’t take that particular fight on – democrats will demagogue the issue and it isn’t worth it. Enforce the law as written every where except the sanctuary cities or states and publicize in multiple languages where these are. The illegals will flock in droves to the sanctuary. My life will be better for the flight to sanctuary and the sanctuaries will be more sewer like than they are now. Think how much more pleasant and safe L.A. or Baltimore or Chicago or Detroit or San Francisco will be. I realize that this is a “schadenfreude” kind of view but the sanctuaries will reap what they sow.
    I would bet money that the all caring ruling class will rather quickly find a humane reason and method to alter their policy as they are overwhelmed when the unskilled and illiterate flood the sanctuary.

  135. Arrest Jerry Brown! Throw him in prison just like the Illinois governor!

  136. If CA wants to be the nations fly paper I say go for it. Then have the courage to secede and stand by your convictions.

  137. Make a deal with Calif. Sell them the state for $15 trillion. Then, they can attract all the illegals they want. And, they can defend themselves, too.

  138. Good for Kalipornia and good for the rest of the country. Now all of the terrorist attacks by illegal immigrants can be committed in Kalipornia. Thus saving the rest of the country from having to deal with the aftermath.

  139. Go for it you clueless, irresponsible, anti-American morons. Maybe then the feds can take ALL of your federal money and you can fend for yourself paying for the illegals. What a bunch of dysfunctional fools and idiots you are.

  140. The mistaken ethos of California’s elected officials can be changed only by California’s voters. To get the attention of the California voters, it is necessary to hurt them where they feel it the most, namely, their pocketbooks. Make their pocketbooks fair game by withholding dollars from other states that are passed to California voters through the federal government. This will take time, but when federal resources in the pipeline dry up, the yelling and screaming will start. Only then will change take place.

  141. We’ll see how tough the CA Governor is when he loses all federal funding. What a loon.

  142. chuckyschmucky says:

    Send in the National Guard, lead the criminal officials responsible for aiding and abetting criminality in handcuffs, and then follow up with the deportation squads.

  143. Bret McCoy says:

    I wish the “Russians” would expose the Democrat corruption in California. If we removed the illegal voters and dead people, I think we would find that California is closer to a red State than they want us to know…

  144. Jason Jones says:

    In other news california shows other states how not to keep your state from going bankrupt.

  145. Bill Humpf says:

    Arrest ALL public officials who support Sanctuary cities. Drop them off in the middle of the desert and if they make back, do it again.

  146. Flax Seed says:

    Juan Zacarias Lopez Tzun
    Illegal Alien from Guatemala
    Age 24-33 (no one is sure of his age)
    No Drivers License
    2009 Felony GTA Conviction (not deported)
    2010 DUI Conviction (not deported)
    2012 DUI Arrest (not deported)
    2012 KILLS Dominic Durden in traffic accident
    Sentenced to 90 days in jail
    Deported to Guatemala
    Probably already back in USA

  147. chuckyschmucky says:

    Donald Trump has the law on his side. California will lose.

    Let the foot-stomping, whining, crying and hysteria commence.

  148. This will never happen, California would be giving Trump exactly what he wants if they do. It would be a huge demoralizing defeat for dems if Calif attempts this.

  149. Divide Divide Divide…thats what DemRats do

  150. What do we want, civil war, when do we want it,NOW

  151. How stupid. Go ahead and continue to turn your state into a bigger cesspool it already is. Apparently you do not want any tourism…

  152. Flax Seed says:

    ‘Sanctuary’ Granting Officials May Be Prosecuted

    Acts and statements by state or local officials declaring their venues “sanctuary” locations and impede federal officers in performance of their duties may constitute criminal violations of federal laws. There is no such thing as “sanctuary” in American jurisprudence — it is a myth created by open border advocates, Democrats, anarchists, and the news media.

    The United States Attorneys’ Manual sets out instructions apropos to indicting and trying persons who violate federal immigration laws. Federal courts have ruled that local law enforcement officers are authorized to make arrests for violations of federal statutes. (8 USC sections 3041 and 1324 (c))

    Three of the federal statutes that are specifically applicable to state and local officials and others who may be violating federal law include:

    8 USC section 1324 (a) (1) (A) (iii) makes it an offense for any person who knowingly or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from detection, or attempts to conceal, harbor, or shield from detection such alien.

    8 USC section 1324 (a) (1) (A) (iv) makes it an offense for any person who encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States, knowingly or in reckless disregard of the fact that such coming to, entry, or residence is or will be in violation of the law.

    8 USC section 1324 (a) (1) (A) (v) expressly makes it an offense to engage in a conspiracy to commit or to aid or abet the commission of the above offenses.

  153. rustyarmor says:

    After all these years, California re-discovers *gasp!* STATES RIGHTS!.

  154. Mark Hoefle says:

    Wow, just wow! Have they thought this through? Make CA a sanctuary State, and illegals from across the country (and South of the border) will FLOCK to CA. When 5 to 10 MILLION illegals show up, with school-age kids, and their hand out, CA won’t even be third-world. The entire economy and infrastructure will collapse. 9,000 businesses left CA in the last 7 years. Just this hint of this kind of push to make CA a sanctuary State – is going to make that 9,000 a YEAR.

  155. If California wants to be humiliated, why not. Trump has always prevailed. He is invincible.

  156. Bill Smith says:

    According to online sources, California receives roughly $350 billion in federal aid every year. That sounds like a big bargaining chip in favor of the feds.

  157. I live in California and I think this is grossly negligent. Democrats are looking for anything they can use to fight Trump. There is absolutely nothing wrong with temporarily holding back on refugees from dangerous countries until we can properly vet them. Obama did it in 2011 with the Iraq refugees. Trump, in fact, used the same language in his EO as did Obama. Also happened after the end of the Vietnam war. This is not new stuff but because it is not done by a liberal, it is not OK. You guys need to check your history before going bonkers. Most of what you complain about was done by Democrats in the past.

  158. Dee Christou says:

    California is the only state whose residents willingly pee in their own Post Toasties and then wonder why it tastes bad…

    What is it about California that makes people become stupid and turn against their country, morals and common sense…?

    Most people who hit their thumb with a hammer try not to do it again.

    Unfortunately, “Gruber” voters in California haven’t learned that concept – they just keep electing the leaders that keep them in bondage…

  159. The problem isn’t migrants, CBS – it is illegal aliens. Big difference. I live in CA, and look forward to joining the class action lawsuit that will hopefully force the State to pay out billions. Heck, it could be better than playing the lottery!

  160. Joel Barr says:

    Just taking a quick look across this message board tells you EVERYTHING you need to know. Basically EVERY POST sides against CA on the matter.

    Of course, you will hear from some claiming CA gives more to the US Govt than it gets in return, but this is of course, entirely ludicrous.

    The state residents who have allowed the far-left to literally take over the state better stand up en masse and soon, or things are going to go very badly for you all.

