STUDIO CITY ( — A Studio City woman is heartbroken after burglars stole her dog.

Karen Chamberlain said she came home from work and found her apartment ransacked and her 6-year-old Maltese, Jack, gone.

Jack’s dog carrier was also taken, along with Chamberlain’s laptop and personal documents.

“I knew that not only did he just not run out, but they didn’t just stick him under their coat,” Chamberlain said.

Witnesses told police they saw two men break in and a woman on the lookout in the hallway.

Chamberlain has filed a police report, but there have been no arrests.

“I just can’t imagine how confused and scared he is not knowing where I am, and why I haven’t come to get him, and who these strangers are that have him,” she said.

Fliers are now posted in hopes somehow Jack will get home.

“All I care about is getting back Jack. He’s just my heart, and he was gone, and my world sort of fell out from under me,” Chamberlain said.


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