LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — In an often-contentious debate over topics ranging from crime and immigration to terrorism and the economy, in the end it was an unprompted dance move that stole the show.

Facing off against fellow Democrat and State Attorney General Kamala Harris, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Santa Ana) ended Wednesday night’s hour-long matchup at California State University, Los Angeles, by briefly performing the “dab”, a dance move in which one simultaneously drops their head while raising an arm.

Sanchez appeared to perform the move after being told repeatedly her time was up and just as Harris was set to begin making her closing remarks at the end of the debate.

Harris seemed taken aback by the move made popular by sports stars like LeBron James, Cam Newton and others.

“So there’s a clear difference between the candidates in this race,” Harris responded following the move.

“There definitely is,” added Sanchez.

After trailing Harris for much of the campaign, in recent weeks Sanchez has closed a roughly 10-point gap and gaining traction with Latino voters.

For some watching the debate, however, it was still unclear how the race would be affected – or even why Sanchez pulled the move at all.

Comments (3)
  1. Lao Po says:

    I used to live in Sanchez’ Congressional district. I liked her as our rep much better than her predecessor Bob Dornan. I was inclined to vote for her as our Senator but after she brought Darryl Issa up to share the dais and endorse her. After that I could never, ever vote for her again. She has lost my support forever.

  2. Andrea L Paysinger says:

    Kamala Harris WILL be our next Senator. My neighbor who watched with me was not at all impressed with the rudeness displayed by Loretta Sanchez and said her voice was like “fingernails on a blackboard.” – A term I have used myself from time to time.
    I believe that being associated with Darrell Issa has made a lot of people who know how horrible he is, quite uncomfortable.

  3. GROWAPAIR says:

    Hillary Clinton 2016!!! She is backed by Black Lives Matter and the LGBT community. Love Trumps Hate!!!

    I’m GROWAPAIR and I endorse Hillary Clinton, but all of you already know how I roll!

    Sent from my Obama Phone

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