VIDEO: Vandal Tears Apart Car For 6 Hours While Passersby Watch, Take Pictures

KOREATOWN — A woman was left in tears and without a car after a vandal went to town on her vehicle for hours while passersby stopped to take pictures instead of calling police.

Stacy Omelinoff, a church-going woman, returned from a Thanksgiving trip on Friday to find her car a total wreck. She said she left her Buick Lucerne in front of her friend’s house on Thanksgiving night in Koreatown to celebrate the holiday in Chino. On Friday morning, she woke up to find her car vandalized and destroyed.

“I just broke down and just cried, like it can’t be true,” she said. “And now I’m out of a car period.”

She quickly found out who was behind the damage after watching video from her friend’s security camera.

Around 3 a.m. Friday, a woman could be seen approaching the car and then breaking off the windshield wiper. She used the wiper along with a pipe and a piece of wood to carve letters and illegible words all over the car.

But she wasn’t finished — she could be seen climbing atop the car and jumping on the roof, causing more damage. After she’s seen taking a rest by lying on the hood, she came back and tore off the gas cap and then ripped off the grill. She flattened a tire using the piece of wood that had nails in it.

When all was said and done, the woman attacked the car for six hours.

“I’m angry, I’m hurt, frustrated, and at the same time I understand that she has a mental problem,” Omelinoff said through tears.

After a business owner called police around 9 a.m., the vandal was taken into custody by LAPD.

Omelinoff said she is even more upset because many onlookers saw the woman at work and didn’t take action.

“They would come by, stop, back up, take pictures, video, and just take off,” she said.

Making it even harder for her is that she just lost her job and only has liability insurance.

The LAPD said the suspect is being detained on a 72-hour psychiatric hold and is still being evaluated.

If you want to help Stacy repair her car, click on her GoFundMe Page.


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  1. Thomas Arney says:

    There are too many crazy people wandering around all over California – it’s “normal” there, so why would anyone react? Also, they’ve all been taught not to “judge” so what do you expect?

    1. Kyle Butler says:

      Typical dumb figger

    2. What should we expect? we should expect to ACT, no excuses

  2. “l left my nice car parked on Skid Row for the weekend while I would of town and someone vandalized it”

    Seriously what did you expect to happen? The hobo concierge to hand your keys with your car detailed thanking you for parking your car on his front porch?

    1. Where does it say she left her car on “skid row”, she left it in front of a friend’s house.

      “She said she left her Buick Lucerne in front of her friend’s house on Thanksgiving night in Koreatown to celebrate the holiday in Chino. On Friday morning, she woke up to find her car vandalized and destroyed.”

  3. Which one of them is he going to stay with? And if he stays with her, make him pay for the damage to your car, Ma.

  4. What else can anyone expect from the failed State of MexiFornia? Liberals have destroyed this once-great State and as long as they are in charge, more destruction of social and economic fabrics will continue. So, either the people need to be fed up and do something about it, or they can allow the State government to spend taxpayers dollars on feeding illegals than its own citizens. Way to go MexiFornia! Please, fall into the Ocean already!

  5. Sonja Yagel says:

    The person who did this should be made to get a job and repay this lady

  6. John Oakman says:

    Did the perp look like Odummer or Chico??

  7. Carl Mayo says:

    why would anyone park their car in california? or live there?

  8. Carl Mayo says:

    if an area is run by democrats, JUST STAY AWAY. it’s not worth the risk to your life and property.

  9. TK Stoke says:

    Why would anyone live in CA.

  10. Bob Johnson says:

    Typical Hillary/Jerry Brown/Kamala Harris/Xavier Becerra voter.

  11. Vox Veritas says:

    The perp is a woman.

    Does Hillary have an alibi?

  12. Mike Burns says:

    “Omelinoff said she is even more upset because many onlookers saw the woman at work and didn’t take action. “They would come by, stop, back up, take pictures, video, and just take off,” she said.”…….this is very common behavior in todays society. People are gutless and afraid to get involved in helping others but will stop and hold their damned phones up to take photos of victims caught up in unfolding tragedies. Disgusting.

  13. Bill Stewart says:

    What a way to get noticed Dewey, driving by taking pics and not calling police??? Maybe as big as you are you could offer this nice lady a newer car…

  14. Kelly Laraia says:

    California is now a third-world country. IF you lived in CA, you can expect more of the chaos.

  15. It’s time to rethink de-institutionalization of the mentally ill. It is not humane to make people with limited mental capacity sleep in their own filth on the streets without proper care.

  16. James Curry says:

    It’s those damned niggras again. Ship them all back to Africa.

  17. James Curry says:

    Did she have a “Make America Great Again” bumper sticker on it?

  18. Anne Iggar. I know this woman. She’s violent, unpredictable, lazy, can’t speak or read or write, used to like baby-makin’ when whe was younger, drinks, drugs, votes Democrat (that’s done automatically for her), hasn’t washed in years…did I mention violent? Vulgar. Best shot on sight. Avoid Anne Iggar at all costs. She’s a feral beast.

    1. Didn’t read the article, did you? She only has liability.

  19. I bet lots of those who didn’t call the Cops are church-goers too. Perhaps even the vandal.

  20. A woman goes off on a RANDOM car for six hours? Something’s missing here. I have a feeling there’s more to this story.

