Women In Venice Beach, Nationwide Go Topless In Push For Equality

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A group of about 50 women and men are walking topless in the oceanside Los Angeles neighborhood of Venice to demand that females get the same legal right as males to walk bare-chested in public.

The protesters are participating Sunday in the neighborhood’s annual Go Topless march, one of several pro-topless marches planned for around the nation.

The march in Venice was organized by gotopless.org, a group that calls for equal rights to go topless for women and men.

The marchers walked behind a giant inflatable pink breast that had the phrase “equal topless rights” written on it. One marcher carried a sign that said: “My Body Is Not A Crime.”

“We’re working toward freeing women’s nipples and obtaining equal gender topless rights that are enforced worldwide,” Beatrice Charles, a GoTopless spokeswoman who leads the organization’s LA branch, told a publication.

The protesters were countered at the start of the march by a group against allowing women to go topless in public that held up a giant inflatable Bible.

Last year, the Venice neighborhood community council passed by a 12-2 voter a resolution in favor of bringing topless sunbathing back to Venice Beach. Nude beaches are banned in Los Angeles County.

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One Comment

  1. I am all for equal rights with women. Let’s make it illegal for men to walk around outside topless. Less BS and my eyes don’t have to be punished as much.

  2. Andy says:

    Why stop there. Why not men and woman go bottomless. If it is not sexual, who cares. I know, lets make everyday life a nudist colony. Shouldn’t be hard to explain to he kids.I don’t have a problem with woman going topless. They do it in Europe. But Americans, especially men, get to excited to easy when they see a woman topless. I agree, there is a time for sexual arousal and there is a time for “just relax” it is not a sexual thing. People need to grow up. My wife is probably going to kill me🙂

  3. Can I leer, though? If you looked at a topless dude, he wouldn’t care — that’s why he’s out jogging. If you’re out topless, are you intentional eye candy? Because I can definitely get with that.

  4. IAMFORGOD says:

    why stop with topless?why not bottomless? we allow every other kind of sin. lets just allow sex on the beach too( “its just natural “) why have any decency laws? why not just see how perverted we can make the USA? Who would of thought years ago it could be possible to sit back on a beach and smoke pot & drink beer and watch chicks go by with bare boobs? any body heard of Sodom & Gomorrah?

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