LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — After Hillary Clinton’s health scare on Sunday, social media has lit up with conspiracy theories that she may have used a body double.

The Democratic presidential nominee collapsed outside her motorcade during her visit at a memorial in New York to mark the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

A few hours later, Clinton emerged from her daughter’s home with what appeared to be a different hairdo and appearing thinner as she posed for pictures with a little girl.

Some people posted photos of Clinton before and after the collapse to illustrate their points.

Clinton announced she had pneumonia. But Dr. Lisa Sparks, the dean of communications at Chapman University, said Clinton has a much bigger issue. “I think she definitely has a credibility problem and a language problem.”

Sparks said Clinton uses lawyer language like: ‘As far as I recall.” And in the case of her health, she withheld the entire truth.

“First we thought may be it’s allergies. And then suddenly when she collapses, it’s pneumonia. A lot of us know that pneumonia can be handled with antibiotic. So why didn’t we know about that a few days ago?” Sparks questioned. “Audiences are more savvy than they were 20 years ago. And the language needs to be more savvy.”

On Twitter, some asked where was the doctor or secret service when Clinton walked out after collapsing earlier?

Another unanswered question that Sparks said stripped away at Clinton’s credibility.

Comments (21)
  1. John Corry says:


    1. Zuma Mom says:


      1. Johnny says:


      2. Thomas Hoyt Woolery says:

        I’M GAY!!!

  2. Edward says:

    She even lies about whether it is her or not! “It wasn’t me! I didn’t do it! It was my body double that did it!”

  3. Donal King says:

    Accusing Clinton of using a “body double” to hide a case of pneumonia shows how gullible people have become to promote conspiracy theories.

    1. Johnny says:

      So if she was diagnosed with pneumonia Friday then why would she be shaking peoples hands and kissing others on the cheek at the memorial. Do you honestly believe someone that has collapsed from being dehydrated can recover within 90 minutes? You may well be the gullible one.

  4. eileen says:

    Personally I think she has a problem with alcohol..closet case alcoholic..falling, forgetting, grandeous behavior..Check her into Betty Ford Rehab..she is a mess.

  5. Even Tresa Barnwell,…isn’t as UGLY as Hillary. Couldn’t have been her.
    What a crack up. BUT Wouldn’t put ANYTHING past the Clintons. They
    have destroyed many lives in their quest for power and money.

  6. James Leedy says:

    compare profiles the impersonator profile is different

  7. What does anyone expect? The woman and her husband have lied so much, who can believe anything they say.

  8. Guest says:

    It’s PARKINSONS and she received a shot.

  9. Thomas Hoyt Woolery says:

    CBS–you are network of Edward R Murrow—-good God!!!!

    Go HRC!!!!

  10. JoeD says:

    Funny how the liberal media likes to use the term “conspiracy theory”. Since when is it that RUMORS are not allowed in society? Fact of the matter is – It’s only a CONSPIRACY when you are trying to HIDE THE TRUTH!

  11. eileen says:

    Who could be that unfortunate to look as ugly and “DEPLORABLE” as her????

  12. Rosie says:

    Looks like Mrs. Doubtfire

  13. She has pneumonia (is it the contagious kind? – They are keeping that secret too) and went over after leaving her daughter’s 10 million dollar apartment and got in the face of a young girl. If that child gets pneumonia because of Clinton’s reckless and thoughtless behavior, you will see some lawsuits for sure. Clinton also was pictured coughing without covering her mouth spreading germs out to the people in the first 3-4 rows of a rally. Let them eat pneumonia.

  14. Richard_Iowa says:

    This is all very simple. If a person looks like Hillary Clinton and she is surrounded by her Secret Service protection detail, then it is Hillary. If a person is strolling down the street in front of Chelsea’s apartment without the Secret Service, as was seen in the pictures over the weekend, then this person is a body double.

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