On Bended Knee, Kaepernick Sits For Anthem Surrounded By Troops

SAN DIEGO (CBSLA.com) — A sea of military and football fans stood for the National Anthem at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego Thursday night, but San Francisco 49ers  quarterback Colin Kaepernick did not, and he wasn’t alone.

Last week, Kaepernick first sat during the National Anthem before a game saying he wouldn’t stand for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.

Teammate Eric Reid joined Kaepernick on his knee for the anthem even after the 28th annual salute to the military. Retired Navy Seals parachuted  into the stadium while 240 Marines, sailors and soldiers presented an American flag.

In a military town, it’s no surprise there was very strong reaction.

“It’s extremely disrespectful,” a fan at the game said. “He shouldn’t be playing football if he can’t stand up for his country and support the men and women who put their lives on the line for you.”

In Oakland, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Jeremy Lane also didn’t stand for the anthem before the start of that game Thursday night.

“I wouldn’t have expressed my feelings that way,” Louis Paredes said. “He’s getting paid enough to put up with what he’s going through.  He’s a spoiled brat.”

“He believes in what he wants to believe, I respect that,” Richard Ramirez

Vietnam veteran C.C. Long says Kaepernick is free to sit, stand or kneel because of vets who fought for that freedom.

“I disagree with him, but I served so he could have his right to say what he wants to say. He has a right to do that. “

“You have a right, but I don’t think it’s the right right.” Justin Frankfather said. “I think it’s wrong; it’s just respect.”


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  1. Terry Kelly says:

    Fire him. He does not honor the men and women who fought for his right.

    1. Fontainemontblanc says:

      Send him to Afghanistan and drop him off in enemy territory

    2. Burnet1187 says:

      Absolutely fire him. Make it so he never has an opportunity to play professional sports ever again. He obviously likes sitting. He can go home and sit.

    3. Deborah Janes says:

      You mean the men & women who fought for the very right he’s exercising? Time for a civics class Genius.

      1. sdgdgf says:

        Firing him which has nothing what so ever to do with civics because it’s a private organization you total idiot – make sure you save yourself a seat in that class

    4. Ken Trefaller says:


      1. Sal says:

        Yes, exactly. A Black Harvard economist did his research and found that an black is at no greater risk of being shot by police than a white person.
        The BLM movement is based on a myth.

    5. Abraham Simpson says:

      The last time we engaged in a war for freedom was 1860’s. But if any of those soldiers had fought for free speech, they would never even think of infringing a citizens right to free speech, regardless of if they agreed with him. Fascists like you are the enemy our armies fought against in the Revolution.

  2. Rain says:

    I’m a veteran and proudly served my country for his right to do this. However, if he honestly thinks not respecting the Flag and the National Anthem will suddenly make all prejudice disappear then he’s got far greater issues than being disrespectful. It’s a shame he doesn’t choose to use his status as a sports figure to TEACH, EDUCATE, and have DIALOGUE in a positive way rather than create more controversy. But I understand doing something positive wouldn’t get him the publicity he’s getting now. Plus, it’s far easier for him to send an “eff you” to my warrior brother and sisters, both living and dead, than to put himself in a position that would require true leadership and become a voice for positive change against racism and prejudice. In the meantime, my family and I will boycott all SF 49er games because we choose not to support sports teams that employ players who disrespect our Flag and National Anthem…I proudly served my country for that right, too!

    1. lee says:

      You responded wisely. The problem with Kaepernick and others like him is they are so poorly uninformed and educated that they don’t know how fortunate they are to live freely in America. Just try getting away with that kind of behavior in one of the oppressive countries around the world.

    2. Sunny Morgan says:

      Mr. Kaepernick doesn’t know what racial inequality it; he wasn’t born yet when this country was still racially divided! As for police brutality against unarmed black men and women, he is sadly ignorant. The only racists in the U.S. these days are pathetic white people in sheets and the BoweL Movement (BLM). Affirmative Action is racist because it is based upon race. Equal Outcome (vs. Equal Opportunity) is racist because it is based upon race.
      If Mr. Kaepernick really wanted true racial / sexual equality, he would be demanding that all employment and acceptance forms stop asking applicants to fill out the ‘race’ box.

