Rare Warning Of Huge Quake Hitting Southern California Tuesday Has Many Shaken Up, Stocking Up

ORANGE (CBSLA.com) — The warning of a big earthquake hitting Southern California Tuesday has many shaken up and stocking up.

The U.S. Geological Survey said an earthquake with a 7.0 magnitude or greater could strike by Tuesday.

The chance of a mega-quake went up after a swarm of small quakes near the San Andreas Fault rattled the Salton Sea over a week ago.

The risk is temporarily elevated to 1 percent above normal.

In a rare move, San Bernardino city officials have shut down their city hall for a couple days until the risks subside. The building doesn’t meet seismic standards.

The warning prompted some to stock up on emergency supplies including 55-gallon drums of water.

Dave O’Brien, who works at an army supply store in Orange, said since the alert was issued, small waters, energy bars, three-day food kits and survival kits for the car are selling out.

“We have an additive that will give it (water) a five-year shelf life. But right now, we are out of it,” he said. “They’re concerned about not being able to get to any food or water the next two weeks.”

Emergency supply websites, like Sunset Survival, said business has tripled in the last week.


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  1. KevinRS says:

    This is ridiculous and irresponsible. The old earthquake warning, which was to expire Tuesday was not a prediction of a quake ON Tuesday. In fact Tuesday was the least likely day, as the likelyhood tapers off. The revision by the USGS dropped the chance to 0.006% to 0.2%, due to the swarm of small quakes slowing down. It happens that 0.006% is the chance that a quake could happen any random week. See https://earthquake.usgs.gov/misc/2016-09-27.php for the updated advisory which is linked to right on the USGS main page. Also note that they generally put out advisories like this about 2 times a year, it’s not unprecedented at all.

    1. J Lucas says:

      Ha, exactly. Absolutely insane. Even if it was 0.2%, it is just an increased nominal risk over a lesser nominal risk. And then news reports the action has somehow prudent or smart. If the building is that bad, it should be closed permanently.

    2. mario says:

      yeah, but why would they post this warning again,,,its not like we are going to turn all of our property over to them since it will be a 7.0. they have nothing to gain by alerting us to be on our guard and that is what we pay them to do and that is what we expect them to do, right?? Stop your incessant whining…its getting on our nerves…what in the world on you going to feel like if a 8.0 were to hit today, and you find yourself buried under 5-feet of cement, gravel and no one know your there?? I bet you would feel pretty bad, knowing you were boohooing these guys for doing the job they are paid to do. Stop making a joke out of this and be thankful you don’t live in Haiti or some other third world were you would not even get a middle finger pointed at you to warn you that a big quake could be headed your way.

  2. B-Smart says:

    California…get out while you can. San Fran/LA going up in flames. Move to Texas.

    1. Do NOT move to Texas. We don’t want your tax and spend political ideology!

      1. Buff DrinkLots says:

        You are generalizing. Not all Californians agree with the liberal agenda. Maybe that’s why I’m a shut in. KevinRS has a point, but only so much. Every household should already have an emergency supply of food and water on hand. You can’t predict earthquakes, solar flares, meteor impacts, volcanoes, nuclear war, terrorism – false flag or otherwise – or much else, really. Katrina and Sandy have already taught us that we can not rely on the government to save the day in the event of an emergency. FEMA: your tax dollars not at work.

      2. mario says:

        you need to know, that all of California is not liberal…I would venture to guess that we are more conservative than you would think, but since both of our senators are staunch and stale die-hard libs, I would not put it past them to have tweeked the figures a long time ago in order to make it look like this is a liberal state.

      3. Tony says says:

        Okay, how’s about you just take the mexicans and rags?

      4. Dave Neff says:

        I agree. For those that Identify as Statists or any variation thereto.
        I myself am a Refugee of Calis’ taxation and Illegalization of Rights policies. Former OCWY Surfer, BYC Sailor, and Real Estate Professional.
        I had to leave, initially, out of economic concerns, then my Firearm collection became illegal, a clear violation of the ExPost Facto section in the US Constitution.
        Now I am on the far west end of what used to be Texas. I can surf sand with a 1911 Openly.
        Socialists and Bernie supporters; Los Angeles Becons.

