Orange County Fire Captain Jumps To His Death From 5 Freeway Overpass

MISSION VIEJO ( — The Orange County Fire Authority is in mourning Wednesday for a captain who jumped to his death from the Crown Valley Parkway overpass over the San Diego (5) Freeway in Mission Viejo.

At the end of Tuesday night’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Orange County Supervisor Todd Spitzer adjourned the gathering in memory of Capt. Eric Weuve, 41, who was assigned to Station 64 in Westminster.

Weuve was identified as the man who leapt from the overpass just before 11:20 a.m. Tuesday and was struck by vehicles, according to OCFA Capt. Larry Kurtz.

He worked for the OCFA since 2005. He was married and was the father of a 14-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl.

“The word ‘tragedy’ doesn’t really do it justice,” Kurtz said. “He was a great asset to the OCFA and he will be thoroughly missed by all of the OCFA community.”

It was not immediately clear what prompted Weuve to jump from the overpass.

“That’s the question everybody is asking — why? That’s unfortunately the question nobody has an answer to except Capt. Weuve,” Kurtz said.

Services for Weuve were still being planned, Kurtz said.

Weuve was off duty for several months following shoulder surgery, Kurtz said. He had recently returned to regular duty.

“Incidents like this serve as a reminder the holidays are a very tough time for a lot of people, so just hope everybody spends a great time with their family and remind yourself and your family just how important and precious life is,” Spitzer said.

Authorities had blocked southbound traffic on the freeway until a couple of lanes were reopened about an hour later.

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One Comment

  1. Lakewood ED says:

    Blaming it on Christmas . . ?

    1. No, the culprit is MUCH more likely MARRIAGE to an American/western woman. Please, for the love of God and all that is sacred and precious. Think with your big head and DON’T MARRY AN AMERICAN/WESTERN WOMAN!

      1. Go live in their countries.

      2. Lillian, Why yes, I am dangerous to your American female parasitic scheme searching for a host to suck blood from.

        Like several of my friends, I prefer to live in the USA with my thin, feminine, intelligent, skilled, oh and BEAUTIFUL, (aka HOT!) girlfriend. I love to show her off to all the gross, fat, arrogant, unskilled, self entitled, control freak American feminists, which 100% of you are, to one degree.

        Check the men’s international dating sites, women all over the world want American men, we treat women great. NO ONE wants American women, they are well known high maintenance, selfish, harridans, who eat too much, sponge off of men, and give little to nothing in return. Obviously you prove my point exactly.

      3. — RIchard Whitaker, Perpetual Virgin.

      4. Richard Whitaker, eventually you’re going to realize that the only commonality between all of your failed marriages is you.

      5. Jack Fisher, is that how you cope with being an American white knight mangina? You wish you had the women I have, just a fact. Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and more. I travel for work, and work is good. Enjoy your fat, dominant, harridan American womyn.

        Richard, because American women are so great, right? It couldn’t possibly be them and a marriage system that makes men money slaves with ZERO expectations enforced on women. You brainwashed cuck manginas aren’t men. You’re extensions of your master’s p*ssies. Now go do what you master wants, or she’ll divorce you and STILL make you be her slave, idiots.

  2. Tony Johnson says:

    Very sad. I feel for his wife and children, especially the 5 yr old. Heart breaking.

    1. Stan Dupp says:

      Ben Hogan’s father shot himself in front of Ben when he was nine years old. Ben went on to win nine major championships, including four U.S. Opens.

  3. Too bad this man thought his pain was more important than this children and spouse.

    1. Those who commit suicide are not in their right state of mind. My thoughts and prayers are with this mans family and friends. I have been through this exact scenario. It’s devastating.

      1. I’m sure it was a little dark humor, as we all face our mortality.
        The outrageous government pension should still get to his family.

      2. I hear on the news about all the depression and safe spaces, crying and sadness since Hillary Lost. It’s just one observation, not meant to be mean spirited Then, when you put Christmas in the mix, tis the season. Sad

  4. Prayers for this family

  5. sanddab says:

    Trump better fix Obama’s shlt, or this nation’s about done.