  161. Sorry, Arizona tried to do this in aiding with deportations. Supreme Court has said the federal government occupies the field in regards to immigration. Thank you Obama

  162. slothb77 says:

    Yikes. If California becomes a sanctuary state, then the Feds can respond by withholding federal grants to the entire state. But California can respond by withholding federal taxes collected. California is a state that collects more in federal taxes than it uses in federal dollars, so that is a net win for the state and a net loss for the feds. Interesting road this will go.

  163. Pleeeeeaaaase Illegals, get outta my state and go to California. They love you, want you, and will take care of you. Free Trump Pinata at the door. Free housing…Free College….Go there….NOW!

  164. Fred Smith says:

    It is well established legal fact that immigration law is the sole purview of the federal government.

    Remember what happened when states and cities passed laws to enforce immigration laws that the Obama miss administration refused to do? Every single one of those state and local laws were struck down and the state and local officials were informed in no uncertain terms that they had no business in immigration law.

    If I remember correctly, harboring illegal aliens is a pretty serious crime and when done so on a wholesale level will likely expose people to significant fines and jail time.

  165. You better get out of California now if you are a liberty loving American citizen. The lunatics running the state will be building a wall soon to keep you in the new nation of Califorexico.

  166. Joe Potosky says:

    This is not about what most think.

    If California had to deport all illegals it will most likely lose congressional house seats and federal funding.

    Illegal or legal population counts towards how many congressional house seats a state has. Lose population and you lose house seats. Your only guaranteed one.

  167. Just another step in the demise of California. Go For it Gov Double Rainbows. Hopefully illegals in AZ will head on over to CA

  168. I’d like to see jerry brown and the legislature try to run California from Guantanamo…

  169. This is disgusting and does not represent all Californians. Say NO to Sanctuary.

  170. I’m amazed at the lack of citizenship California law makers and commiwood types display. Revocation of their citizenship seems to be in order for those that break the law and advise others to do the same. One real action that may occur is middle USA residents boycotting all new movies and television shows. Maybe that would get the attention of those airheads would think they are above the rest.

  171. Tim Todd says:

    Jerry Brown and his minions are once again breaking the law of the land. Governing against the will of the people. 2/3+ of Californians are for law and order. Send in the National Guard round em up and march em to the border. Maybe too extreme?

  172. This will be the worst these Democrats can do to our beautiful CA

  173. Doug Day says:

    Treason is the only thing the Democratics are good at. Democrats can only win by cheating. They’re cheaters.

  174. Ty Harris says:

    I am not sure I understand how a state can pass a state law refusing to comply with federal law. Isn’t that defacto secession? This goes a whole lot deeper than a fight over funding. It’s a question of whether states can just ignore federal law. We fought a civil war over that.

  175. Doug Forbes says:

    The average high rise window washer earns $23K and change in LA. The same job in Indianapolis pays $37K. California sucks.

  176. Don’t test President Trump’s resolve just ask Sally Yates.

    1. Susan Sabin says:

      Are Californians so ignorant they don’t realize you can only give out so much money without any coming in before they go bankrupt? The only way to get the money is to raise taxes on Californians.

  177. The SNOWFLAKES… apparently don’t have jobs… they have too much time on their hands. They must live in their parents condo’s on the beach… Of course they don’t care… they don’t pay… the working class does.

    We do know George Soros paid $90 Million for the DC protest… perhaps he is giving saslaries and benefits too.

    You know… I say, let them do as they wish as long as NOT ONE SINGLE PENNY of our tax dollars goes to that State. Remove all Federal Tax Dollars… Remove all military bases, cut off the water / electric / food being supported by other states

    Go for it.

  178. Don McCoy says:

    LOL! Who cares!? Let California become a sanctuary state…and cut ALL federal aid. Win/win. Cali get’s to prove how radically Leftist they are…and they get to pay for ALL of the “benefits” they’re handing out to illegal aliens. They’ll be BEGGING for assistance in six months–IF it even takes that long.

  179. Investigate the CA Secretary of State for massive voter fraud, if California will not stop enabling foreign insurgents to cancel out the citizens votes then red counties should secede from the anti-American state.

  180. Bob Boyko says:

    Cali is the perfect reason for the electoral college. Without that state Hillary was WAY down on the popular vote as well. Why should the rest of the country be subject the will of that rogue state just because they have more people? Cut federal funding to the whole state then and we’ll be well on our way to a balanced budget.

  181. Maybe the Trump administration should start suing these sanctuary cities and states.

  182. Jim Foles says:

    What is it with not obeying laws to help people who don’t obey the laws?? Some kinda mental disease?

    1. Mike says:

      Yes – it’s called TDS, or Trump Delusional Syndrome. It’s creator is George Soros, and his minions don’t even know they’re infected.

  183. Just a heads up. If there is anything I can do back here in Ohio to help California secede from the United States Just let me know. Remember if you secede from the U.S. you can do what ever you want. So go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Jim Foles says:

      So if all the liberals have a mass exodus to california.. would the weight of all those libs break the fault line and tilt into the ocean? Ask Hank Johnson it would be like Guam…

  184. All federal funds that go to California will help to pay for that fence. Yep…California should also secede ASAP. Camp Pendleton and the bases in San Diego don’t belong to California. Twenty Nine Palms keep the Calizombies from getting to the US. Palm Springs can become the state capital complete with a new king.


  185. Mike says:

    Great! California finally provides a solution instead of always being the problem. Now:

    1: Defund them – no more federal funds to empower them.
    2: Build the wall around California to terminate at the Oregon coast.
    3: Send all refugees to California – they’ll love Disneyland.
    4: Take them out of the voting process, so they no longer interfere with America’s elections.
    5: Wave good-bye and good-riddance!

  186. If California enacts this, it will draw illegal immigrants like a magnet. The cost to its citizens, both financial and social, will balloon. The chaos will be epic.

  187. Steve Grant says:

    Hmmmm…..why don’t those in California that dislike sovereign borders, just move to, say…..Mexico?
    The pre election leftist Tinseltowners vowed to leave, if Trump were elected……not to Mexico, but to Canada. That doesn’t make anyone curious as to why?
    My state (Maine) has been flooded with leftists moving here to escape cities that they made a mess of…..why here and not say, Mississippi or Louisiana?

  188. Terry Torres says:

    Time to pull ALL Federal Funding from California. No Federal Funding, no welfare, no TSA protection, no medicare or medicaid, no disability, no more Road funds, no more farm subsidies, No more Federal contracts to Defense agencies housed in the state, No more subsided gas, no more money for the ‘Arts’. Shift all military ports to Texas or Portland.

    Sanctuary state is a non-starter.

  190. David Keller says:

    The Rep. Party has always followed the Constitution in its’ understand of Federalism. That the Federal Gov. had limited rights, and the power was to be in the hands of the States and People.

    I guess the Dem. Party has finally agreed with this principle. Of course we know they really do not. They are an Authoritarian Party and will break the law when ever they can to suppress people they disagree with.

  191. Mike Keys says:

    At least California is still crazier than Illinois.

  192. Not only will they NOT be bailed out, but now they will also be CUT OFF from the American States from subsidizing them.

    Just watch. Once these gvt sucking losing cities and states start losing their Federal Cash, they will be howling down the tubes even deeper.

