DEVORE ( — An Inland Empire couple beaten in their home is thanking the sharp firefighter who captured the man they say is responsible.

Allison Elliott got a black eye protecting her husband Charles when the couple says a tenant renting an RV on their property in the 17900 block of Hillcrest Drive in Devore attacked them Monday, sending Charles to the hospital.

“I got mad. I had to defend my husband,” Allison Elliott said.

Charles, 73, says he was beaten up after confronting their tenant, 59-year-old Dennis Dickinson, about being drunk on the property.

“They did a CAT Scan on my brain to make sure I didn’t have any bleeding,” Charles said. “I think he needs to get some jail time. I think he needs to learn nobody owes him nothing.”

Dickinson ran away, leaving Charles with serious body wounds and a swollen, red eye.

When San Bernardino County Fire Capt. John Flesher arrived, he remembered seeing a man who fit Dickinson’s description near a ravine, and took deputies there.

“They got beat up pretty bad, so I was pretty happy that we did catch the gentleman,” Flesher said.

“Even at my age, sometimes I remember things. Especially in your community, you try to be aware. You try to know who you are dealing with,” he said.

The Elliotts are happy Flesher has a good memory.

“I appreciate the fire department because they was on the ball,” Charles said.

Dickinson was jailed on felony battery charges.


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