AZUSA ( — At least one home in Azusa has sustained visible damage by this weekend’s intense rain and mudflow.

Aerial footage showed Ed Heinlein’s backyard on Ridge View Drive buried in about one foot of mud.

“You can see how the mud came down this hillside here, taking down this fence, filling this backyard. Basically, pushing up this one house,” Sky2’s Stu Mundel reported.

On Saturday, a third day of rain sent additional mud and debris into Heinlein’s backyard. Three major mudslides had already taken out the steel fence from his patio.

“We’re up to anywhere from three to 10 feet of mud in the backyard and sludge and debris,” Heinlein said.

He added, “The house is still in pretty good shape. We protected it.”

Heinlein also told CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen that he’s been on the phone with his insurance company. But he’s been told mud damage is not covered.

“They tell you to file [the claim] and they’re not going to pay anything,” Heinlein said.

On Saturday, residents on Ridge View Drive told CBS2’s Bobby Kaple that they were grateful the rain had finally stopped.

Resident Lorenzo Tatone described the mud flow as “a roaring river. I mean, you could really hear it. I heard it before I even opened the door.”

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