STUDIO CITY ( — Marley Majcher, CEO of The Party Goddess, visited KCAL9 Wednesday to share tips for throwing a Halloween party.

From indulging guests with candy apples to dressing up pumpkins, Marley explained how to incorporate everyday household items into Halloween décor.

Majcher shared the following ideas:

  • Candy Apples!

Indulge your guests with mini caramel apples and to complete the look, add a willow stick to each apple.

  • Spike it or don’t- it’s up to you!

Whether or not you are having an adult only party or including the kids, there are lots of drinks that can be made with or without alcohol. It’s best to buy a large drink dispenser so you only have to make the batch once!  Make a green Spider Cider using rum, apple cider, and some green food dye.  Leave the rum out of the recipe for the kids.  Throw some plastic spiders in the beverage dispenser for an added bonus!

  • Pumpkin Fun!

Instead of carving out pumpkins this year, use cool vinyl decals to dress up your pumpkins instead. Less mess and many ways to play!

  • Floating candles & apples!

Remember when you used to bob for apples as a kid and get your face and hair wet? Probably not something you want to have at an adult party, but the Halloween tradition can be used to add your décor.  Find some smaller, shallow, vintage metal tubs and fill them with water.  Then add some red apples and white floating candles.  This would be the perfect centerpiece for your tables.

  • Dust Things Up!

Don’t run out and purchase new Halloween décor! Use what you have laying around the house such as old books or candleholders. Just add some dust using baby powder mixed with a grey powdered paint and don’t forget the spider webs!

  • Get the kids to help!

Have the kids bring one of their favorite stuffed animals over for the party.  At the beginning of the evening, set up a table with rolls of toilet paper and have the kids wrap up their stuffed animals.  Each kid now has their very own mummy stuffed animal.


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