    2. gunnyginalaska says:

      NO NO NO! Californians need to stay in their own F-D up state. NO ONE wants you to infect our states with your liberal virus.

      1. Cali says:

        You understand that your “Bush” conservative family is voting for Hillary for President right??? Your former Governor of Texas is voting for Crooked Hillary??? Whereas, most of my SOCAL friends are refusing to leave the Republican party and voting for Trump….AND the current LA Times gives Trump a 3+ lead…..Don’t generalize…

    3. JR Burton says:

      When Californians relocate to another state, they spend the remainder of their lives whining about how “back home it was nothing like this.” They try and change people who are happy being who they already are. Do everybody a favor – stay home where you like it like that.

    4. Wanda says:

      No threat from me, I’m a Californian and I wouldn’t even drive through or fly over Texas. There’s something very peculiar in the mind-set there, not to mention its landscape is ugly. BTW, I know a lot of former Texans who would rather face an earthquake here than move back to Texas. But it’s perfectly okay with me if you stay where you are.

  3. Richard says:

    The grant speakers have struck again. One per cent increase trivial. One per cent increase subjective, who would prove me wrong if I said 0 % or 5%?

  4. Why don’t you go to http://www.suspiciousobservers.org to try to get to the facts. They have gotten all of their predictions 90% of the time on 6.0 and higher since Jan 1, 2015. USGS gets nothing right!

  5. lysolmotorola says:

    Who are these clowns, closing down city hall because of a “prediction” of a 1% increase in the CHANCE of an earthquake by Tuesday??? Maybe they ought to spend some time figuring out how to make the City Hall complaint with the building codes.

  6. Phil Davison says:

    Californication. Notice how they all giggle when they say “no I’m not prepared at all” Enjoy!

  7. Anything for a day off with pay, and the government scientist must be facing a funding shortage.

  8. Kevin Martin says:

    Can we just leave it closed indefinitely?

  9. MNBobster says:

    That’s where you take all the cars that you hurt.

  10. Warren Rose says:

    Good one,,,,ha ha ha, you can bet it has something to do with money it always does with the government.

  11. Can you imagine the freeway gridlock when this happens!

    1. Cali says:

      UH??? Never driven the 405 have you????

  12. RobbieR says:

    Do you realize that right there in the Salton Sea on the southern edge are active mud volcanoes? You can see they are showing activity too by the yellow dots on the USGS map that are away from the main quakes. So I wouldn’t be so dismissive because there is a lot more going on there than in other places and on other faults.

  13. TonyG says:

    Great way to bust sales . . . . . . . unbelievable!

  14. What a bunch of idiots no one can say when a quake will happen. But shut all government down it will save us money.

  15. Mary Ann Ludwig says:

    1% above normal. Really? Come on people. I’ve lived in California pretty much all my life and you constantly hear that we are overdue for “THE BIG ONE”. There have been some fairly destructive earthquakes during my lifetime, but none has ever happened on que. I’d be unhappy if I lived in Bombay Beach down by the Salton Sea. They have been having a swarm of quakes, but sometimes that only means that the fault line is settling or that it is letting off some stress. There is a man who predicts quakes by watching the animals behavior. He is about as accurate as anyone can be. So you would be better off to see how many dogs and cats suddenly leave home for no apparent reason that you would to be frightened by this sort of notice by the USGS. Besides, small ones are kind of fun.

  16. So, after San Bernardino spends $1b on City Hall and the Court House 8 or so years ago this is what tax payers get? Another Democratic joke I presume. Where’s the money?

  17. ShyAnn says:

    “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety), by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H. L. Mencken

    Those with the same mindset fall tor the Global Warming hoax.
    As its pointed out these people never check on the facts before panicking.

  18. There is little or no chance of an earthquake on October 4, 2016 in California. The USGS doesn’t have a clue what causes an earthquake. If you want the truth try going to http://www.suspicious0bservers.org/
    You might well find out that this group has a 90% success rate of predicting earthquakes since January 1, 2015. They got 90% of all 6.0 quakes since that time. They have pulled even any suspicion of a quake for California for today.

