LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — For the first time in over forty years, nearly half of the Los Angeles City Council will be made up of new members.

Mayor Eric Garcetti was welcomed along with the new members on Tuesday and addressed the council.

“For all of you that are here, let us take this next session of these next two years to put LA on track, to put recession in the rear-view mirror, to do the right things for business…” Garcetti stated.

Political Consultant Harvey Englander suggests that the council has plenty of experience to get things done.

“What you have is a group of people with a tremendous amount of legislative experience, a tremendous amount of political experience, and what that gives us is the ability to make hard decisions with people who have already made hard decisions,” Englander suggested. “They know what they’re doing.”

13 of the 15 members on the council have either won state-wide election or local election, or have worked for someone who has been elected.

Now that the council has settled in, a number of early key issues face them, including pension reform, funding for fire departments, tree trimming, pot hole filling, and the deadline for Farmer’s Field, making it more practical for the city to get an NFL team.


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