  6. blenderrecipes says:

    What a selfish man, the drivers that struck him will remember that for the rest of their lives

    1. Those who commit suicide are not in their right state of mind. My thoughts and prayers are with this mans family and friends. I have been through this exact scenario. It’s devastating.

  7. What was his relationship to the Clintons?

  8. Whats the real story here????lost his job or bad marriage or was secretly gay???

    1. Samuel Green says:

      What a fragmented article, was there a suicide note? Was he pushed? Was he trying to save someone else from jumping?

      There are more questions than answers on this one. Great article.. The author went far out of his way to report the facts on this one.

      My thoughts and prayers to this fireman’s family.

      1. Exactly, another poorly researched and written article that leaves more questions then answers. Pretty typical today.

    2. Stan Dupp says:

      Could be. Or maybe he had just been informed he was passed over for promotion, despite his superior record and qualifications, because of affirmative action.

  9. David Foster says:

    Terrible, his kids will have a hard time recovering, I wonder what happened?

  10. Suicide before x-mas….selfish turd
    Just remember folks. The mentally ill are walking all around us. Be prepared.

    1. We’re all mentally ill, some hide it better than others.

  11. Gerry Pong says:

    Like Harold C., I too wonder what the full/real story is? Could life be so bad that he chooses to leave his wife and kids to kill himself in such an awful way? Life sucks sometimes but to do this?

  12. Check his computer for answers….

  13. Wow. He didn’t think this out at all. This is wrong and odd on so many levels
    I have never been in such mental pain as to consider how I would do it. Have known a few who have.talked of it. All didn’t want it to hurt or suffer. Fall asleep or extremely sudden. Jumping in front of vehicles is just too out there, Wouldn’t be surprised if something else was discovered.

  14. Think about your kids before you do something drastic like suicide..Sometimes they are the only thing keeping me here…Don’t do it, your troubles are over, but you leave a mess for your family to deal with.

    1. Suicide is about the most selfish thing one can do….oddly enough.

  15. Bob She says:

    If you’re in pain, please talk to somebody. Please don’t give up. There is always hope. You don’t know what’s around the next corner. Stay and find out. And most importantly, you are NOT alone, many, many, many have been where you are, don’t give up.

  16. What was his relationship to God?

  17. Professionals will tell you that this level of depression is blacker that anything a healthy person can even imagine.

  18. Even IF one is inclined to commit suicide wouldn’t there have been a less public way of doing it-say carbon monoxide poisoning?

  19. James Beden says:

    Normally I am one to make some smart ass remark or whatever on the internet but really, if someone out there reading this is feeling like they have nothing left to live for and their problems are just too much to handle. Please know that things really do get better and help IS out there for you, don’t just hurt the people whom love and depend on you by killing yourself.

  20. Cary Bahora says:

    It was the Russians fault!

    But seriously, anybody contemplating suicide, please get help. It affects a lot more lives than just yours. This father just destroyed his kids lives.

  21. snailmailtrucker says:

    Prayers go out to His Son and Loved ones !

    1. snailmailtrucker says:

      I failed to notice he had a Daughter too… God Please bless these two young kids !

  22. Leo Rodolfo says:

    There are so many things that can prompt a person to lose all hope. My friend’s uncle got diagnosed with lung cancer on a Monday morning, drove straight home, walked upstairs to his bedroom, laid down, and shot himself through the heart with a .45 Everyone thought he was stupid for just immediately giving in….but I find it hard to judge others when their lives get ripped out from under them.

  23. Very sad. This is a very common reaction for men who find out their wife is cheating on them, wants a divorce, and that she will take half of his stuff and he will be a money/wage slave to his cheating ex-wife through antiquated and sexist alimony, mommy support “laws” that perpetuate sexist objectification of men as wallets with legs. This is a big contributing factor to explain why men commit suicide 3.5X more than women. 80.9% of divorces in the USA are initiated by women.

    Men, are you contemplating getting married? Don’t! It’s lose/lose for you and you could be starting down the same empty and hopeless path as Capt. Weuve. Don’t be masochistic, don’t get married. Not even prenups can save you.

    Friends don’t let men marry American/western women.

  24. Lu Johnson says:

    What a selfish person! … And jumping off of a freeway overpass, completely irreverent to the innocent lives of drivers and passengers below whom he could have killed!!