  3. J'Moke says:

    Why doesn’t a hateful Kaepernick visit o’bama and ask o’bama why black people have been deprived because of o’bama’s failed socialist policies?

  4. As a muslim why does Colin Kaepernick want to play with the pigskin?

    1. J'Moke says:

      Because Mooslims re allowed to lie it’s in their koran. (sic)

  5. J'Moke says:

    I might add that people should boycott the NFL to honor America’s fallen.

  6. c p says:

    If you attend a game or watch it on TV you are condoning this.

  7. A couple of things; 1) he is not a star, he is getting beat out by Blaine Gabbert who was waived by the Jacksonville Jaguars, OMG! 2) He was not oppressed, he was raised in a multi-million dollar home given a well above average education and never wanted for anything, except for maybe more talent. 3) If he really wanted to help those oppressed please see Warrick Dunn, he just turned over the keys to the 150th home to a needy family through Warrick Dunn charities. Sitting on your backside and complaining is not helping anyone, while Mr. Dunn says nothing and does a lot. There is a lesson to be learned here.

  8. c p says:

    Any police officer who accepts overtime pay to serve on a security detail at an NFL stadium is supporting Kapernick and like Judas is selling his soul.

  9. No1Uknow says:

    NFL defenses have long since made the adjustment to cover scrambling QB’s like Kraepernick. So now the reality is that the little fella doesn’t have a career and he knows it. It’s appropriate that he’s hanging with that useless dinosaur, Reid, who I thought was already in a retirement community. Has-beens always act out in desperation in an attempt to remain relevant.

  10. hiram says:

    it’s too funny listening to this ahole blather on about black suppression while SURROUNDED by black MILLIONAIRES.

  11. 4Dees says:

    If the press would ignore him and not give him the publicity he is seeking, then you wouldn’t see him doing this much longer. He is a spoiled brat who is no more oppressed than I am.

  12. hart1959 says:

    I get nervous when a group think or meme gets to this point. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t stand because they believe you are giving glory to something that is not God.

    1. redruffansore says:

      I don’t care about them or what the Hare Krishna’s think either. I’m tired of every snowflake splinter group thinking they are the 98%.

      1. Hart1959 says:

        The Jehovah’s Witnesses were a class of people that were sent to the concentration camps in Germany in WWII for the same thing. The Irony.

  13. Useless POS. GTF O of our country and find some turd wurld nirvana to live your dream you spoiled candya ss.

    1. hart1959 says:

      The “American Way” or system of government was set up to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. Here is your chance to prove you support the American way.

      1. aslannn says:

        Who’s stopping him? He has the right to do what he’s doing. And everyone else has the right to tell him that he’s ignorant, and doesn’t have the first clue as to what he’s talking about.

  14. sonja yagel says:

    Tebow was not allowed to show his allegiance to God but this man can disrespect our country and the NFL does nothing about it. How about when the players wanted to wear decals honoring the police the NFL would not allow that either. Seems whoever runs the NFL is a dyed in the wool liberal.

    1. aslannn says:

      Nobody ever stopped Tebow from doing anything, unless you believe that he was drummed out of the league for a reason other than his inability to play quarterback on an NFL level, and his refusal to move to another position. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I was a big Tebow fan. I just don’t believe that there was a conspiracy against him because he knelt in the end zone and prayed.
      This guy (CK) brings a whole new level of problems for the NFL. I’m actually enjoying watching them squirm as they try to figure out whether to offend patriotic Americans, or the BLM mob.

  15. Aboli says:

    Idiot fuzzy head doofus.

  16. Tom says:

    A long time ago I served in the United States Army. The flag is a representation and symbol of the greatest nation in history. Hundreds of thousands of people, black and white, have died in defense of this country which is, once again represented by that flag. He dishonors everyone who made the ultimate sacrifice and paid the ultimate price with his antics.
    One other thing. The Civil War was fought to end slavery. Hundreds of thousands of white people died to free people of color. Think about it Colin.

