NEW YORK ( — Video has surfaced via social media Sunday that reportedly shows Hillary Clinton being helped into a van after leaving a 9/11 ceremony abruptly.

The 68-year-old Clinton was reported to have left a tribute in New York early after her campaign said she felt “overheated,” according to the Associated Press. Hours later, Clinton’s doctor revealed that the presidential candidate had been diagnosed with pneumonia Friday.

Footage captured by Zdenek Gazda surfaced via Twitter and reportedly showed Clinton being assisted into a van by members of her staff.

Sunday evening, one of Clinton’s doctors confirmed she is fighting pneumonia and taking anti-biotics. The doctor also said Clinton became dehydrated at the 9/11 event. As a result of the pneumonia, Clinton was advised to curtail her schedule. She canceled a California fundrraising trip. The fundraisers, including one in San Francisco, will still go on as planned.

Clinton later was captured on video leaving her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York, where she had apparently gone after she left the ceremony.

After Clinton left the apartment, she was seen waving at reporters and spectators.

Both she and Donald Trump took a break from the campaign trail to commemorate 9/11.

Sunday marked the 15th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks that claimed the lives of nearly 3,000 people.

Comments (4)
  1. Joe says:

    Her health is clearly not good. No one should buckle from a mere 82 degrees. Amusing how the media is trying to make it sound as if it might not be the criminal who is running for President in the video. It is clearly her.

    1. Alan House says:

      Not only was it only 82 degrees, but the humidity was relatively low…around 30 some percent……that’s equivalent to a mild summer California day. Did you see the big bruiser “Doctor” rush in there at an earlier event and quickly place something on the podium with his left hand? I haven’t seen it mentioned but I slow framed it and saw the moment. There is something really fishy about this whole deal….and the fish is getting rancid.

  2. R.R. Murrow says:

    Unconfirmed? CBS/Abc/NBC should be required to disclose they are a dem/clinton PR agency.

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