More Drama Surrounds Beauty Queen Who Claims Chris Brown Pulled A Gun On Her

PASADENA ( —   More drama is surrounding the beauty queen who claims Chris Brown pulled a gun on her.

Baylee Curran for two months  wore the crown and held the title of Miss California Regional.

“We’re not here to attack Miss Curran in any way. We’re here to clear our name as an organization,” says Joshua James, spokesman for the Miss California Regional pageant.

While the pageant is trying to distance themselves from Curran, . the 24-year-old former beauty queen remains in the spotlight after calling the cops on Brown earlier this week.

She was quoted by “Entertainment Tonight” saying, “He was threatening me with the gun, in my face. ”

Brown, holed up for hours, kept police at bay outside his Tarzana home.

Chris Brown's Tarzana home

Chris Brown’s Tarzana home

He was eventually booked for assault with a deadly weapon.

Curran faces her own accusation that she stole a purse from a New York hotel. The pageant says she wasn’t so squeaky clean while she served as their queen.

“We did investigate an allegation regarding racy photos. They were not full nude photos,” said James.

The pageant says that the racy photos were enough to dismiss her but there was even more to strip the queen of her title.

“Verbal threats made to contestants. And then racial remarks,” said James.

Alyssa Smith, 24, now holds the title, but the pageant says Curran has not returned the crown or the sash.

“It’s just unfortunate that the rest of us are being subject to this,” said Smith, “when we’re still doing what we’re supposed to do.”

Johnson said she tried getting comments from Curran but hasn’t heard back.

The pageant says they are not pursuing legal action against Curran, and they also would not give a dollar amount for the crown or sash.


One Comment

  1. “Racial remarks”.. I don’t think so.. the gal’s hanging out with black rappers at 2 a.m.

  2. Joshua James haircut makes him look like he takes it in the seat!!

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