  17. katiejane2 says:

    So if this whiner ever needs the assistance of a police officer he’ll understand why they don’t feel like rushing out of their patrol cars to help someone who doesn’t respect them? Because we all know everyone has a right to have their feelings known and validated,

  18. John Fowler says:

    How much you wanna bet his $1million goes to BLM. That’s who he thinks can help.

    Here’s what we need to do: BOYCOTT PROFESSIONAL SPORTS AND HOLLYWOOD!! ALL of these ENTERTAINERS are waaaaaay overpaid and they are the worst of the worst for society, spreading their insane ideas just because they are in front of a camera every day.. not because they are intelligent, elegant, or worthy of being put on the pedestal society puts them on.

    STOP GIVING THEM YOUR MONEY! I stopped long ago.

  19. Kaeprenick has that right, true, true, but the people have the right to punish him inn the marketplace, make him toxic. He’ll run out of money some day, but never out of infamy.

  20. Joe says:

    He doesn’t seem to have trouble getting paid with American dollars. Last time I checked they were printed in THAT country that suppresses black people.

  21. John Phelps says:

    People you get what you pay for. You can put all this at the feet of our public schools you have, for 50 years now, taught our kids to hate America and be ashamed of what their ancestors have accomplished here while, at the same time, teaching them pride and adoration for every other race, culture and tribe on earth.

  22. wo14773 says:

    This man does not support the cult of worshiping a political model. bad, bad robot.

    1. gspauld683 says:

      He needs to die

  23. Prosports soap oera says:

    You want the politics out of the NFL? Hit them in the pocket book and they will change.
    Stop watching, purchasing etc. it is only a game, you will be surprised what you can do when you are not addicted to the NFL Pro sports Soap opera.

  24. peterwoohoo says:

    Kaepernick & others who think like him, use their opportunities granted from others who have sacrifice, for their personal & selfish successes, Actors, Corporate CEO’s, Musicians, & Sports Figures who suddenly realize their new found political activist dissatisfaction after raking in millions of dollars, living the good life, are disingenuous cowards. Thank you Mr.0bama, “if you had a son that played football as a NFL quarterback, he would look like Colin Kaepernick.” Maybe Colin could enlighten us all by suggesting for the first time in his adult life, he is proud to play in stadium arenas that slaves built or maybe he could tell us all that the fans didn’t build that….either way we all lose. As a Patriotic American, I will have the choice of NOT supporting anyone who doesn’t support the greatest country in the world…the USA!

  25. outlawliberalism says:

    I wonder how many people realize the military pays the NFL millions to “pay tribute” to them?

  26. Tom says:

    he took a knee? I saw him SITTING. This is all just to get attention because he’s now a third string QB. If he’s cut he can say it was racism. Another 1%er telling us how tough they have it.

  27. denisdee says:

    This entire movement is based on LIES . The statistics do not support the BLM lies. More than half the crime is committed by Black Males between the ages of 17-45. They are less than 4% of America so OF COURSE they will be on more contact with police resulting in more issues. Cops are not the problem. Criminals are the problem

  28. denisdee says:

    NFL has a right to an opinion too. Why are they allowing these guys on the field?

  29. toledofan says:

    Kaepernick is a disgrace to himself, the fans and to the NFL. It’s really pathetic the Dallas Cowboys can’t support dead cops, Tebow can’t pray, but, this moron can get away with disrespecting our country, our soldiers and the great men and women who shed blood for our country. I say throw the bum out and every other one of these Black Lives Matter supporters. If America is such a bad place move somewhere else.

  30. Lulua Mahalo says:

    Where would Colin Kaepernick be and what would he have if he were not an American citizen living and benefiting from the freedoms and rights won by those that fought and sacrificed for our country?

    1. jggrimm says:

      You said that very well, Lulua. Thank you.