    Love it!

  193. Bye, Bye Cali. Read how Trump defeated Obama and Clinton, “KEK: The Rise of Donald Trump” (released 1-7-2017)

  194. billrow says:

    Since when is California is the Nation’s largest state?

  195. Mike Keys says:

    Guess California is itching to have it’s Governor arrested and martial law declared. Smart.

  196. Fred Sharrai says:

    Nothing will happen. These crazies are in the minority, they are just doing what liberals do when things don’t go their way. cry babies.

  197. Lulua Mahalo says:

    How did we get to the point where enforcing our laws and protecting America and it’s citizens is bad?

    • How did we get to a point where some of our own elected officials and Congressman are more interested in helping law breakers and our enemies than protecting Americans first?

    • We have sent thousands to war to protect us and insure our freedoms and thousands have died and more still are!

    What the hell is wrong with these peeps?

    Newsflash: To all those saying this is un-constitutional. The US Constitution only applies to American citizens ~ US Supreme Court

  198. Mike says:

    California has been infected with Trump Delusional Syndrome, or TDS – the irrational fear of President Donald Trump and his policies to protect and defend America. The main stream media propagates the disease and preys on its victims. Symptoms are similar to Stockholm Syndrome, and include but are not limited to the irrational fear of protecting one’s self and family from known hostile threats like Islamic terror, the need to self-destruct, and the desire to fail in the name of love, when in actuality it is hate driven – hate for your country and your fellow citizens. It’s also characterized by not remembering 911, and the thousands of innocent Americans who were killed there. Those infected with TDS believe anything they hear from the main stream media, and many will accept payment from George Soros funded groups to initiate and participate in protests and foment strife in America. Those with TDS need to be segregated from the main population, preferably in a California – an established quarantine zone. To guard yourself against TDS, all that is needed is to minimize your greed, become informed, and love your country.

  199. Sam Colt says:

    Good. This will make it easy for Trump to strangle the Leftist illegal state.

  200. Pull Federal Funding then who cares.

  201. James Estey says:

    Did this person writing the article go to school? California is not the largest state in the country.

  202. JB Sparks says:

    Only those in charge can pick and choose the law they like. The rest of us must obey.

  203. Dirt Diver says:

    Let them secede, that means they will become a international body, and no longer a member of the USA which will qualify them for international import tariffs. Tax the elite who are burning Cali at both ends to starve to death with exuberant tariffs importing their software, hardware, and any other countries imports..
    Either way they lose.
    No matter which way the elites go that are burning cali to the ground will lose.

    I have family in Southern Cali, and when that happens it will force them to gtfo of Cali (which is for the better anyways). Cali has not been a American populated state anyways for as long as I can remember so skin off my nose. It does not matter anyways because 80% of cali’s population is illegal immigrants anyways that hardly speak American to begin with so yeah. So i can say with some certainty they will not be missed, if they are stupid enough to follow through with their posturing faux anger….and hollow threats…

  204. so secede already, no one really cares in the rest of the country. annex yourselves to mexico…oh wait they have tougher immigration laws than we do…

  205. Sharp Shtik says:

    Mexico encourages its citizens and other foreigners to invade the USA and it is the federal governments job to stop the invasion and prosecute traitorous leftists encouraging invasion:
    – 8 USC 1324 “Any person who…(iv) encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States…; or (v)(I) . . . conspir[es]…or (II) aids or abets [these] acts, shall be punished…for each alien.”
    – U.S. Const., Art. IV, Sec. 4, “The United States shall … protect each [State] against Invasion.”
    – U.S. Const., Art. II, Sec. 3, “[The President] shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

  206. Richard Head says:

    Suddenly liberals are concerned about states’ rights and overreach of the federal government. Unfortunately, enforcing immigration laws is one of the primary responsibilities of the federal government.

  207. Darren Lee says:

    In what world is California the largest state?

  208. There are so many great people in California….leave the cesspool and move to other states and let the state continue to spiral downward. No federal funds for any entity in the state.

  209. JB Sparks says:

    Local law enforcement in San Bernardino doesn’t have enough funds to staff enough officers. Their response time is 4-6 hours.

    We are paying 4 governments, city, county, state, and federal. Their first duty is to enforce the law.

    Our governor has hired an outside law firm to fight the federal attorneys so that illegal aliens can enjoy safe haven. Some of them break into our houses and tag our area with graffiti but, not in Governor Brown’s neighborhood.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to hire more police instead of paying an outside law firm to keep more criminals around? Do we really need to hire Eric Holder with the boulder on his shoulder? Are we not already paying lawyers on staff with the state?

    We just allowed the majority to decide to legalize drugs. Why not let us decide what to do with illegal aliens?

    It must be nice to pick and choose the laws you will obey.

    Gotta go to work. Four governments demand the results of my labor. They will use force to get it.

  210. Clegg Jensen says:

    Apparently, the State of California is in need of a military intervention – traitors executed and the Mexican invasion repelled. We’ll take the Baja Peninsula as war reparations and for the hundreds of billions in entitlements stolen from American citizens.

  211. This is truly the death of western civilization. A sanctuary city doesn’t mean not asking crime witnesses and victims their alienage. It doesn’t mean not resettling refugees. It means one thing: if the Feds place a detainer on an alien who has been convicted of a crime, the local authority holds them until the Feds take custody. So let’s be clear. This isnt sanctuary for your gardener or the guys working at your neighborhood restaurant. This is sanctuary for individuals who have committed violent crimes. No one in immigrant communities want these bad actors around.. this is a crazed left wing policy that is not in the state’s best interests.

  212. Cost of the Wall $10 Billion – ONE TIME
    YEARLY – Costs to Support Illegals $113 Billion Year

    Plug that Illegal Hole and PAY OFF the $20 Trillion Debt Obama left you the TAX PAYER to pay….

    Be Prepared… Trump WILL Take BACK the USA

  213. :This is ridiculous! California should follow the federal immigration laws. Immigration laws are for the protection of the country and its legal citizens. California legislators have ruined this state by allowing the massive invasion just to affect elections. They give benefits to illegals and in some cases the law protects illegals and punishes citizens for the same offense. This needs to stop. This state suffers from a massive deficit and much of that problem is the benefits given to illegals including housing, education, EBT, medical and this list goes on. When will the people of California wake up and stop electing those who have contributed so much to the untenable position we are in now. Enforce the immigration law!! Governor Brown is one of the worse violators of the law and common sense is lacking in his administration. Everything he does is political and not in the best interest of the State of the country but rather to benefit the Democrat Party. The same holds true with the majority of the California Congress.

  214. 18 U.S. Code § 2 The federal statute which states that any person aiding and abetting a criminal is guilty of the same crime as that criminal. It will be fun seeing California politicians being locked away.

  215. California is going to do what Arizona wasn’t allowed to do under Obama? If Arizona didn’t have the power to do what it wanted regarding illegal immigration, what makes California think it can?