    What a pansy, narcissistic, POS.

  25. Mark Wilson says:

    PTSD is a huge problem within the first responder community…vets get a lot of attention about this, and rightfully so, but Fire, Police and EMS personnel have abnormally high suicide rates also. Please don’t judge him before you know the truth. RIP Captain,we’ll take it from here.

  26. Selfish Act. Coward’s act. In the process, he wrecked his family’s life, forever, and has caused irreparable damage to those drivers who hit and killed him., Forever.

    My heart goes out to his family and those people he used.

    1. Listen to the condescending American female attacking a man for being a money slave to a woman but choosing to quit. He has sacrificed greatly to get where he was, obviously. But that’s not enough, he’s a “POS” right? GFY, you fat cow. Live your eekwalitee and support yourself, stop expecting men to be the slaves of women who have ZERO expectations enforced on them. Feed your 52 cats.

  27. Fred Garvin says:

    Should have just shot her in the head. I would have.

    1. Fred, you are likely 99% right on your assumption. I would bet $10,000 his wife was the primary reason for his final solution. At the very least we as men know, as society constantly reminds us, even in this comment section, that men are walking ATM machines for women and it’s wrong for men to opt out of that role. Men know “It’s cheaper to keep her” and women know they will have a money slave for life if they choose the eject button through divorce, and just find a boyfriend to help supplement money as well. This is why 80.9% of divorces are initiated by women, they are incentivized to be narcissists.

      BTW, don’t EVER marry an American/western woman. Don’t be deceived and don’t let your little head do you thinking for you.

  28. Considering that there are no details in this story about the Captain’s life, career, or mental health history, the judgmental assumptions on this board are pathetic. Posting on a story like this carries responsibility because you don’t know who will be reading your comment. Reserve judgement and show some decency.

    1. Howard, so we can’t assume that he breaths and puts his pants on one leg at a time like everyone else? The story stated plenty. He lives in CA, he is married, and he killed himself. There is plenty right there. ALL men know what “marriage” is in this country. I 99% guarantee his wife was likely the #1 factor or at least a very heavy influencing #2 factor. I have known 3 men who committed suicide. All of them did it for the same reason. Their wives cheated, divorced, or threatened divorce, and they couldn’t stand the identity loss, monetary loss, and future misery of being slaves to the c*nts through the modern liberated equality focused alimony/mommy support system. Wait and see, if the details come out. I’ll be almost exactly spot on. You know it too, or you live under a rock.

  29. David Kachel says:

    Everyone has periods of despair. But when you have small children, your license to off yourself is suspended!!! Shame on this guy.

    1. David, For the kids, I agree. Much more involved though. The wife, likely not helping the situation, is another person you, and society, are saying he must support, even if she leaves him. What expectations does she have pushed on her? Women have only choice, no enforced obligations. People, like you, shame men for not living their social expectations while women have none enforced on them, I.E. at gunpoint, as men do.

      A woman kills herself and everyone cries. A man kills himself and many condemn and rebuke him. Do you see the difference? Do you even care about that difference?

  30. doggeatdogg says:

    RIP. An undesirable permanent solution to a temporary problem. We don’t know what happened here and the speculations are off the chart.

  31. Selfish turd. He could have killed motorists doing that. Find a nice quiet place to off yourself and do not endanger other innocent people.

  32. Very sorry to here of this tragedy and condolences to the family. I would hope anyone else thinking of hitting the eject button would do it in a way that doesn’t traumatize innocent people and leave a mess to clean up.

  33. Ed Dell says:

    There is more to this story. Something was not right in this man’s mind. A firefighter sees a lot of misery and suffering. That could be it or it could be something in his personal life. No one that is of sound mind takes their own life in such a manner. My thoughts are with the family.

  34. Ward Umaske says:

    Wow, what a coward. The weak puzzy couldn’t handle life so he took his and abandoned his children to fend for themselves. I feel sad, but only for his children. Life isn’t easy for most people, but when you have children to care for you suck it up butter cup and carry on.

  35. I am so sorry . No one seems to realize the tragic life of first responders – they live with the should have , could have , would have , and did I do the right thing > Hard to live with .