  31. Kaepernick is in his final 15 minutes of fame and trying to milk his diva image to the end.

  32. Edward Kaufman says:

    The NFL should fire him immediately! He has a right to his opinion but was hired to represent them and the team. He can say anything he wants when out of uniform.

  33. Warren Rose says:

    They need to take this POS out of the lime light and let him go back to wherever he came from with nothing in his pockets. Rightly said…. Boycott the NFL. What a disgrace. IF you don’t like police shooting people then TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO QUIT DOING CRIMINAL ACTS.

  34. Cat says:

    If standing up is not your “thing”, United State of America is not for you. Please leave our country

  35. iluvatar says:

    People are going to have to stop watching the garbage NFL. Face the facts, it’s been infiltrated by radical leftists sjws and it’s been that way for a while now. Every time you watch a game they win.

  36. Bill Stevens says:

    The only reason we go to NFL or watch NFL events is to get away from the miserable reality that has been foisted upon us by the Obama Regime and its sycophantic followers these past 8 years. The players have the right to protest whatever they want; but I am the customer and just don’t want to see it. So until this stops the NFL will not get my dollars or viewership, and there you go. As a customer of this entertainment venue I can just pass and a suggest that other also pass on viewing or attending but let the NFL know you are done with them.

  37. Omaeileen says:

    Fool! Once again a black using blacks for his own self.

  38. leonette says:

    The problem with Kaepernick and others like him is they are so poorly uninformed and educated that they don’t know how fortunate they are to live freely in America. They’ve been schooled by radicals who have made it their mission to destroy the USA. It’s too bad schools don’t teach American history any longer and employ radical professors. Communist have made it their mission to take over this country, not by force but through the schools. Just try getting away with that kind of behavior in one of the oppressive countries around the world.

  39. c p says:

    A handful of Black men killed by police in the past year or so have made huge headlines, caused massive unrest.

    The VAST majority of them were proved outright to be justified.

    Hundreds… **HUNDREDS** of young blacks gunned down in Chicago alone and barely a peep.

  40. jggrimm says:

    Of course he has a right, as a U.S. citizen to protest, to express himself in politically expressive dissent. But, and this is a big but, he is not in college, or on the street or in front of the courthouse or writing a letter to the editor or speaking before a city council. He is at work. He is in the uniform of his team, yes, but he is also in the employment of people who pay him a lot of money to show up and perform. Doing the Huey P. Newton/BLM routine is for after hours.

  41. And the bell curve of intelligence and behavior of the black community moves further to the left.

    No racist member of the democrat’s beloved KKK could ever do the amount of damage to the image of the black community than these America hating vermin.

    Funny people are still trying to get into this country that these overpaid snowflakes hate.

  42. c p says:

    When I was a child, I loved watching football on TV with my Dad. It was a great time to bond, to learn the game, to just hang out.

    As I matured, I became less and less involved:
    stopped wearing the jerseys(too expensive and kind of goofy)
    Stopped knowing the names of the players
    stopped keeping track of the standings.

    It all started to become…silly, little boy memories that just weren’t keeping up in a mans world. No more teams made up of guys I knew year after year. I was sitting in front of the tube cheering for laundry. The Team had been replaced by The Color on the Jersey.

    .The childish antics of Colon et al is simply the last straw. I will not be disrupting perfectly good Sunday afternoons to participate in the foolishness that the NFL has become.

  43. Support our military and police. Boycott the NFL. 95% of all NFL players have permanent brain damage. Those who admire this sport should be sent back in time to ancient Rome.

  44. svede says:

    Colin if you want to protest the most important issue affecting blacks in America you should protest the black fathers that abandon their children. Almost 70% of blacks are. Most do not get to have two white parents adopt them and are left in poverty with no role models to keep them out of trouble. That trouble feeds into the discrimination.

  45. Caligirl says:

    Looks like the young black man next to Kaepernick isn’t too “oppressed” to stand with his hand on his heart.

  46. Joe says:

    “You people” are way off track; Black Lives Matter except to other blacks – look up the statistics if you don’t get it.

