COSTA MESA (  —  Authorities say a tragedy was avoided in Costa Mesa Thursday when a police officer brought a 4-year-old girl back from a near-drowning.

Officials, and the girl’s mother, credit the quick-thinking officer with saving the little girl’s life.

The reunion between the officer and the little girl is a story you will see Only On KCAL9.

Stacey Butler, reporting for KCAL9, said the story started with a 911 call.

Mother Sara Villasenor can be heard on the call pleading for help for her daughter, Nina.

“My daughter is 4-years-old. She’s not breathing,” says Villasenor.

The operator then says, “Your daughter’s 4-years-old and isn’t breathing?”

“She’s not breathing please hurry,” says Villasenor.

The girl had fallen into her grandfather’s pool. She was found face down. It was unclear how long she was in the water, she had removed her floaties.

And when police arrived to the home around 6:45 p.m., they said the girl was unconscious, didn’t have a heart beat and unresponsive.

After yelling, Sara told Butler she began to pray.

“Please God, do not take her. Do not take her,” she said.

Seconds later, she said Costa Mesa Officer Matt Olin came busting through the door.

“He was like an angel,” Villasenor said.

“I put her on her side and started giving her back blows,” says Olin. “I tried to stimulate her and get some of that water out of her lungs.”

His digital recorder caught the dramatic rescue on tape. He can be heard audibly thumping the girl’s back and begging for her to breathe.

Tonight, an emotional reunion as the hero cop and the little girl embraced.

Her mom knows that without Olin the story wouldn’t have had a happy ending.

“If that wasn’t God working,” says Villasenor, “I don’t know what was.”

Butler said Villasenor spoke to her in an effort to help other families. California has the second-highest rate of pool deaths in the country.

Officials told Butler as the temperatures heat up, they remind parents to remain extra vigilant and watchful over children — especially those under the age of five.



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