HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — Hollywood homeowner Nicole Alaimo has a series of home renovation plans that she’s anxious to get done, but she recently faced a snag.

“When you go to the [Los Angeles County] Department of Building and Safety to get your permit, and they hand you this piece of paper that says, ‘Sorry, we’re not giving permits anymore to anyone in Hollywood.’ It just totally throws you,” she said.

As a result of a court ordered injunction on the 2012 Hollywood Community Plan, the Department of Building and Safety gave Alaimo a notice that states, “Until the City has the opportunity to review the judgment, and to determine what permits it may issue under the judgment, no permits (excluding express permits), entitlements or approvals shall be issued.”

Asked about the specifics of some of the permits she needs, Alaimo said, “Windows and cosmetic renovations….really, you kind of need a permit for everything.”

Alaimo said the replacement of three windows hasn’t been approved, which means she’s not sure when the work on her home can be completed.

Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, who represents Hollywood, said a motion gained full support Tuesday to help move things along.

The motion still needs to go through the Planning Commission before it can be adopted, but O’Farrell hopes that happens by the end of March.

“What that will do is it will trigger certain administrative requirements for developments in Hollywood,” he said.

Meantime, Alaimo said she and her family are renting an apartment as they wait for word on their permit requests.

“We knew we would have to live in this apartment for approximately three months, but if because of this situation we end up going past the three months, then it’ll definitely throw our numbers,” she said.

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