COSTA MESA ( — Orange Coast College students held protests Monday after a student secretly videotaped a teacher who called Donald Trump’s election an “act of terrorism.”

Hundreds of students faced off in the free speech area at lunch time. Some were in support of the professor’s comments others expressed concerns over her rant as bullying.

The human sexuality teacher — Olga Perez Stable Cox — also criticized Trump’s cabinet picks, advisers and the vice president-elect.

“A white supremacist and a vice president that is one of the most anti-gay humans in this country,” she said.

“Our nation is divided. We have been assaulted. It is an act of terrorism,” she told the students.

Joshua Recalde-Martinez, Republican’s Club President, posted the teacher’s rant on his Facebook page. It has 18,000 views and hundreds of comments.

“I think they’re able to share their opinion no matter what,” Recalde-Martinez said.  “However, is the classroom appropriate where taxpayer dollars are being funded to that teacher in order to teach that class and not to voice political opinion.”

The Republican’s Club has filed a complaint with the college’s president Dennis Harkins who is looking into to whether Cox’s comments were appropriate to the course. Harkins is also looking into whether the student violated any school rules by recording without permission.

Last Thursday night, the professor’s union posted a warning on its page. It condemned the student who recorded the video saying, “This is an illegal recording without the permission of the instructor. The student will be identified and may be facing legal action.”

Cox is taking time off do to threats she has received.



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