  47. NoMasIlegales says:

    One word for this bum: Punk. He’s a spoiled rotten little prima donna who has no idea about values, what made this country great, and respect for the sacrifices of others. I hope he gets cut and never plays football again. He’s not worthy of such a life as he has now.

  48. Shave his head, Tar and Feather him.
    Drag him to his WHITE parents (who adopted him), and make him apologize.
    Then feed him to the lions.

  49. John Smith says:

    What about making black neighborhoods safe for decent black families????

  50. Machismo says:

    If Black lives matter to Kaepernick, then why is he protesting the American Flag, the hero that defined it, and the country he should love?
    What this ungrateful, self serving punk should do if he has real convictions is to protest Planned Parenthood which is responsible for killing 60 million Babies which are mostly Black. His race is being euthanized daily and all this moron can do is support “Black Lives Matter” racist organization of terror. The Black KKK = BLM

  51. Jesus, if we suppress people of color so much why do they come here? No one is forcing you to stay. The truth is that America is a million times better to “people of color.” Shame on anyone who doesn’t support this country. THEY are the problem.

  52. ConsiderThis says:

    Find the worst 3rd or 4th world country, remove his citizenship and ship him there forever, never to return. Round up his likewise cohorts and do same with them. Our country will be many times improved.

  53. ConsiderThis says:

    Pouting and grumbling will not solve a thing. Is he smart enough to know that. Teach the uncivil of our country to become more civil, violate many time less laws, get a job or create a business, stop trafficing drugs. Get a life – you grumbler have a responsibility and you are NOT under-privaledged as much as you think. Get off your duffs and change YOU. Stop ranting about others’ success and make your OWN.

  54. Ram Ghandi says:

    Wait a minute. Why is Kaepernick protesting police officers without calling out the thousands African-American criminals who terrorize their neighborhoods with violence? He should call those criminals out and protest them too! Or is it just a one-way street with him?

  55. SharpShtik says:

    The 1970’s black panther fro fits this racist socialist Democrat.

  56. Bud Buddy says:

    What you don’t see is these black athletes going to the bad Chicago or Detroit, or other bad neighborhoods and donating their time and money to try and change the mindsets of these neighborhood criminals. This mindset and ancestry evolution of not being able to function as normal human beings, and be more like wild rabid animals, to take what they want from others who have to work for every dollar they make ,to support themselves and their families, has been going on for 50-60 years. They keep having kids they can’t support or teach what’s right from wrong, so they follow the pack like animals instead of human beings. And the Democrats in Government want them to be dependent on them so they keep getting elected to office while doing nothing to change the situation. The Jackson’s and Sharptons, and Soros’ are making millions and billions of dollars off these people.While the problems get worse year after year, and they try to blame it on everyone else. It will get to a point to where the police won’t go into these neighborhoods anymore, and they will let them self destruct, and only step in when they try and spread out to other places. I’ve always said , the way to get rid of all the gang violence is to have a competition, and collect every gang member in the Country, take them to a remote desert location, supply them with all the handguns and ammo they want, and let them fight it out till only one survives. Have the area surrounded by our military so they can’t escape into the general public. Then when all the fighting and gunfire is thru, and the strongest is left standing, have a drone fly by and take him out. Problem solved!

  57. Chemiker says:

    Hey, Jackwagon. Every legitimate government in this world is a work in progress. Good people work at making things better. Your victimhood does nothing but promote strife and helps no one. Get a life, you richer-than-Croesus victim.

  58. Alexander Rawls says:

    Black Lives Matter is an Islamofascist organization that does not give a damn about black lives, making it a perfect fit for Kaepernick who recently converted to Islam at the behest of his radical Islamofascist racist Black Lives Matter girlfriend. Remember the original Black Panthers all converted to Islam and took Arabic names? The New Black Panthers are also Muslim, and so is BLM. They are radical America-hating Islamofascists, allied with ISIS and al Qaeda.

