LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Officials have a warning for female students who live near LA City College.

Authorities say a sexual predator may be on the loose.

A student says a man exposed himself to her and she took cell phone video to prove it.

The student who took the video says she took it so the man would stop acting inappropriately. But she says it only enticed him to keep going.  The man is shown performing a sexual act on himself in a campus parking lot.

The victim told KCAL9’s Brittney Hopper, “Probably he’s a sick individual, he needs help and to also be off the streets.”

The woman didn’t want her face shown on camera — fearing he might come after her.  “The campus should be a safe place for anybody,” she said.

LACC student Matt Mullins knows the victim and says he went to campus police with the recording. He claims campus police aren’t doing enough to stop this from happening again. Mullins says Friday morning a second incident was reported. Same description. Same inappropriate act. “They should have done something because I had video evidence of it happening,” said Mullins.

Campus police told Hopper they are taking this matter “very seriously” and are investigating.

The woman says although she was shocked by what she was seeing, she took the video hoping it won’t happen again. “Evidence so this won’t happen to another student,” said the victim.


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