  21. David Kroger says:

    Sometimes I’ll leave my car in a ghetto and come back a week later and it’s always gone…geeee

  22. No I don’t “want to help Stacy repair her car.” This isn’t exactly a tragedy. So sick and tired or so many people asking others for money, always looking for a hand-out, boo-freaking-hoo. We all have problems. She can “repair her car” herself.

  23. C’mon admit it. You didn’t have to look. You KNEW it was a ni99er. Didn’t you.

  24. That is probably the most work that vandal has done in her whole life.

  25. Raule Chale says:

    California is SO MESSED UP! Is that a Democrat State?

  26. Ron Hacker says:

    Welcome to liberal town USA. No one bothered to stop her, free thinkers for sure. “let her go, it’s not my car”, “it’s only a car”, “I will be bashed if I stop her”, “true freedom happening there”, “wow cool”, “the car owner must deserve it”. Who’s crazier? You ppl are pathetic.

  27. Just another CA Democrat head exploding. It’s a splash zone out here in CA. MAGA!

  28. I would bet $20 that she had a “Trump Pence” sticker on it and the woman who vandalized it was a “tolerant, educated, and informed liberal.”

    So far, every act of verifiable vandalism and violence in the US in the past 8 weeks has been perpetrated by a “liberal”, along with numerous faked hate crimes that were done by the “victims” themselves.

  29. thesitrep says:

    While the cosmetics may suck, that car could be back on the road for a few dollars.

  30. Ra Williams says:

    Start a fund me page and get another clunker.

    1. Ra Williams says:

      Oh never mind, she already did. I missed the link in the story.

  31. Ra Williams says:

    I think she was wasted on something and thought she was being locked out of a friend’s place and took it out on the car closest to the door.

  32. This is ridiculous! They do this all of the time ALL OF THE TIME!! honestly it is high time they get what they they deserve the People can be tolerant NO MORE!

  33. There is ZERO excuse for this – NONE.

    This woman has been totally crushed having legally parked her auto on a City of LA street..

    Shame on liberals who took pictures and watched. No class Democrats. Left wing and classless.


  34. When minutes count, the police are only hours away.

  35. Paul Roberts says:

    Hunt down those “Passers by” that did not report the crime and throw them behind bars for 60 days, no parole or Bond Break. Liquidate assets from the Vandal if she has any. Make her insurance pay for the car if she has any. Make those “Passers By” help pay for the cost.

    1. MikeH says:

      So, I’ll bet you love Obummer Care? You like forcing people to do things they don’t want to do?. This is the USA, you can’t force participation, if someone doesn’t want to step in or call the police, you can’t hold them responsible. I hold the person doing the criminal act responsible. Now, I don’t know the area in which this took place, but could the culprit be a ‘Dreamer’? If so, their anger will justified somehow and the victim will be made to feel ashamed of flouting their wealth in front of everyone by parking her car there..
      As for paying for damages, she can sue the woman in small claims court, if the culprit has any assets, the victim can go after them. If she has a job, her wages can be garnished.

  36. Why is it not a crime to not report a crime, if you witness a crime. Seems like accessory to me.

    1. MikeH says:

      You can’t force participation, this isn’t Cuba or North Korea, but sadly, many out there think that those two places are better than the USA. It’s called free will, you can’t force morality on people, just let them live out their sad lives.

  37. Liberal progressive Merca. What society has become, no one cars unless it’s their stuff.

  38. The unbathed Californians at their finest.

  39. Nothing said about this being a mental homeless trouble maker? Why park your can on the street and leave in these neighborhoods.

  40. slothb77 says:

    Koreatown is not skid row.

  41. The “Go fund me” link doesn’t work. It would be nice if you could fix that.

  42. Hmm, maybe legalizing drugs isn’t the best idea.

  43. JoJo Wasaman says:

    What do you expect from Democratic urban savages?

  44. Jay Ufer says:

    Sad for this women and her car, but really…..Koreatown? or Chinatown? and that kind of labeling is not racist and bigoted in its very nature. imagine the reporter saying Whitetown or Blacktown. Media and politically correct never seem to even grasp their own own hypocrisy…….

  45. Welcome to Blue America. This would never have happened in a rural area.

  46. I do not understand as there is NO “Koreantown” in Chino. Chino is a dive in most areas due to illegal immigration. Crazy homeless types are located near both Chino-Ontario and Chino-Pomona city borders and along the railroad tracks. Illegal immigration has destroyed both of these cities which have high crime rates. Asian’s live in CHINO HILLS not Chino. Those that had money fled these areas to Chino Hills and live in guarded gated estates to keep the riff-raff out. Wandering nuts and riff-raff are quickly stopped by the Chino Hills PD or San Bernardino Sheriffs dept.. With houses that average 600K into the multi-millions the riff-raff HRC and Obama styled voters are quickly escorted out. Within minutes the LEO’s would respond if this was Chino Hills where the citizens are not generally riff-raff types and mass illegals. This reflects the idiots that live in these areas and this can be blamed on Liberal policies.

  47. This is what happens when you have a community that openly accepts drug use. These people are not mental they have fried their brains on drugs and are now useless to society.

  48. She spent 6 hours doing that? in 6 hours I would have it totally dismantled. What she did looked like superficial damage. Give’r a buff and a shine, shes good as new.

  49. MikeH says:

    So in six hours, not one police car drove by on routine patrol? You taxes in action!
    Just another example, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away. Go back to sleep, sheeple, nothing to see here, the government will take care of all..

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