LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com)  — The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals announced Friday that same-sex marriages can resume in California immediately.

After the Supreme Court on Wednesday decided to not rule on a Prop 8 case — in affect striking it down — it was thought that it would take as long as a month for the 9th Circuit to reverse Prop 8 on the books.

The nation’s highest court rules proponents of the controversial 2008 ballot measure lacked the proper standing to appeal a lower-court ruling.

The ruling essentially allowed the original federal court ruling to stand, striking down Prop. 8.

The resumption of weddings was left on hold because of an earlier stay that had been issued by the 9th Circuit Court while the case was pending.

The 9th Circuit issued a one-sentence order Friday reading, “The stay in the above matter is dissolved effective immediately.”

Dean Logan, Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, said Wednesday his office was “prepared to accommodate any potential volume increases” from same-sex couples trying to obtain marriage licenses.

“We do not foresee any delays or interruption in service for our customers,” he said.

Marriage licenses in Los Angeles County can be obtained online at https://marriage.lavote.net/OMLS. Couples are encouraged to fill out the application online and bring the confirmation page to the clerk’s office, along with a $90 license fee.

In a statement, Lorri L. Jean, CEO of the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, wrote, “For all of us celebrating Pride this weekend, it’s going to feel a lot more like Christmas! By lifting the stay on Judge Walker’s ruling so quickly, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has given us an incredible gift. Every day we’ve waited since the Supreme Court issued its opinion is another day we’ve suffered the indignity of delayed justice and each day has meant real harm to same-sex couples who want to marry. But no longer. We applaud and thank the 9th circuit for responding so quickly.”


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