CRENSHAW ( — Students at Crenshaw High School are planning to protest the fatal shooting of a classmate’s father who died after he was struck by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies on May 18.

Officials said Terry Laffitte was aggressive and aimed a weapon at them before the shooting occurred. His family insists he was complying with orders, on the ground, and unarmed.

The march, which is planned to coincide with Laffitte’s funeral, is scheduled to take place after school on Tuesday. Members of BAMN (the Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action Integration and Immigrant Rights and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary) are also scheduled to join the protest.

Laffitte’s youngest daughter, Tyzhane, attends Crenshaw High.

“A badge is not a license to kill. This vicious murder will mark the beginning of a struggle in Los Angeles to take on all the racist second-class treatment black and Latina and Latino people in LA receive. Today we stand united to say ‘No more’ to second-class treatment, police brutality, and violence,” BAMN National Organizer Hoku Jeffrey.

“We have a right to know the names of the cops who hunted Tyzhane’s father down in the dark and murdered him,” Lyric Rugley, a high school student at City of Angels high school and BAMN organizer said. “I know from experience if I keep pushing for something from people in authority I can get what I want. That’s what we are going to do all over LA. We will not be denied.”

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