    1. Oh what ‘Wicked Games’ Seditious Progressive Democrats play in CA. Dems passed a Bill which would allow non-citizens to sit on Jury Duty, but Moonbeam veto is. Do you know why Dems tried to do that? CA also allows non-citizens to vote thru their Auto Motor Voter Law. Don’t believe a word what Dems say about it does, it does.

      President Trump is looking forward to the fight with CA and Moonbeam, and he’s going to win.

  216. Clegg Jensen says:

    >>>>>“If Congress can forbid the entry ***, it can punish those who cooperate in their fraudulent entry.” — SCOTUS 1909<<<<<

    “The power of Congress “to exclude aliens from the United States and to prescribe the terms and conditions on which they come in” is absolute, being an attribute of the United States As a sovereign nation, through the action of the legislative department, can exclude aliens from its territory is a proposition which we do not think open to controversy. Jurisdiction over its own territory to that extent is an incident of every independent nation. It is a part of its independence. If it could not exclude aliens, it would be to that extent subject to the control of another power. *** The United States, in their relation to foreign countries and their subjects or citizens are one nation, invested with powers which belong to independent nations, the exercise of which can be invoked for the maintenance of its absolute independence and security throughout its entire territory.” — SCOTUS 1889

  217. Dave Spysea says:

    The losers of the left have worked themselves into such a bizarre hysteria over the fact that they lost the White House that they have lost all connection to reality and are now hyping their most ludicrously paranoid fantasies.

  218. Mike Arvand says:

    It’s as if liberals want to commit mass suicide. Must be something about sniffing their own farts too long…Also looks like despite how stupid they are, enough old school people who ignored common core can still do the math. They discovered that calexit is as stupid as a submarine with a screen door. it would guarantee no democrat would ever be elected again.

  219. Charles Snow says:

    What a horde of moronic idiots are these politicians in California. There is a festival of lawful remedies available to the Trump administration so to crush these lawless left wing subversive thugs into the ground. Aside from the apprehension and deportation of illegal alien invaders, there needs to be the round-up and imprisonment of criminal government officials. Let the games begin!

  220. makes sense. go on your own to protest the government not being allowed too grow big enough to take care of your every need….

  221. So the 7 countries is question do a lot of business in California? Yeman? Really? How bad did it affect California’s economy when Obama banned travel from these same countries in 2011?

  222. Suzanne Kyro says:

    I lived in CA from the age of 2 to 58. I adore the CA that used to be. I left CA because CA left me. This proposal is just one reason why I no longer live in CA.

  223. Jack Cooper says:

    President Trump I implore you to arrest Jerry Brown and send the Fed in to take control of the state. California is placing the entire country at risk from illegal criminals and those that would attack us here at home. Therefore Mr. President you are well within your rights to arrest Brown immediately.

  224. Gov. Brown cut off returning tax money to cities and counties that did not vote for him. I’m sure Sacramento will cry foul, racist, or whatever when the favor is returned to the State from Federal money for NON COMPLIANCE to Federal Laws.

  225. Jim Trott says:

    Since the state does not like the federal policies and wants to withhold money, I despise the state legislature and the policies of lunacy that are enacted in California, so maybe I should use the same rationale and not pay my state income taxes.

  226. I have lied in CA most of my life, I’m a Constitutional Republican who fights the SEDITION of Progressive Democrats on a daily basis. CA and Jerry Brown will lose this FIGHT with the rule of law and President Trump, count on it. It’s only a matter of time.

  227. Dirt Diver says:

    They will lose any, and all economical influential legs they had to stand on if they secede.
    I can predict play by play how their secession will play out after the fact.
    Massive import tariffs to the USA.
    They will be fighting mexico because Mexico has been contesting California as their own.
    They will be fighting Japan.
    They will be fighting China.
    They will be fighting Russia.
    When it is all said and done they will be out the billions of dollars from the tariffs.
    They will be out billions from defending their Country.
    They will be out billions because when the USA starts the tariffs, all their imports will wither and die with in a matter of weeks.
    No one will do business with them because there is nothing to gain after all the tariffs come out of Califexicos treasury.
    They will be fighting battles on more than one front, and do not have a standing military to defend their shores.
    The cartels satellite groups commonly known as gangs will destabilize the country and a-s out anyone who did not get out in time.
    They will lose their federal subsidies, they will lose their lower income labor, they will loose YUGE.
    Any programmer can write new O.S’s (operational system “windows”), and there is plenty of other states with similar sand to make chips with.

    They do not have a economical leg to stand on.

    So in essence they either are complete effing idiots if they pursue this outside of posturing, and beating their faux economic war drums.

  228. Tj Hessmon says:

    California has become its own Communist state, who thinks it can dictate and force communism upon the remaining 49 states. Americans don’t want the possibility of terrorists being allowed into their country via the Karl Popper ideal of open borders.

    States who do not comply with federal law should be punished under that law for harboring, aiding, and abetting fugitives.

    What rational reason would a city or a state have for harboring, aiding and abetting fugitives (illegal aliens) especially those who could be dangerous to the life and limb of Americans? The only reasonable explanation could be they want blood shed to occur. They need American blood shed to occur. Communism cannot be attained without crisis. California has become a Communist state.

  229. Please, please, PLEASE!!! DO IT!! Please enact this A.S.A.P!

    The rest of the Republic will thank you!

  230. Samuel Green says:

    Let California have their way, allow Syrian and Iranians entry into the USA via California, but PROHIBIT these security threats from LEAVING California for six months to be properly vetted. If they leave California, Deport them back to their home.

    Or, Option B, build a wall around California and let them relish in their poor decisions, just like their poor decisions with water usage and planning.

  231. OK, slap a federal payroll tax on all workers in CA – 1% for every 100,000 illegal aliens in the state. That should put the tax at about 24% to start. Let’s see how long they stay a sanctuary state.

  232. Josh Davis says:

    OH it’s gonna be a hoot to see Governor Moonbeam, Lt Gov Newsom and all the other accomplices getting cuffed & stuffed when AG Sessions sends US Marshals to arrest them.

  233. The writer needs a geography lesson. California is the third largest state.

  234. Why not pursue the Calexit strategy with more vigor and commitment? With secession comes the ability to do whatever the hell you want including inviting as many immigrants as your land mass can tolerate. Just as long as anyone from the state formerly known as California presents a valid passport upon trying to enter the U.S.A.

  235. Ernest Lane says:

    I think President Trump should cut off almost all funding that goes to sanctuary entities — even entire States. This means no funds that go to any address within that entity. Terminate all contracts, except for those that are “important”; no research grants; no Pell or other educational grants; no loan guarantees; no individual welfare, including AFDC. Basically, only anything already earned, such as retirement, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Make it hurt.

  236. If illegals voted Republican instead of nearly 100% democrat, the democrats would be expelling them as fast as they can from the US. They would be passing laws in Sacramento to round up and arrest as many illegals as they could make the police catch.. There would be voter ID and stringent review of all absentee ballots and precincts.

    1. Oh, come on David, democrats love Mexicans and they never vote in our elections. Why do you think all the celebrities threatened to move to Mexico, and not white countries like Canada or New Zealand, if Trump won?

      Democrats are nice people, they only throw their toys and beat you for disagreeing with them, they likely won’t kill you.

