Find Your Zen This Holiday Season With These Yoga Poses

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textalerts180 Find Your Zen This Holiday Season With These Yoga Poses

STUDIO CITY ( — Kristen Eykel, a Yoga expert, appeared on KCAL9 News on Saturday morning to share yoga poses and offer tips for staying Zen this holiday season.

Eykel works for Total Woman Gym + Spa. Among the tips, she recommended the following:

POSTURE #1: Harmonizing with Breath:
While standing, move head from shoulder-to-shoulder. Inhaling alternately to each side with a measured time, allows for a calming of the mind and balancing of the brain. The eyes are in the Drishti of the third eye allowing for a contemplative state as well as creating a hormonal connection via the Pituitary gland to send relaxing hormones throughout the body.

POSTURE #2: Release Tension with Punching Arms:
Standing with gently bent knees allows for the work to be centered in the upper body. Alternately, reach each arm forward and with a strong grasping pull and a fisted hand, begin to work into the rib cage and lungs. The upper body moves rapidly as the arms come back deeply creating a sense of opening in the heart center and rib cage.

POSTURE #3: Restore your Body and Mind in Archer Pose:
From standing position, bring right foot about 2 to 3 feet in front of the left foot. Turn the left foot outwards 90 degrees so it is at a right angle with the right foot. Keeping the right knee over the right ankle, draw and then hold arms like you are stringing a bow. Archer Pose is an excellent heart opener when you feel overwhelmed and it can give a stronger sense of balance in the body and mind.

For more information, visit Total Woman Gym + Spa online.

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