    Almost ALL black-white interracial crime in America is black on white. To find blacks it can depict as victims of whites BLM has to focus on blacks who are shot in self-defense while committing attempted murder: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, etcetera. BLM does not care one whit about the huge number of blacks who are killed NOT in self-defense, while they are NOT committing attempted murder. That is because these black murder victims are virtually all murdered by other blacks. They ONLY care about blacks who are shot while committing attempted murder.

    It’s a criminals’ lobby, on the side of the criminal class that is the bane of every black or part-black neighborhood. They are advocates for the DESTROYERS of black America. The worst criminals they can find, that is who BLM and Kaepernick are championing and calling victims of injustice.

    It is all lies, which is essence of Islam. Muslims living in non-Muslims are instructed to lie “because war is deception,” and everything in Islam is war. It is a religion of lying, because “god is the greatest of deceivers,” and that is their model.

    Now Kaepernick says he is going to give a million dollars to this Islamofascist organization. It is the equivalent of giving a million dollars to ISIS or al Qaeda.

  59. ricky says:

    He is giving $1 million to groups that help people affected by the issues he is trying to spotlight — such as racial inequality and police brutality ( BLM I most likely, what many consider a terrorist group ). No matter the group why do wealthy people think they can get out of something offensive they have done by throwing money at it? Maybe because it works. Such as Michael Jackson with the parents of the children he , well you know. I say boycott Kaepernick’s sponsors, and let them know why..He should spend a week visiting VA hospitals around the country, maybe then he would have a greater appreciation of the sacrifices that have been made to give him the right to protest in such an ugly, and offensive manner.

  60. Mrs. Flaggstaff says:

    Yes, everyone has rights, but his reasoning is outrageous. This quarterback, who is black and makes more than most people will in a lifetime, is saying he won’t stand because of oppression of black people and people of color? Really? If that was the case, then how did he come so far and make so much? And shame on the NFL for supporting this. Yes, this quarterback has a right to his beliefs and freedom of speech, but there comes a point when enough is enough. This is not about a freedom, this is a spoiled quarterback turning something racial. The people who seem to complain the most are the ones creating the race problems in this country.

  61. No need to fire him… Stop supporting the franchise financial and they will get rid of the POS… Money talks BS walks…

  62. gooojooo says:

    What he is saying is i am donating to black lives matter and will never rest till blacks are the task masters

    1. blackcrimematters.org is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the apprehension and conviction of the Negro hoodlum who murdered Mardoquo Sincal Jochola with a surprise knockout punch and his two Negro colleagues who also accosted the Guatamalan victim. The reward is called the Hillary Clinton SuperpPredator (Make Them Heel) Reward – all tips should be sent to reward@blackcrimematters.org. The final decision will be made by the Chief of Police of the Philadelphia Police Department.

  63. Frank says:

    When Rush Limbaugh was with a group that wanted to buy a team, the NFL said they don’t want political commentary to detract from the game.

    This is political commentary. Why isn’t the NFL doing something?

    It’s because “political commentary” means “Conservative political commentary”.

  64. Kat says:

    Contrast the pathetic spectacle of Kaepernick and his “ilk” with the actions of the young Army reservist pole vaulter attempting to qualify in the Rio Olympics when he heard the anthem.
    And THAT my fellow Americans says it all….

  65. Hal McCombs says:

    Welcome to America. You have a right to be as stupid as you want to be.

  66. George Smith says:

    His college coach was interviewed and put it best….immature, selfish, disrespectful. Let me also add that since what he is doing will accomplish nothing, this is simply dumb.

  67. bob says:

    I will just turn off any 49’s game.
    I will also turn off the nfl if others join in to this.

  68. c p says:

    BLM is a front group funded by foreign agencies happy to see the U.S. divided.

    Colon Kapernick is simply a Useful Idiot.

  69. Abraham Simpson says:

    Kaepernick’s actions are as patriotic as you get! He’s making people think about American and why they love it. He’s making people think about the problems, and how we can be better. He’s making it very hard for the ostrich’s to keep their heads in the sand about the problems today. And the apathetic hate being confronted with their own inaction.