      Try to be more understanding of their mental state. Be more “liberal”.

  237. Darren Davis says:

    The Trump Hammer of God is going to drop on California too.

  238. Now we have a whole state committing a felony. Providing lawyers for illegals who will deported? Thats a special kind of insane. Bet the legal residents are going to love those expenses. Time to protect yourself Californians. If the state won’t do it – it’s up to you

  239. California will become a Confederate State in their attempt to nullify Federal Law i.e. Sanctuary. Just like the Confederate States that tried to nullify Anti Slavery Federal Law. All this at the expense of Public Safety / Community Safety and the Tax Payer. The liberal Migration Policy Institute conceded that there are over 800,000 illegal aliens with criminal records, nearly 700,000 of them with felony arrest records.Liberals have no care or concern about Public Safety and Community Safety. Many of these felons are sex crime related. Elections Have Consequences…

  240. Time for the federal government to pull up stakes in the Bear Flag Republic! Close all welfare/workfare offices; military bases; federal highway funds; border security…etc..I know that California puts more money int the federal coffers than it reputedly receives. Not sure that that includes opportunity costs.

  241. Kirk Wayland says:

    If the State of CA thinks they can ignore Federal Law, then it is perfectly okay for local authorities to ignore State Law. See how that works you lefty-liberal idiots.

  242. Ken Valley says:

    It’s truly sad that the good people of MexiFornia who didn’t want to be a part of this Fascist and Socialist experiment will no longer have a voice with their vote. The DemoRATS and La Raza Communists have taken over this State and they are working on giving it back to Mexico.

  243. Can we label everything Made in California so we will know what NOT to buy?

  244. Wow, this is just like the Civil War when the South refused to abide by Federal Laws and seceded. I wonder if our California Democrats have considered what will happen when DC sends in Federal Troops, now that the Democrats have disarmed the residents? Not very good planning on the Democrats part. And what happens with the Feds close all California ports? A blockade? This is so out of control. Who is running my state of California anymore? Lunatics?

  245. “creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as ” Oh, really? Largest?

  246. Jimmy Chonga says:

    Separated Kalifornia = HAITI
    United States absent Kalifornia = Dominican Republic. LOL. DO IT!!!!

  247. So, any criminal in the world is safe, they just have to get to CA?
    CA is FAR more tyrannical about taxes than IRS. Now CA will not pay “it’s fair share” to the Fed Gov? HYPOCRITES! So California residents don’t have to pay CA for their own personal reasons also. GREAT! Let the loony democrat conflict continue and see what mess happens!!! Should be fun!!!

  248. James Cygnus says:

    While you’re at it, pass legislation welcoming illegal aliens from the other 49 states. Then we can cut off all federal funding, California can success and become North Mexico.

  249. So after committing massive electoral fraud and still losing California is throwing a hissy fit.

    Oh well, I guess nobody there needs their social security or medicare checks anymore

  250. Jihad Joe says:

    The solution is simple. Divide California up right along the San Andreas fault line. Then when the big one hits, all of the democrats will fall into the sea and the rest of the state will remain attached to the US.

  251. Alan Whitney says:

    The Leftists have clearly lost their minds.

    NO administration could let this sort of insanity go unchecked. It is time to arrest and prosecute politicians and other public officials who flaunt the law.

  252. Ronald Cram says:

    Polls say 72% of California citizens disagree with sanctuary cities and so there’s no way they will support a sanctuary state. This is the Democratic Party in free fall. Some are even talking about seceding from the US. Craziness! The Democrats are committing political suicide.

  253. California progressives sure don’t have any regard for anyone who isn’t them.
    While demanding Trump submit to their tantrums and be their president too California progressive politicians demonstrate a complete disregard and disdain for non progressives as they seek to impose left wing policies.
    What if half of the California populous doesn’t like what they have planned?
    Too damn bad?

  254. Jack Lee says:

    It’s now guaranteed by 2020 California will be REPUBLICAN again.

  255. Bob Larson says:

    Need to boycott everything coming out of California or from companies based in California. The idiots have had a free ride with no accountability for way too long.

  256. Mark Tate says:

    A state that wants to suppodrt law-brreakers? Why don’t you succeed from the union like we did in the south? You will get your ass whipped and behave like we did down south.

  257. Read Thomas DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln before you go ahead with your attempt at secession. It didn’t work out well for the South, and secession was legal then.

  258. JJ Gonzalez says:

    can the president fire a states governor and cities mayor? I move to let him do so if they defy our laws!

  259. If legislators can choose which laws they would like to obey, then so can the rest of us. Lawyer up Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Sacramento. This should be interesting.

  260. Let all the illegals move to California, and let’s see how fast legal Californians beg to build a wall. Then Americans will have to clean up their stupid mess, just like we are having to clean up Obama’s messes. Once Trump gets rid of illegals, I hope he starts work on draining the swamp of blood-sucking federal workers, federal agencies we don’t need, and American-hating politicians. As for the lying media, we need more news stations more like OAN – where they report the news, and teach the Constitution.

  261. Must have a very short mind-span if we have already forgotten about the horrific attack on San Bernadino and the fact that the perps exploited this same visa process. Trump is trying to protect us from having this happen again.

  262. Matt Brooks says:

    Liberals have room for everyone under their umbrella… just so long as they agree with them otherwise.
    I say if they do so (Legislators) then have them arrested and/or fined for not upholding their oath of office.

  263. I guess the socialists, communists and other human garbage in California do not understand how much support the president will get for going in heavy, with force if necessary, to make California abide its agreement and compact with the federal power.

    California will obey the law. That’s a fact.

    The question is really: how hard do they want to make it on themselves and their constituents?

  264. Scotty Ray says:

    Let’s just extend the wall around the California border with checkpoints. They’ll have to pay fees on the way in and out. And they will have to go thru customs if they fly. If they don’t want to be part of the US and support the security of the US, they are TRAITORS and need to be ousted.

  265. craniumlogos says:

    Hopefully California will reap the full wrath of what they are sowing, here.

  266. John Smith says:

    Silly Democrats dont they know communism never works.

  267. Kyle Peter says:

    I think now is the time for those areas of California that disagree with the path their state has taken over the last decade should split and form a new state(s).

  268. The operative word is “considering” which is as limp a word as I can imagine. For example, I’m considering a 10K run tomorrow. Does that mean it will happen?

  269. Jeffrey Gee says:

    Either close the all the borders with adjoining states with California creating an embargo or the Californian people need to rise and drag their traitor politicians out into the street and hang them!

  270. I am disgusted with this state that I live in!!

  271. Keith Panco says:

    Why do democrats support illegal aliens? Because these illegals count in the census numbers. These numbers are used to set the number of seats in The House of Representatives, and the number of electors to the Electoral College, and the amount of federal funds coming to the states.

    1. That is the beauty of it all. Trump can take a play from the Obama playbook. Obama threatened North Carolina with the withholding of federal funds if they did not comply with his order to allow anatomically (gender confused) male students to use the female bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms. Trump just tells CA, “Say goodbye to all those federal dollars”. If Californians think taxes are high now, just wait till they secede from the Union and have to foo 100% of the bill on their own tax revenues.

