LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — A video showing BMX riders bunny hopping over homeless people near Skid Row has sparked debate.

Adam Grandmaison, the owner of OSS, a local BMX shop at 5th and Main streets, said he posted the video on Facebook.

“I basically hit the share button on Facebook, so I shared it on my thing. I wasn’t necessarily thinking of that as an endorsement,” he said.

Grandmaison said the freestyle BMX riders are his friends and none of them meant to disregard or disrespect the homeless.

“I definitely should have been more conscious of what I was doing when I hit the share button, but at the same time, we have a pretty good relationship with the people around here and I think for the most part they know that we don’t have any negative feelings toward the homeless,” he said.

Grandmaison said the homeless people were never in any danger because the riders are professional and can jump much higher.

He said he was surprised by all of the negative attention the video received.

“If we have to take a little flack for something that’s controversial in order for people to realize there is a big BMX scene out in LA, then I can deal with it,” Grandmaison said.

Grandmaison told CBS2’s Amy Johnson that he’s not taking the video down.

“I don’t necessarily agree with it, but I don’t really think it necessitates taking it down,” he said.

The Los Angeles Police Department said they don’t see anything criminal in the video, but will take a closer look to make sure there isn’t a problem with mistreating the homeless.


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