STUDIO CITY ( — December 14th, 2012: Who could forget the heartbreaking images of children being led out of Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut during the shooting rampage in which 20 children were killed?

Local concerned citizens are speaking out about the hot button issue as the victims are being remembered.

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church are making sure we all remember because this Wednesday will be the 4th anniversary of the massacre.

“I don’t know how it affected me so strongly but it still does,” Dorothy Wait said.

The group held a march and vigil in Studio City to push for bans on assault rifles and high capacity magazine clips.

Such laws will go into effect in California in the coming days but this congregation would like to see them become federal law.

At a local gun shop many were seen walking out with a version of the AR-15. They’re out trying to beat the January 1st deadline – which bans a feature which is known as bullet button which is used to discharge the magazine.

“I get the rules and regulations they’re trying to put on it, but you can’t control everybody’s actions,” Orozco said.

Orozco is getting a modified version of the rifle because true AR-15s are illegal in California.

Gun owners say changing the laws to take away certain features will create a black market on the weapon.

“I’m going to do right by the laws, rules and regulations,”Orozco said. “And hope that everyone else does too and if they don’t, I’ll be ready to protect myself and my family.”

Back in Studio City white balloons were released into the air Sunday with the names of the victims of Sandy Hook.

Elizabeth Irvine was too young to remember that day but she has plenty of memories from the 4 years since.

“I got to have great experiences with my friends, with choir, achieved first place last year. And those children could’ve done something great.”


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  1. Would it kill CBS News to hire a reporter who can sound reasonably intelligent when discussing firearms? There are no such things as “magazine clips.” They are two distinct and separate things. That’s like saying “car truck.” Her claim that ” true AR-15s are illegal in California” is also factually false. The slow-witted legislators you keep electing instead outlawed certain cosmetic features of AR-15s. The rifle itself remains unchanged.

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