Large Brawl At Mall Leads To Pandemonium At Westfield Culver City

CULVER CITY (  — A large fight at the Westfield Culver City mall Saturday led to pandemonium at the facility, officials said.

The mall, formerly known as the Fox Hills Mall, was unable to handle a brawl between as many as 50 juveniles.

Culver City Police were dispatched to handle the brawl. A SWAT team was also dispatched.

Reports of a male with a gun, or an active shooter on scene, appeared to be erroneous.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

After police arrived, teens running through the mall appeared to set off panic among some shoppers.

There were no reports of arrests or injuries.

The erroneous reports led to a large police presence and a mass exodus from the mall.

KCAL9’s Jennifer Kastner reported from the scene.

The incident occurred around 5:30 p.m.

Officers found no evidence of a shooter, active or otherwise.

Culver City Police told Kastner there were also a series of brawls in the parking lot.

She spoke to several young people who were leaving the mall who said there was some type of fight “event” posted on Instagram inviting strangers to show up and fight with each other but police were not able to confirm that.

Police later told Kasnter that as many as 150 teenagers were outside the mall fighting  — some by the valet area, others by a nearby gas station — so it took officers awhile to disperse the crowds.


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  1. Good to see a well-armed police presence. That will help prevent future lawlessness by these junior thugs. Next time such a thing happens the cops need to starting arresting and prosecuting these filthy punks.

    1. Yeah, next time, next time, next time, next time. Forget next time, shop at Amazon!

    2. Ferd Berfel says:

      No not one thug was arrested so the wimpy response encourages more rioting by these gangstas.

      1. Teens, another word lost from our lexicon along with GAY and RACIST

  2. John Ingrum says:

    They travel in packs. Like most animals

  3. As many as 150 teens fighting, a “large police presence” . . . and no arrests.

    Why even bother to call the cops if they’re just going stand by and do nothing?

    1. Chuck Wells, the expression you are trying to quote is “reaping what they sowed”. Your attempt makes you look about as intelligent as those who were at the mall fighting.

  4. Those rambunctious “teens!” Gee whiz.

  5. If it’s CBS news, it’s fake news.

    1. It’s See?BS!, right?

  6. Kurt Smith says:

    The liberal media and political correctness are like mixing vomit and feces in the same bag. I remember when “teen” used to refer to the age of an individual. If you were a “teen,” then we knew you were somewhere between 13 and 19 years old or so. And now, if you’re a teen, well, it means, among other things, that you were brought up as an unlearned and rebellious bast-terd child with no sense of self-control or responsibility and with a strong sense of entitlement, and you like to destroy things, hurt innocent people, and steal stuff. And of course, it means something else – we all seem to know what that is. So….question…what now do we call people who are between the ages of 13 and 19?

    1. John Sorger says:

      This problem is very easy to solve, just have the mall offer free KFC and grape soda laced with arsenic.

    2. mjazzguitar says:

      I think it started with Elvis.

  7. Who cares, its California, they deserve it

    1. Ignorance is bliss in your neck of the woods.

    2. Whenever Drudge links something about California, his core readers leave comments that show how little patriotism many conservatives have. @CAMURAI1134 is just one of those. The fact that red states tend to mooch off blue states drives up their resentment. They know if CA and NY weren’t part of the USA, their states like MS and AL would become even more like the Third World than they are now. They still haven’t gotten over the Yankees winning the War of Northern Aggression. They aren’t smart enough to realize that what happens in CA will soon spread to the rest of the USA. They don’t have the patriotism to stand with their fellow citizens in CA, even though doing that would end up helping them.

      1. Kevin Denny says:

        S.O.S. Somebody Help! I’m in California and Surrounded by Idiot’s!

      2. Ferd Berfel says:

        Libs define patriotism as allowing gangstas to run wild.

      3. “Fred Bertel” says “Libs define patriotism as allowing gangstas to run wild”. I assume it’s not replying to me since I’m not what it would call a lib, and getting personal is invalid. So, I’ll assume it means that libs in general define it that way. In fact, they don’t. What we can say – based on countless evidence – is that most conservatives have little or no patriotism. That’s a bold claim, but it’s supported by the evidence. It would be patriotic to hold pols accountable, but few do that; instead, they act as fanboys for those like Trump. It would be patriotic to stand with their fellow citizens in California, but few conservatives do that.

