LASD: Burglary Suspect Arrested After Killing Of LA County Sheriff’s Sergeant In Lancaster

LANCASTER ( — A Los Angeles County sheriff’s sergeant was killed Wednesday after being shot by burglary suspect at a Lancaster apartment complex. The suspect was arrested about 90 minutes later.

Sgt. Steve Owen, 53, was shot after responding to a report of a burglary in the 3200 block of West Avenue J-7 around noon, according to a press release by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

He was the first of two deputies arriving at the scene.

Steve Owen (Credit: LASD)

Sgt. Steve Owen (Credit: LASD)

Owen was shot in the face when he confronted the suspect, who then tried to steal the sergeant’s patrol vehicle. At that point, a second deputy shot the suspect.

“The suspect entered the sergeant’s vehicle and attempted to commandeer it,” said Capt. Steven Katz. “The deputy fearing for himself, engaged the suspect in gunfire. The suspect placed that car into reverse and rammed the second radio car at the location.”

SKY9 captured images of a Los Angeles County Sheriff's patrol car with several rounds fired through the windshield.

SKY9 captured images of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s patrol car with several rounds fired through the windshield.

The suspect then took off on foot and broke into a nearby house with two teens, ages 17 and 19, inside.

When she learned that the suspect was holding her kids hostage, she became frantic.

“I texted them and told them. I said: ‘get the shotgun now.’ And he’s like: ‘Mom, they’re in the house,'” Sara Arrowsmith said.

The teens hid from the suspect and texted deputies for help.

SWAT deputies arrived and rescued the teens while the others chased the parolee into the backyard.

After failing to scale a fence, the suspect surrendered in the driveway and was taken to a local hospital to be treated for a gunshot wound to his torso. A weapon was recovered at the scene, investigators said.

The teens’ mother said her kids were shaken but OK; the suspect did not hurt them.

“He was good with them. He did threaten them. He told them they had to be locked in the bathroom or whatever. He was shot. My son actually helped him get his shirt off and bandaged him up and tried to really befriend him, so he knew that he could gain some trust and be able to get help,” Arrowsmith said.

Sgt. Owen was taken to a hospital where he later died.

“They brought him back three times. They worked on him for an hour but they were never able to stabilize him,” Parris said.

Colleagues Wednesday evening remembered Sgt. Owen as a hero who received received a Meritorious Conduct Medal in 2014, along with five colleagues, for their roles in a pursuit and standoff situation involving a series of armed gang members.

County Supervisor Mike Antonovich issued a statement saying: “Sgt. Owen was an outstanding law enforcement professional who I had the opportunity to know and work with. He was a husband and father who was respected by his colleagues and engaged in his community,” the statement said. “He was senselessly murdered while responding to a call for help. His lose leaves a significant void for all those who knew him. Christine and I send prayers and condolences to his family and fellow deputies.”

The 29-year department veteran left behind a wife and two grown children – a son and daughter. They and other family members made it to the hospital just in time to say goodbye to Owen before he passed away.

“We were fortunate in being able to find his wife, who is an Arson-Explosives (Detail) detective in our department and get her to the hospital before Steve succumbed,” sheriff’s Executive Officer Neal Tyler told reporters. “We also had his son and daughter, who are adult children with him at the time, as well as his mom.”


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  1. Any reason you guys felt the need to point out SPECIFICALLY that it was a black male? Considering the suspect was already caught, I can’t imagine any need to point out that one specific detail. Why not his height or weight? Why would you mention that ONE SPECIFIC DETAIL out of the blue when it has literally no bearing on the story? Race-baiting, perhaps?

    1. Marco says:

      The pillars of journalism: Who, What, When, Where, Why, etc. Why *shouldn’t* it be reported that the murderer is black? So far as relevance is concerned, 52% of homicides are committed by 13% of the population — care to guess the race? So, yeah, it is relevant unless you are trying to sweep facts under the rug by PC omission of specific facts.

  2. Decent American says:

    I bet Melina Abdullah and her fellow BLM racists are whooping it up with glee that one of her Black Men shot and nearly killed a deputy sheriff.

    1. Terri Patterson says:

      Shut up! He’s dead you sound like a fool nobody wants anyone dead!

  3. Concerned says:

    Any reason to identify an already captured suspect as a “black male?” What relevance does that add to the story?

  4. Lao Po says:

    3200 block east or west?

  5. Joe BLow says:

    “A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s sergeant was shot Wednesday in Lancaster has died, authorities said.”

    This is bad grammar. Where is the editor?


    “A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s sergeant was shot Wednesday in Lancaster and has died, authorities said.”


    “A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s sergeant who was shot Wednesday in Lancaster has died, authorities said.”

  6. Suspect was on active parole. I wonder if this was another non violent felon who Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and the liberal Democrats released from prison ? And if Obama had a son, he would look just like the black cop killer who murdered Deputy Owen’s.

    FU BLM

  7. Terri Patterson says:

    Just another young black male that the key is thrown away just because of him not caring about his life. It’s hard out in the world yes but you need to have faith any job is better than no job now gone with no bail bet he’s thinking now and i know he wishing he could do it all over again. God have mercy on him and bless that man’s family life is so short never know if your going make it home anymore!

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