  272. Hus Sae says:

    Illegals in California have many different faces. Some are students, entrepreneurs, small/large business owners and many are simple worker bees. California has a place for all of them. Many have decided to live here simply because the opportunities in their own countries were nonexistent. That’s what makes us great. Most of these people, if given the chance would jump on the opportunity to turn their “illegal” status to “legal”. Just look at all those people who jumped at the chance for a “no doc” drivers license.

    The homeless (and i know many homeless) are here for mostly 3 reasons:

    1- Weather
    2- kicked out of other cities/states
    3- drugs available anytime/anywhere

    Most of the homeless in Cali are not actually born and raised in the west coast but have migrated here from all over the USA to take advantage of the above listed opportunities. It’s a non stop push from all over the US to get rid of the homeless people. They say push them west. So the burden has fallen on California because the homeless are not only in LA but everywhere. I travel throughout the west coast and i have seen homeless in every little corner of California. This will be an ongoing burden the west coast will bare for a long long time. Plus 80% of these homeless have psychological/medical issues no one wants to try to figure out cause it’ll cost too much.

    Same goes for the vets. The vet issue is a US government problem. I see men mostly holding signs on roads, “veteran please help”. Well if your so worried about these vets then join a military help group and go out there to find and help this tiny amount of vets that need your help. It’s not a California problem, it’s a US government problem. I know a few vets and they found there way around the system and now are living in nice 4 bedroom homes and own Subway etc.. franchises all thanks to the US government.

    Lets face it, illegals are necessary for the economy and the sub economy. Just find a way to flush the criminal aspect out, that’s all we need.

    Homeless problem in west coast is never going away

    Vet issue has an easy fix in place should the vets actually want help.

  273. Mark David says:

    Easy to fix. March the 82nd Airborne Division into Sacramento, arrest Governor Brown, install a cooperative politician to fix this, then charge Brown under the sedition act.

  274. Arrest Jerry Brown. He is destroying California. A crazy person.

  275. While the federal government CANNOT commandeer the officials in CA to “round up” illegal aliens or otherwise act as agents of the federal government, they can be forced/compelled to check the legal/illegal status of an individual in police custody or under investigation and to notify federal authorities of such status and the location of the illegal alien.

    A much simpler solution to the showdown with CA and others is to enforce federal employment laws strictly (including jailtime and fines for non-compliance). Trump could go one step further and extend federal banking laws to check cashing/money transfer services as well, including the “know your customer” rule.

  276. California is about to become Venezuela real quick when federal money dries up and state spending triples.

  277. Jack Riley says:

    Have the contributing mexifornia citizens (legal citizens) been notified of the laws they can ignore with the states help yet?

  278. We Californians are under a Mob Rule. Liberals have hijacked this state. Voter fraud here galore. We need Trump more than ever, and I speak for the majority of Californians. This is all coming out of San Fran and LA. they rule everything here. God help us and don’t hate on us. We do not want this. Immigrants and those that support them are too stupid to realize they are being used as modern day slaves and to help keep the Democrats in office. Cheap labor! Yes the democrats are still in favor of slavery!

  279. The tipping point has arrived: Ill-Liberal Democrats are digging their hole so deep they are burying themselves. Do not reveal to the them first rule of escaping a hole. Theil 2018! MCGA!

  280. Edward Foley says:

    Silly people in a silly state. Grownups are now in charge and temper tantrums are ignored.

  281. John Tarter says:

    Great. Now the Feds can cut off all funds for the entire state for California’s seditious act.

  282. The states can kill anything coming out of DC thru the 10th Amendment and Nullification. We are using it to kill unconstitutional orders on the 2nd Amendment, NSA spying and other illegal activity. If CA wants to vacuum up illegal aliens and help out other states, do it thru the 10th and help strengthen states rights and diminish the DC tyrants’ powers. Lean how here

    The Tenth Amendment Center:

  283. Just let California do what it wants. It’s essentially three states at this point: California, comprised of people who don’t loathe the rest of the United States; Latino California, which wants whites gone; and Chinese California, which so hates everything about the United States and so loves every other country that it’s gleefully willing to sell everything to a nation that expressly want to topple the global order.

  284. Yeah, so I did the math yesterday:
    California receives $344 billion a year in federal funding.
    Californians contribute $293 billion a year in income tax revenues.
    The difference is $51 billion a year to the state.
    Go ahead, California- throw your little tantrum. We’ll see how long you can hold your breath.

  285. Susan Borden says:

    With President Trump’s smarts, courage and love of country, we peacefully overthrew the Republican Party, then we overthrew the federal government, we are in the process of overthrowing the media (Jerome Corsi is the InfoWars DC Chief with a seat in the press corp at the White House upcoming) and then we must peacefully overthrow the communists and return my state to U.S. and California constitutional governance. I’m ready to do whatever it takes!

  286. Bob Forsberg says:

    Those of us still living here in northern Mexico, once known as California would welcome the Feds taking over the politically correct Sacramento nut cases running the government if they attempt a sanctuary state. Unfortunately, these politically irrelevant elected types bask in the publicity, even when it makes them look stupid.

  287. snailmailtrucker says:

    The Large cities of Calif. have been Invaded by Illegal Aliens, Criminals and Liberals who do not have anyone other than their own Interests in their actions.
    THIS IS EXACTLY WHY THE FOUNDING FATHERS CREATED THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE FOR FEDERAL ELECTIONS…. so that the Thugs in the Big Cities could Not Force the Real Americans in all of the Surrounding areas with their Insane Political views.

  288. Al Clarke says:

    Hard to imagine that just a couple years ago the Obama justice department prosecuted the state of Arizona for merely enforcing Federal immigration law on the premise that control of immigration was a federal responsibility only.

  289. Hola. Mi nombre es Juan. Estoy aquí ilegalmente de México. Mi pueblo es dueño de Estados Unidos y es nuestro país. Los demonios blancos no pertenecen aquí. Si quieres pelear, pelearemos contigo y buscaremos a nuestros compañeros en los guerreros santos del Estado Islámico. Los demonios blancos se someterán a nuestros pies y morirán con su sangre goteando de las cuchillas de los cuchillos de los mexicanos y la yihad islámica.

    1. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      Well done Brian. BTW, it’s México or Méjico depending in what part of the Spanish world you are in. In time all of CA will get it right.

  290. Paul Trott says:

    If Chuy and Rosita don’t feel like complying with the laws of a country and have Cow Fart Jerry, homie boy Kevin de Leon, Kmala Harris and Xavier Becerra’s support, taxpayer funded lawyers food, housing, education, medical care and money at my expense why should I comply with any state or local law I don’t like? No reason I can think of.

  291. Now is the time to cut California off from the continent and let it drift out to sea. It’s worthless.

  292. thomas says:

    Not to nitpick but…… California is NOT “the nation’s largest state”. WOW, is the author really that stupid? It’s the third (3rd) largest of all the states and second (2nd) largest within the 48 contiguous.

