LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The Winter Olympics get underway this week in Sochi.

And KROQ radio personality Nicole Alvarez will be there rooting for her brother, speed skater Eddy Alvarez, who will be competing in short track speed skating.

She talked with KNX1070’s Jim Thornton and Diane Thompson Tuesday, insisting that despite security concerns and fighting an illness of her own, she will soon be heading to the coastal Russian city to cheer him on.

“To tell you the truth, I was [concerned] at first – to the point that I wasn’t sleeping at night,” she said.

“…I was really, really scared, but now that my brother’s there and talking to a bunch of experts and other people that are there and involved, I feel less worried because I know how secure everything is,” Nicole said, adding that her sibling’s physical stamina seems to be rubbing off.

“When your brother’s competing in the Olympics, you start to feel superhuman,” she said of kicking her cold.

Nicole also revealed that just two years ago, doctors had to repair both of Eddy’s knees.

Against all odds, he not only recovered but became one of the top competitive ice speed skaters in the country.

“His entire life he’s been working hard and kicking butt and then he got injured and sidelined. He had surgery on both knees and they said, ‘Your career’s over buddy,'” she recalled.

“He had that hunger, that fire, that passion for the Olympics still in him, and I watched that kid fight his way back. And now he’s representing the United States of America.”


KROQ’s Nicole Alvarez On Seeing Olympian Brother Despite Terror Threats: ‘Nothing Could Stop Me’


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