SIMI VALLEY ( — A Simi Valley man says his 13-year-old daughter was targeted by an 18-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting two women and a young girl.

Christopher Ng appeared in court Wednesday on charges he used the internet to find and sexually molest women as young as 13.

Simi Valley police say Ng went by the alias Chris Pastrana online, where he allegedly lured girls, ranging from 13 to 41 years old, and then sexually assaulted them.

A Simi Valley man, who asked not to be identified, showed CBS2/KCAL9 reporter Bobby Kaple Facebook conversations between the suspect and his 13-year-old daughter from late December.

“Back then, she told me she had blocked someone who was trying to bully her,” the father said.

In the online conversation, his daughter wrote, “What school do you go to?”

“Ofl its a home school 😦 transferred from simi high lol hbu [How about you]?” Pastrana replied.

“So you live in simi? Have we see actually met? Just wondering,” the girl wrote.

“Ya I live in simi and I think I saw/met u at the [sic] coffebean/starbucks one time ago hahaha but ya u live in Simi??” Pastrana wrote.

Eventually, the girl tells him she has to go, but the suspect kept pursuing her.

“Do you not understand what bye means?” the girl wrote.

Pastrana wrote: “U better check yourself ***** piece of **** Don’t ever talk to me like that.”

Finally, the girl wrote, “Check yourself punk I know for a FACT that I have never met you. I don’t go to coffee shops…what you are doing is cyber stalking so I would suggest you stop talking to me before I tell the authorities.”

“Call 911 see what they say I dare you :),” Pastrana replied.

The girl’s father says he’s glad she didn’t fall victim to Ng.

“I think we’ve learned a big lesson. My daughter wasn’t a victim, but the potential was very high,” the man said.

Investigators believe there are other victims and urge anyone with information to call Simi Valley police.


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