    Their methods work and they are relying on the link between the earth and the sun. But of course the USGS can keep going on looking for tectonics for results and they will keep missing.

  19. george duane says:

    most of the US could only hope California has a massive quake. Get rid of the bad trash. Good people get out while you can.

  20. Brian harrington says:

    Omg the the sky is falling the sky is falling guess what it is Tuesday and no big shaker may be in 200 years from now or even longer should be sued for causing panic

  21. IHiJump says:

    It’s that damned global warming!

  22. BHarwell says:

    I thought there was no way to predict earthquakes! Sounds about like another hysterical Lib lie, like “Climate Change”….

  23. I smell an effort to build a brand New City Hall in the wind.

  24. I can probably speak for the rest of the country in wishing California gets completely demolished and falls off into the abyss.

  25. Any excuse for government workers to get a day off. It’s no wonder the city’s going broke.

  26. ANY reason to not work!!!

  27. alpha-protagonist says:

    Stupid is as stupid does…

  28. jasonn13 says:

    “We have an additive that will give it (water) a five-year shelf life. But right now, we are out of it,” he said. “

    No additive or household bleach is needed if you are storing chlorinated water from a public water supply.

    As an alternative, you can also use UNSCENTED household bleach. Add 1/4 teaspoon (16 drops) of bleach per gallon of water if the water is cloudy and 1/8 teaspoon (8 drops) if the water is clear.

  29. Better safe than sorry —-The dog just barked and I’m stocking up on Hershey Bars.

  30. City of San Bernardino is bankrupt. Good example of failed government.

  31. Sam says:

    Please, please, fall into the ocean!

  32. L HYAK says:

    Are you kidding, what is next, polar disruptions, windy seas, cloudburst, solar flares and the gov still pays for this folly at the expense of the tax payers……There need to be major changes made to the way gov is managed and run to cut the cost of this kind of stupidity…..

  33. Richard says:

    California government employees get extra days off for an earthquake prediction. That is ridiculous. Then again that actually may be a positive thing for citizens because the employees can’t do more harm.

  34. Now we know why San Bernardino filed bankruptcy…

  35. Sam Colt says:

    Dear God,
    Please shake Californians to death and send them to h.e.LL.

  36. renojim says:

    Still waiting……

  37. Byron Skinner says:

    Today about 07:45 10/0316 in zip code 92117 The was a mild earth quick. It was noticeably stronger then the normal also daily earth quicks we have in the geologic area. Cross streets Dakota (East West) Cowley (North South)

  38. st8kout says:

    It’s never a bad idea to keep 2-3 weeks worth of food and water handy, regardless of earthquakes or not. No need to buy those expensive MREs either. Just about every non-perishable food you buy has a one year shelf life, from canned goods to bottled water. Stock up on non-perishables you normally eat, and simply rotate your stock so that nothing ever gets too old, then it’s always available if/when you need it.

    For breakfast, instant mix pancakes are fast and easy, where you just add water. They’ve improved powdered eggs too where most can’t tell the difference anymore. Then there are camping foods such as Mountain House that are kind of decent. You just add hot water and let it sit a few minutes. You can eat it right out of the pouch so there’s no dishes to wash afterwards. They have like a 10 year shelf life.

    As a rule of thumb for bottled water, figure one large case per person per week. This is for drinking only. You’ll need extra for cleaning, washing, cooking etc. You’d be surprised how much water the average person uses per day. If you have access to a lot of water such as a swimming pool, you can pick up a cheap solar shower that heats the water by sunlight.

    Look on youtube for a cheap and easy cinder block rocket stove for cooking or boiling water, extremely fuel efficient and hot.

  39. renojim says:

    Still waiting….

  40. Sorry all you doomsday prognosticators, God has other plans for the City of Angels. Its called a Kingdom makeover, and it will astonish the people until they understand that the Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdom of God on Earth as described in Daniel, Isaiah, Joel, and Revelation.

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