  293. Mark Lemmon says:

    Build a wall around CA…

  294. So what happened to “The Feds are responsible for immigration enforcement”? The SCOTUS ruled on this. Now that a different president is in office the rules must change? Snowflakes always want a trophy and to change the rules if things do not go their way.

  295. George King says:

    get the national guard and lock them up for breaking federal law.

  296. PT Parks says:

    It would be nice if the sane people of California would rise up and throw out the leftist lunatics currently in charge. I pity any Californian that’s a conservative and believes in the rule of law.

  297. Yep. California is a “sanctuary” state for everybody but white Americans. And the liberals just can’t figure out why Trump was elected.

  298. I live and work in Ca and I, for one, don’t want my taxes going towards ILLEGAL immigrants. If Trump pulls federal aid from Ca, our roads will be worse than they already are since we are already in a financial mess with over $5B of unfunded pensions. The people voting to hijack our taxes should all be charged for stealing from the state. Another solution is for them to personally invite these ILLEGAL immigrants into their respective homes. Which they will not since most democrats only talk with other people’s money.

  299. LQ Jones says:

    California degenerated into a third world toilet. I moved my company out of state and only visit to see friends, who I’m encouraging to leave as well.
    Someone please explain to me how importing an uneducated, illiterate, and non-English speaking mass with no marketable skills is a benefit.

  300. Ken Hall says:

    Note to Author: You said, “…the nation’s largest state,” I think that would actually be THIRD largest after Alaska and my own Texas. Unless of course you’re referring to largest in population in which with all the illegals, it IS the largest state with a total pop of 38M.

  301. The rest of us, just boycott California. Do not go there. Do not buy products grown there. This state cares not for all the sacrifices others have made to insure their freedom, why should we care about them? Then again, this could just be exaggerated, semi-fake news.

  302. Roger Scott says:

    It’s disappointing that we have all stood back and let the fringe groups attempt to inflict their will on the majority, and that the government has been complacent in the nonsense. This country has real issues that need to be addressed and the time is finally here for the adults to take the lead. Young men of color are dying in the streets of Chicago and we are worrying about which bathroom a tranny should use. Really?

  303. Liberals can pick and choose which laws to obey and which laws to ignore because they are more brilliant than the Constitution. Liberals in California have put the state into $440 BILLION in debt, brilliant! Libs in Cali are passing regs to halt cow farting, which of course will blow up the Earth. Brilliance!!!

  304. The CBS news coverage is so slanted. Aren’t there ANY Californians who want to remain Americans? Everyone quoted here is all doom and gloom and resentment of the president. Who can believe this reflects the entirety of public sentiment in the Golden state? It’s a lie. This really is FAKE NEWS.

  305. Hey #fakenews outlets, report the facts and try reading the actual text of the EO before you do so. No mention whatsoever of the TEMPORARY ASPECT of this ban/restriction (90 days!!) or the articulated purpose of it and why THOSE PARTICULAR COUNTRIES ARE INCLUDED.

  306. ¡Go for it, Commiefornia! More money for real America.

  307. Dan Payne says:

    WOW, the media is still playing this game? They will NEVER be allowed leave the union. Even with the mass amounts of Mexicans it would never be Mexico. IT could never stand a country on its own because of banned trade. It would never be allowed a military. This is liberal moron babble and fake news to get attention.

  308. Okay. No federal funds to, and don’t recognize votes from, California.


  310. Suibne Geilt says:


  311. Please California, secede. The rest of the country doesn’t care, really. Go and open your border to the south and we will wall you in, and keep illiterate “Stars” from re-entering the US. It will be a very good thing for this country. So…shooo, go on, go away like good little whiny kids!!

  312. Mark Smith says:

    I say we send all refugees to California and let them go bankrupt trying to take care of them.
    We may have to build a wall around California.

  313. Lamar Carnes says:

    Remember when the Democrats sent the national guard to arrest George Wallace on the steps of a School because he would not obey the Federal law? Trump may have to do this in California if they rebel against authority of the Federal Government Go to it Trump!!

  314. The entire thing is summed up in one word at 1:05: “Anxiety”.
    In other words, driven by a wholly subjective emotion. We should expect nothing less from the left coast.

  315. It’s been announced that all federal funding will be cut to sanctuary cities. From seeing the results of Trump’s first week in office, I’d suggest you believe it.

  316. I quit reading after the part about California being the nations largest state… really?

  317. This would be a perfect way to let the world see what happens when liberals are in charge without federal money. Let them wall themselves off with the illegal aliens and lets see who cries uncle first?

  318. Bob Coco says:

    Simple, stop all federal activities in the state. Suspend Air Traffic Control at all airports, block all Interstate highways, stop all inspections of livestock and produce. Calif will be brought to their knees in a few hours.

  319. Dan Olson says:

    I’m always amazed how liberal officials can justify helping those who attempt to skirt our immigration laws. Liberals have no business being in charge of anything beyond animal control.

  320. David Gore says:

    What Trump should do is declare California a sanctuary state, then tell all people who are in the country illegally I will give everyone a 60- day time limit to move to California. Then watch California blow up with the flood of people coming into their state. No way can they handle that many, it will bankrupt them. Then cut off the federal funds on top of that.

  321. jameswlee2014 says:

    There is a good reason the demos don’t want people counting heads in California. There are FAR more Mexican citizens residing illegally in the state of California and voting in our elections than is commonly being reported. By far more, I mean millions more. Send them home and California becomes a red state.

  322. They are NOT MIGRANTS if they are not here LEGALLY!

    I love immigrants. But if I break the law…yes even a well spoken white man…I get in trouble for it! I am only asking for equal protection under the laws of the country I live in. If they can break the law, shouldn’t I be able to?

    Frank Zappa correctly said: America is a nation of laws, poorly written and randomly enforced.

    I am 100% for legal immigration of people who have applied and been completely vetted…even ten times the amount we let legally do so now. I am 100% against ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    I have had the opportunity to keep a girlfriend in the country after her visa ran out and harbor her in my home. We decided to obey the LAW instead. I never saw her again after watching that plane take off. Life is tough. Deal with it.

  323. Paul Roberts says:

    After listening to the T.V. news at the beginning of this subject, it became quite clear that the
    E. O. in it’s entirety, was NOT read by the commentators.

    The E.O. does not affect commerce or travel unless of course you come from a terrorist state in the middle east.

  324. I don’t think the Democrats in CA have thought this through. If they defy the Feds then they are in violation of the law and possibly could be prosecuted. I would assume that the Feds could get court orders to force CA jurisdictions to hand over information on illegals in their jails and go get them.

  325. Mike Colburn says:

    Kalifornia Communists. Beyond Stupid

  326. Arthur Bowen says:

    If California secedes from the USA it will end up like Puerto Rico and go bankrupt. We are already the way there. It is time for the legislature to pass a bill changing the government employees retirement to a 401 type plan. We have the most government employees in America collecting over $100,000 retirement income.

