Can You Take The Heat? Take Part In Chichen Itza’s Habanero Eating Contest!

STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Can you take the heat?

Chef Gilberto Cetina from Chichen Itza Restaurant stopped by KCAL9 to viewers about the restaurant’s 3rd Annual Habanero Eating Contest!

Brave contestants taking part in the Father’s Day contest will be given a bowl of chile habaneros along with a plate of tacos of cochinita pibil. The person who eats the most chiles during the timed event will win a gift certificate to the restaurant.

The contest begins at 2 p.m. June 1 at Chichen Itza Restaurant, 3655 S. Grand Ave.

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    […] This sauce from the South East L.A. Yucatan-style restaurant does not mess around. A vinegar base barely mellows out the heat of habaneros, which are roasted and blended into something resembling liquid fire. A little goes a long way here, unless pain is your pleasure. Think you can drink the stuff? Consider entering Chichén Itzá’s annual habanero eating contest. […]

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