  36. This type of thing is usually a permanent solution to a temporary problem. The truly sad thing is that those who kill themselves think it is the most rational thing to do. Bless his family, and his confused soul.

  37. Working man getting divorced in Orange County….I would jump too.

  38. What a tragedy. My prayers and condolences to all who loved him.

  39. To the guy’s comment above: I’m 29 years old and what you have stated is exactly why I won’t marry a Western American woman. I’m lucky enough to have not been married yet and experience the abysmally high divorce rate or the cheating culture among American couples which seems to be the norm and a reflection of the total brainwashing TV entertainment that makes it desirable to cheat on your spouse. Eastern European women are not raised in this way and actually find Western entertainment distasteful.

    I’ve already decided that my wife will come from somewhere in Eastern Europe where the women are literally light years MORE BEAUTIFUL than American/Western Women.

    Eastern European women are:

    1) Elegant
    2) Intelligent
    3) Beautiful
    4) Humble
    5) did i say beautiful yet?

    1. DanJR, I’m happy you found this out at a young age and dodged all those bullets, good for you. Stay on the path and take other American men with you. Try dreamconnections dot com, great holistic program there for Ukrainian women. Stay away from any/all of the commercial sites that scam you, so I’ve been told. Ukrainian women, IMO, set the highest standard for beauty in the world. They make American women look like farm hands. And they are usually very well educated, also blowing away American women. Most of them are good cooks also, something the liberated sort in the USA disdain and reject. What are American women good for anyway? I guess if you like heavy expectations weighing you down and being talked to like a child, then they’re GREAT for that. Just read the other comments for examples.

      Blessings to you.

  40. elskid says:

    Yes; xmass is known killer and should be stopped immediately. You know that ole saying, “If we can save EVEN ONE LIFE, it will be worth it.”

  41. Chuck Robey says:

    There is an organization out there called they are a Service Dog Organization that gives service dogs to Veterans, First Responders, Doctors and Nurses free of charge. If you know anyone who falls in those categories and needs the help and love of a service dog please contact them, I did and an better off for it….

  42. i agree that the american marriage and alimony system is completely parasitic and unfair to men. and I AM A WOMAN. I beg young men not to marry in this country. It’s not worth it

    1. Irene, if American women shamed alimony taking from men and the women who do it like men shame men for not supporting women it might change, eventually.

      The concept of alimony is a holdover, women love, obviously, from when women were considered the property of men and men were required to support them. Modern eekwalitee minded women are happy with that notion, obviously, as long as they profit from it.

      As long as ancient female privileges exist there can NEVER be meaningful equality. It’s the cuckhold, white knight, manginas that perpetuate it also.

      Thanks for your response, It’s nice to see an American woman who thinks rationally.

  43. Chuck Blinn says:

    It’s too bad that nobody who knows anything about this is commenting. The wife knows. There is always a lot more to this and not what you think.

    1. You mean the male condition in American society? Or do you think this poor man came here from another galaxy to commit suicide in S. CA? Or did you think a story about yet another man killing himself has zero relevance to the rest of society and all the men who kill themselves because of their wives? You really don’t know much about the issue if you don’t know about this epidemic of suicide among men. Maybe he is in the .03% of married men who kill themselves because their dog died? Or maybe you just think this comment section is a sacred memorial to Capt Weuve and should only be about him, for posterity’s sake, right?

      If some men heed this warning and reject the certain slavery and despair that awaits them in marriage to an American woman, then it is all worth it.

      Maybe I’m dead wrong, likely not, the stats agree with me, overwhelmingly. But one thing is for sure, a comment section of an online newspaper isn’t a sacred memorial for this man. That should be with those who know and care about him.

  44. How terribly sad. God Bless his family and friends! Rip Capt. Weuve

  45. joelsax47 says:

    I wish this guy had sought help. There are many places where good people lend a friendly ear.

    Here are just a couple:

    Suicide Prevention Hotline – 1-800-273-TALK
    Warmline – 714-991-6412 or 877-910-9276
    Bipolar Resource Center – 714-744-8718

    People like me are willing to help. Use the resources that are out there before you consider ending it.

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