  70. “…We in the black community, we need the cops. Cops are important. They’re very significant. We as black people gotta do a better job of policing ourselves. The cops have made some mistakes — I think everybody has to admit that. But we just can’t as black people, every time something goes wrong, say it’s the cops’ fault. We have done some damage to our own neighborhood, and we’ve got to do better in that aspect. But we need the cops.”
    [Charles Barkley]

  71. JH says:

    He made his point, now stop piszzing people off. Politely excuse yourself from the National Anthem and find some other venue to express your political beliefs. And go F yourself and your socks.

  72. Sheepleherder says:

    Actually, he is anti-American, not UN-American as some have suggested, anti-American. The flag symbolizes America. He disrespects what that flag stands for, ergo he disrespects what America stands for … the every-day people whose sacrifices make sure he keeps the right to be anti-American. He disrespects not only the “pigs” or “white America” he disrespects ALL of America, including the Americans he claims he’s doing it for.

  73. Chuck Blinn says:

    Some might consider kneeling even more respectful than standing. Whatever, he’s clueless. And he’s not that good at the football thing. He will fire himself before the season ends.

  74. Bob says:

    With his afro he looks like a wannabe Black Panther.

  75. mike says:

    Blanket party time

  76. immafubared says:

    Note to NFL players. We fans are paying a large amount of money for tickets to see and hear a football game and nothing else. We are not there to hear your politics or opinions on anything but football. Keep kneeling in force and we can stop the almighty buck, the buck that pays some of your wages.

  77. God damn him. He has no honor, patriotism, or common sense.

  78. OldOllie says:

    Didn’t you hear? Now he’s going to donate $1 million to BlackLivesMatter, the New Black Panthers, and other racist black supremacist groups to atone for his disrespect for the flag. That’ll make it all better.

  79. ImaHippyBurning says:

    The Time has come for Mandatory Service in the Military for at least 2 Years just like they do in Israel so Fools like this can see firsthand what they take for granted!

    These Imbeciles think they are sending a message to those who they feel are being oppressed in America? You want to stand up against REAL oppression AHOLE go fight against ISIS, other then that the only oppression going on in this Country is The Oppression against “Free Thinkers” who are not Politically Correct that comes from The Left as they continue to promote imbeciles like “Colon” and The BLM movement who openly try to express their ignorance as mainstream!

  80. Hektor says:

    Since Mr. Kaepernick doesn’t like police officers, I suggest every phone # associated with his name be blocked by 911 services nationwide. After all, if he’s ever in a life-or-limb situation, I’m sure he wouldn’t want law enforcement officers to show up — too much like adding insult to injury.

  81. Mike James says:

    Kaepernick said he “wouldn’t stand for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” Quite the contrary, black people and other people of color have SPECIAL rights and PRIVILEGES that white people do not have! Ever hear of Affirmative Action? Or how about Racial Quota’s? What about being taken care of from cradle to grave with tax-payer dollars in the form of food stamps, money, free housing and rent, utility bills, vehicles, phones, etc.??? Are people of color being oppressed when THEY are given special treatment and put on a pedestal by our federal government, media, and sports organizations??? Exactly WHO is really being oppressed in America for the last 50 years? Who is REALLY being beaten down, demonized, and even BANNED from expressing pride in their own people, history and heritage? It is the WHITE people, most definitely NOT the blacks! This insane propaganda and twisted distortion of reality, this outright WAR and blatant hatred against white people in America must be stopped at all costs, or we will find ourselves living in the midst of a bloody civil war!

  82. maxovrdriv says:

    This speaks volumes of the 49er organization allowing him to do this. Why they have not addressed the players and laid down the law means they are OK with it and think the same of cops and military members, and this country. Pretty sick

  83. Conan The Republican says:

    Here’s the deal folks: this wasn’t a problem for this little punk, until he started palling around with his new squeeze, Nessa DIAB. Did you get that last name? DIAB. Yes, she’s Muslim, has radicalized him, and pumped him full of BLM bile. THAT’S the REAL problem, here. OUTLAW ISLAM, NOW!!!

