AZUSA ( — A young girl was saved from a would-be kidnapper by her brave mother, who says her daughter is left traumatized from the incident.

Alexa Hernandez, 5, l was playing in an apartment complex in the 500 block of E. Gladstone St. when a man, who is still on the loose, grabbed her.

The girl’s mother, Kimberly, said Alexa was playing just a few yards away from her, when she lost sight of her daughter for a moment before hearing her screams.

Kimberly says Alexa was running, when the man grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground.

“…and then she got up and he threw her back down, and that’s when she got up again, and that’s when she came this way, and he was holding her by the shirt,” Kimberly said.

The suspect was scared off by Hernandez, as well as a number of neighbors.

“We don’t have any additional leads at this point in time, and we’re seeking the public’s help in obtaining some,” Azusa Police Lt. Paul Dennis said.

Hernandez, meanwhile, says that she had never seen the suspect before the alleged attempted kidnapping.

“I was telling the police yesterday, we just moved here about almost four weeks ago, and we hardly know anybody here,” Hernandez said.

It is clear that the event has had an effect on little Alexa, who, according to her mother, is still traumatized.

“Every little noise, even turning on the (air conditioner), she didn’t want us turning on the AC, because he was going to come back,” Hernandez said. “And right now we’re just overwhelmed.”




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