        Those in California who oppose illegal immigration aren’t getting any help from conservatives: they’re worse than useless. They simply don’t have the patriotism to help their fellow citizens, and they don’t have the smarts to see that doing that would help them.

  8. gordonwagner says:

    Never go to Fox Hills mall, period. That was the understanding when I lived near that area. Just plain never go to Fox Hills mall.

    1. Jay Barbieri says:

      I used to ride dirt bikes in Fox Hills.

  9. Looks like those white Norwegian nuns are at it again.

  10. In Africa, they call this a great migration.

  11. Teddy Novak says:

    “Teens.” “Teenagers.” “Young people.” They almost ran out of non-descriptive PC euphemisms. Also, “no evidence of a shooter, active or otherwise.”? What is that supposed to mean? “Active shooter” is redundant and the opposite – “non-active shooter” – is anyone not shooting. “Journalists” are morons.

    1. “Be on the lookout for alleged ….. humans.”

  12. John Sorger says:

    You can have modern civilization or you can have nìggers. You cannot have both.

  13. Obama’s sons and daughters

  14. John Sorger says:

    Just a pack of wild dindu nuffins dinduing nuffins. Nothing to see here. More along.

  15. John Sorger says:

    If anthropologists valued scientific integrity more than they feared political correctness, 70-IQ feral negroids would be classified outside of the human species.

  16. Keith Panco says:

    Have you ever wondered what happened to every mall you used to enjoy with your family?

  17. The Amish are getting restless again.

  18. Chuck Wells says:

    The State of California are seeking what they soul. They encourge lawlessness and they deserve to have more and more, for the good of the DemocRAT Party way of life. California deserves more and more problems which is in their nature.

  19. For non-locals. It is a black area and all involved were black.

    1. It’s an upscale black area with no doubt some Hispanics and whites. It’s not the ghetto.

  20. ha, on my page, at the end of story, was a sponsored link to a harvard study showing how chimps imitate their mothers.

  21. Jeff Ashby says:

    Damn white kids.

  22. Chris Appel says:

    Must have been those young republican and Tea Party kids again.

  23. timefortrump says:

    I don’t go to malls any more – too many of those “teens” acting out at them… Teens is the new code word for feral dark skinned savages. WE SHOULD HAVE PICKED OUR OWN COTTON AMERICA!!!

  24. Kerwin Hieb says:

    Feral folk gotta act like feral folk…

  25. Hugh Tjardon says:

    More blessings from feral, ill-bred black children? Wasn’t Michelle Obama enough?

  26. Malls are going out of business these days…Lots of folks shop on line with Amazon and other Companies…especially here in the Northern States in the winter time…saves gas and time to Let UPS and Fed-Ex do the driving.

  27. Do we even have to ask what color they are. 75% chance they are k.. With 12 % of pop that is a problem that the Media and Libs will not touch

  28. Diane Dina says:

    Lincoln was right. The best option for American Africans is to be sent back to Africa.

    1. orcuttg says:

      “The best option for American Africans is to be sent back to Africa.” A lot of the African Africans are great people. Some of my best conservative friends are Nigerians. I wouldn’t want to send our trash there.

  29. Fred Stevens says:

    This is a hate crime. These people hate civility.

  30. dt60093 says:

    Anyone going to a mall these days is either a thug, a terrorist or someone with mental issues who wants to shoot a bunch of people. DO NOT GO TO MALLS. Everything you want to buy can be bought on line. Learn to plan ahead what you are going to need 2 weeks ahead of time. Get rid of your car and use Uber/Lyft for the few trips you really need to make by car.

    1. Good luck calling Uber when it’s time to bug out.

  31. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Obama: “I Created An Entire Generation Of Social Justice Warriors…” And Markeith Loyd is just one of ‘them’.

  32. Those crazy Chinese kids

  33. Iza Koon says:

    SHOOT to KILL—

  34. Gi Gene says:

    You have to have a consequence to affect a persons behavior. The Obama regime has illuminated any and all consequences. Why worry about committing a crime , “they won’t do anything about it any.”

  35. Bunch of white kids I bet…

  36. Those darn white kids. This was clearly a Tea Party rally that got out of control.

  37. And you wonder why we shop at Amazon? Really???

  38. tngilmer says:

    And the ACLU and BLM say that for malls to restrict juveniles without an adult is racist. Support Calexit. Time to excise the cancer aka California.

  39. “Teens” “Juveniles” … okay. PC news is Fake News.

