LOS ANGELES (CBLA.com) —  The LAPD pursued a DUI suspect in and around South Los Angeles Wednesday evening.

The chase started about 10:55 p.m. in the Elysian Park area, authorities said.

Authorities said they were chasing a female driver. She was on freeways and surface streets.

The driver turned off her lights in an attempt to evade authorities, SKY2’s Stu Mundel reported. She also drove on the wrong side of the road.

She stopped and police seemed to have her boxed in. She then proceeded to open and close the door before backing up and speeding off.

The driver was driving erratically and nearly went on the curb several times trying to negotiate turns.

After another stop, police parked behind her. She waited about two minutes, officers got out of their vehicle and she sped off again.

“At this point,” said Mundel, “she is just toying with them.”

He also noted that it appeared that the backseat had at least one car seat. It was unclear if there was also a child in the vehicle.

At least five patrol cars were pursuing the suspect.

She took off and slowed down, came to a complete stop and then sped off at least five times.

“It’s like she’s playing some kind of cat-and-mouse game with them,” CBS2 anchor Pat Harvey said. “But the way the officers are approaching her vehicle, they don’t seem to be treating her as someone armed and dangerous.”

At one point, police contemplated spike strips or a PIT maneuver.

She put her foot out of the vehicle around 11:35 p.m. but didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get out of the car.

The cat-and-mouse game continued with her again making moves like she was getting out of the vehicle.

“At this point, very lethargic moves,” Mundel reported. “You hate to see anyone in this state, but police are losing their patience with her.”

In the Watts area, she got out of the vehicle and laid in the street. It was unclear if she was complying with police orders.

At least eight officers rolled up on her with guns drawn. She didn’t resist. The woman was put into cuffs and taken into custody about one hour after the chase began.


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