DWP Boosts ‘Cash In Your Lawn’ Rebate For Residential Customers

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Angelenos can turn their water-friendly lawns into green for their pockets under a new Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) program.

KNX 1070’s Megan Goldsby reports the DWP will pay customers $3 per square foot to replace their lawn with drought-friendly plants.

DWP Boosts 'Cash In Your Lawn' Rebate For Residential Customers

knx logo black DWP Boosts Cash In Your Lawn Rebate For Residential Customers

Under its “Cash In Your Lawn” program launched in May, residential DWP customers were offered $2 per square foot to use “California Friendly” plants and other water-wise landscaping to help reduce an estimated 300 million gallons of drinking water delivered daily to Los Angeles that’s used for watering outdoors.

But federal and state grants have allowed the DWP to offer an additional $1 per foot starting last month for any residents willing to substitute their lawn with native plants, rock gardens, or even artificial turf.

Customers interested in the program must pre-apply for a rebate and receive DWP approval before starting the turf replacement project.

Eligible customers will receive a rebate up to 2,000 square feet of lawn replaced for a maximum cash repayment of $6,000. DWP officials may also inspect the lawn before it is removed, and return when the project is completed.

DWP’s Rick Silva said even residents who aren’t willing to completely replace their lawn should consider at least replacing old, wasteful sprinklers.

“Utilities are putting more emphasis on customers trying to reduce how much water they’re using,” said Silva. “The sprinklers put down water at the rate of two gallons per minute or so, and that leads to runoff.”

Over 8 million square feet of turf has been replaced since DWP implemented the California Friendly landscaping incentive program in 2009, resulting in 250 million gallons of water saved, according to officials.

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