  40. RedRed Robin says:

    No, the “teens” ran not because of an active shooter, they heard there was an “active tutor”.

  41. Organized on Instagram, huh?

    If true, that ought to make a RICO case much, much easier to prosecute. Triple damages for lost business, in Culver City? Ouch!

  42. 150 people involved and the usually overzealous Culver City Police Dept didn’t make one arrest???
    Something very odd there….

  43. Obama’s son chimping out again?

  44. arthur4563 says:

    Notice that media are so cowardly they only describe the individual’s race if a Black is a victim.
    The media, in the words of the Presiden-elect, suck.

    1. Ivan Cardona says:

      I agree; I hear that all the time on T.V. and Radio news; they are cowards afraid of being called racists.

  45. Lets play…… NAME….. THAT ……. RACE!!!

  46. This is what happens when brats get “time out” instead of a @$$ whipping.

  47. Jack Frost says:

    We are indeed living in a version of Orwell’s “1984” where the Ministry of Truth is now the MSM. The source of our well groomed, aka “fake” news is the MSM. The use of “double-speak” has reached epidemic proportions, e.g. 1) “affirmative action” is the new word for “discrimination”; 2) “youths” / “teens” the new terminology to describe, well yes, you know… 3) the terms “liberal”, “progressive” and “Democrat” are the terms applied to describe the most intolerant (hence anti-liberal), doctrinaire and demagogic among us – FAR removed from the original definition of a “liberal”.

    1. Greg Hawkins says:

      Too bad time to turn it back into a studio back lot and make westerns. With the amount of uncivilized people around malls are out dated and will never be safe to shop at again.

  48. Steve Hollar says:

    And there were no arrests? Expect a whole lot more of this then.

  49. Mike Miller says:


    Based solely on previous incidents like this, I’d say it was a cell phone coordinated mob of blacks.


    “Teens” is the new black.


  50. Every Single Day I pay myself on the back and smile because I LEFT CA!!! What a toilet. I stayed too long. I should have immigrated to the United States years earlier. But I’ve been living over here in the USA now for 3 years, and I have assimilated quite well! I have learned to be polite and smile at people. I now LOVE to drive, anywhere. I have MONEY!!!! I sleep at night, NO noise. I feel safe for the first time ever. But, I do enjoy reading about CA every day in the news. Keep up the good work!

  51. Gary O'Neal says:

    Retail is already dying in this country. If the mall owners and lessees want to stay in business then they had best come up with a solution to this problem ASAP.

    Otherwise, they will ALL be closing. Honest people don’t want to risk life and limb to buy a toaster and a videogame.

  52. tonyome says:

    Out of control negroes again.

  53. It has come to pass that teens means black thugs..

  54. Jack Riley says:

    “teens” code word for black rioting and looting.

  55. Wait until the welfare runs out. I hope these feral apes hit Beverley Hills first.


    The section for work boots, soap, and deordorant were left unmolested.

  57. any description of the rioters? of course not….of course not.

  58. Teens and youths.
    Those darn white Amish hooligans.

  59. Need I look at the videotape to guess the description of the “juveniles” in question…?

  60. Hanson Smith says:

    Every day there’s a story about a mob of “teens” making America just a little bit more like Africa.

  61. Dan Sutton says:

    Read headline tag, make prediction, watch video, prediction confirmed, next.

    Darn those Swedes! Or were they Amish?

  62. Suibne Geilt says:

    but you will never do what will work….never.

  63. Frank Muller says:

    Youtube channel “Colin Flaherty” has much more about this mob of “teens”.

  64. Poppy Cronin says:

    We all knew before we saw the pictures that they were black, we just knew it. Poor impulse control, difficulty with rationality and logic and low IQ, a terrible combination of factors. Political correctness is over, call it for what it is. They are super predators just as Hillary Clinton called them in the 90’s. Ignorant and entitled groids, the worst people in the world save Muslims.

  65. Poppy Cronin says:

    The lowest average IQ of any race of people in the world.

  66. Bruce Roche says:

    Bean bag and rubber shot gun rounds would have cleared out the animals in no time at all.

  67. We all know by now what the media says when they say ‘teens’. Why don’t they just tell us what they really are. Clue: not White, Mexican, Asian, Native America, Indian or Arab.

  68. rytwinger says:

    I was shocked it was niggy bears again. Is there ANYTHING positive in these feral chimps, any redeeming values?….I fail to see any….

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