  327. NO NO NO to California becoming a Sanctuary State. We have enough drug cartels already living here.

  328. Cut off all Federal funds and California will come crying!
    The legislature can’t have it both ways.

    If California won’t follow Federal Law, why should it be entitled to receive Federal (taxpayer dollar) Funds?

    1. Dreaded Parakeet says:

      I thought about that too but it would create a constitutional crisis. They won’t pay their taxes to the feds. Other states (libs) will want to follow suit.

  329. Dreaded Parakeet says:

    What’s happened to Californians. It’s like they are drinking bad water, the whole state. They are confusing legal immigration with illegal immigration as well as entrance to terrorists. They are getting close to beyond reasoning. And no, Calexit will not solve the issues, it will only highlight their problem and multiply it tenfold. Then those citizens will want to migrate to mid states like locust and bring the infestation as they have to Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Arizona.

  330. California is an enormous mental institution. It needs to be severed from the U.S. and allowed to pursue its loony destiny. It is cruel to expect the insane to abide by reason. It is unfair and illogical for the sane to be ruled by the inmates. Goodbye California and don’t let the swinging door bump you in the butt.

  331. And just how will California pay for all these illegals, given it wants to leave the Union? I wish them alot of luck. ALOT. Buh-bye!

  332. John McElroy says:

    Now, there is a part of me that kind of likes sanctuary cities or states. Leave the funding in place, don’t take that particular fight on – democrats will demagogue the issue and it isn’t worth it. Enforce the law as written every where except the sanctuary cities or states and publicize in multiple languages where those cities are. The illegals will flock in droves to the sanctuary. My life will be better for the flight to sanctuary and the sanctuaries will be more sewer like than they are now. Think how much more pleasant and safe L.A. or Baltimore or Chicago or Detroit or San Francisco will be. I realize that this is a “schadenfreude” kind of view but the sanctuaries will reap what they sow.
    I would bet money that the all caring ruling class will rather quickly find a humane reason and method to alter their policy as they are overwhelmed when the unskilled and illiterate flood the sanctuary.

  333. Well, California can now legalize heroin, rape,etc,too. Why not? They ignore one federal law or two, they can ignore several more.

  334. Larz Larzen says:

    Why does the media always pick the LEFTIST talking head to interview? Trump’s ban is the same as the Obama ban.

  335. That would be great, we would have the national debt even in four years if the taxpayers in the rest of the country cut off funds to, an didn’t have to bail out the loser state of Calif. What a great turn of events..

  336. California may prohibit local law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, creating a border-to-border sanctuary in the nation’s largest state as legislative Democrats ramp up their efforts to battle President Donald Trump’s migration policies.

    California is not Alaska.

  337. Trump should send in some US Marshalls and arrest these Sacramento SOBs for sedition.

  338. California is not known as the land of fruits and nuts for nothing. I would love to see a whole bunch of their elected officials arrested and put in jail. Let them rot with all the rest of the ne’r do wells.

  339. Ed Cole says:

    Do it. Give Real America the legal justification to come in there and party like it’s 1861. Once the secessionists (seditionists) are eradicated, then national total of LibProg voters will so reduced, you won’t be able to elect a dog catcher, let alone a president ever again. As a fringe benefit, the replacement CA government will be tolerable enough to Real Americans that Cali could become a place worth living again. The natural beauty and bounty of the state has always been unsurpassed. it’s the oppressive leftist dogma and taxation and restriction of freedom that make the state unlivable.

  340. Steven Lewis says:

    Yes!! And they can all live with the hollywood crybabies! I’m sure they would love that!

  341. Mahmood Qazi says:

    For Irish (Catholic) Terrorism


    British (Protestant) Terrorism?


    JUDAISM for terrorism in the occupied territories (Palestine)?

    Individuals, not religions,
    carry out inhuman acts.

    Islam means PEACE and is a religion of peace, accepted and practiced by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide. It is the fastest-growing religion in the world, and if it was what some critics claim, why should the people from all walks of life from around the world keep embracing Islam?

    Where is the sword now?

    In Islam, a person has the right to defend himself, his family, his country or his neighbor(s), which justifies the resistance being offered by the people of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, Iraq, Kashmir and Palestine, to attacks on their soils by the so-called liberators, who are actually the occupiers.

    The Holy Qur’an clearly states that if a person saves one life, it’s as if he saved humanity, and if a person kills one human being, it’s as if he killed humanity.

    What is happening in the enslaved Muslim countries is a natural reaction to occupation, bombings, killing and terrorizing of innocent civilians (children, old men and women), rapes, in addition to looting of resources, national antiques and artifacts, above all destruction of property by the occupiers.

    Terror breeds terror.

    We assure those who bash Islam that if there was no occupation in this world by foreign invaders, there would be no resistance – the so-called terror.

    We would like those who criticize Islam to explain the following acts committed by the Christians on Jews, other Christians and Muslims alike, throughout history:
    – Hundreds of thousands of Muslim men, women and children killed by the crusaders, who were Christians.
    – Inquisition of Jews and Muslims from Spain by Queen Isabella, a Christian.
    – Millions of people killed by the European and American Christians during the two world wars.
    – Hundreds of thousands of Christians killed every year by the Irish Christians, including the British and the IRA, both Catholics and Protestants, during the past few centuries. Why are they not blamed to be “Christian Terrorists?”
    Both of them believe in Jesus Christ, who told them to turn the other cheek, and both of them believe in the same Lord, Who commanded that “Thou shall not kill.” Period.
    – Timothy McVeigh, who bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, was a Catholic.

    Are all Catholics terrorists?

    Last but not least, explain the bombings, killings, rapings and lynchings
    of both American Indians and black slaves (Afro-Americans) during the past 200 years in the United States.

    What about them?

    Will those filled with hate for Islam blame Christianity for the above inhuman acts by Christians in various parts of the world since its inception

    If not, then why are they blaming the religion of Islam for what is a natural reaction to occupation of Muslim countries by foreign invaders

    Most importantly, these folks should know that the three great Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – have one common basis, and that is one God Almighty.

    “All men (and women) are created equal, and we all are one nation under Almighty God,” is a statement according to the Holy Qur’an and is very well elucidated in the U.S. Constitution.

    Lastly, yet importantly, as brothers in humanity, we recommend those filled with hate get an education in the history of Islam and Muslims, before they dare to write nasty letters full of personal, ingrain hate and vendetta.

    We would be pleased to provide anyone with free copies of the Holy Qur’an and Islamic literature in English, which would help them to understand the truth about Islam and Muslims and get rid of hate from their systems, God willing.

    May God Almighty show you the light, Amen.

    “THOU SHALL NOT KILL,” PERIOD! is one of the Ten (10) Commandments from God Almighty.

    Anyone who kills is neither a Jew, nor a Christian, nor a Muslim, because he disobeys the LORD. PERIOD!

  342. The lawlessness in this state needs to stop. The lawmakers that have encouraged and allowed and been part of the defiance of federal law need to be held accountable. And that includes and should start with Jerry Brown! All federal immigration laws should be enforced. Deport those who do not belong here and stop burdening the tax payers by allowing this invasion.

  343. I feel for the people of California! You need an electoral vote!

Comments are closed.

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