    1. Badshah Khan says:

      hehe you lil hateful creature. Kapp is standing up for the same thing that soldiers stand for and die for. That is what is called constitution. Have you ever read constitution you unpatriotic dittohead?

      Soldiers died to protect freedom and equality that constitution guarantees. Some cops unfortunately are unpatriotic buffoons who are adamant to destroy constitution by their inequal and inhumane treatment of people of color and minorities. Therefore Kappernick is protesting the oppression of such bad cops, because cops actions are state sponsored.
      I wonder when the good cops will stand up and stop being silent.

  84. Mark Meyer says:

    These guys need a history lesson. The anthem speaks of slaves that were soldiers for the BRITISH. Hey dumbo’s…we fought the British and their “slaves” were given no quarter…because they shot us and were the enemy. Perhaps the NFL should invest in a history teacher to teach these pathetic idiots and then they can apologize to the entire country.

  85. Badshah Khan says:

    Soldiers died to protect freedom and equality that constitution guarantees. Some cops unfortunately are unpatriotic buffoons who are adamant to destroy constitution by their inequal and inhumane treatment of people of color and minorities. Therefore Kappernick is protesting the oppression of such bad cops, because cops actions are state sponsored.
    I wonder when the good cops will stand up and stop being silent.

  86. “country that oppresses black people and people of color” First, black people and people of color are not the same. I live and work in SoCal and there are people of color all around me and I seldom give it a second thought just as I don’t give a second thought to a person that is blonde or brunette. Second, I see a lot of “oppressed” black people in sports, in entertainment, and other venues that make hundreds of times more money than I do. However, I seldom see those same black people using some of their fortune to give back to their community and become a political advocate the for those causes that they believe.

  87. Francis Xavier says:

    Homeland Security should monitor his phone calls, internet communications, etc. He looks like he’s pledged allegiance to ISIS

  88. laurie chell says:

    cut the jerk

  89. Kim A Kirk says:

    Don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Tough lesson they’re about to learn.

  90. iambicpentamaster says:

    San Fransissyco Kaepernickers can look forward to another losing season with a really bad taste in their mouths.

  91. HenryC says:

    Such actions are counterproductive for the issues you wish to support. It separates people rather than brings them together.

  92. Fat Clemenza says:

    Not only can Kaepernick not play QB effectively, he can’t understand realities of the race he claims to be representing. So badly oppressed are blacks in America that a (half) black man was elected President. Twice. So badly oppressed are black in America that a (half) black man was able to play QB for the 49ers for $100M+. Perhaps what this doofus ought to focus on are two facts: Blacks kill blacks at a rate thousands of times higher than whites killing blacks and more white people are killed by Police officers in the line of duty than blacks. Perhaps he ought to read something (the Niner playbook would be a good first read) like the transcripts from the Michael Brown case that proves “hands up, don’t shoot” to have been a total lie and for that matter, that most of what Black Lives Matter espouses is nothing short of a race war and the murder of innocent Policemen and Policewomen. Did Colin’s white parents oppress him, too? Did Jim Harbaugh oppress him when he taught how to play the position and reach a Super Bowl?

    I think this is all BS and that Kaep can’t be so stupid. I think he and his agent realized he’s close to being cut so they came up with this faux-protest to make the Niners look like racists if they cut him. In which case, Kaepernick is one of the worst race-baiters in America, along with being a flash-in-the-pan QB.

  93. rbblum says:

    Gotta be honest and admit, with all the publicity generated, Keapernick’s words and actions besmirch the NFL brand.

  94. Edwin Schaefer says:

    I for one WILL not watch the NFL again

  95. Boycott this black militant POS

  96. tonymarini says:

    How come Kapernick has a right to protest…not standing during the national anthem…and many people voice “respect” for his right to do so…but folks who wish to fly the Confederate battle flag, for whatever reasons, are deemed racists and worse???

    We have a two-tiered system now where whites are automatically ascribed nefarious and racist intentions whenever they do or say something. For black folks, not so much.

  97. eddie362014 says:

    Get him a one way ticket to Somalia.

Comments are closed.

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