LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  If you think you have tried everything to lose weight, think again.

There’s something new in the Southland and it’s helping many people shed excess pounds.

It’s called Iobella (pronounced EE-a-bella) and looks futuristic. But CBS2 and KCAL9’s Health reporter Lisa Sigell says that the technique is really decades old.

Arlene Hurwitz is one of those people who have tried “everything” to lose weight. “Yoga, Pilates, stairs. And then I found this…it looked like a space shuttle.”

European and South American women have been using these Iobella pods for more than 40 years, says Sigell.

Goli Shamie of Iobella says, “It started in Switzerland, then Italy, then Argentina.”

The capsules have now landed locally — in Santa Monica to be specific.

They take your full body measurements — weight, body fat and areas to be targeted. Each routine designed for the individual.  And the pods have a purpose.

Explains Shamie, “The pods are heated to the body’s natural temperature — 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This helps maximize fat and calorie burning and speeds up the metabolism. Working out in an environment that matches your body temperature helps trim inches in problem areas, safely and effectively.”

The routine is decidedly intense — it’s 30 minutes and … says Sigell will kick your butt.

On the plus side, she says, there is a Part 2 to the treatment.: an oxygen-infused relaxation tank to rejuvenate.

One pod for sculpting another for pampering.  Both Iobella clients Sigell spoke to are fond of the treatment.

Hurwitz said, “I feel complete. It’s a complete treatment for me.”

The treatments can be pricey — the weight loss package starts at less than $1,000. But they also guarantee results in six sessions. For that price you also get a dietician at your beck and call, repeat visits and use of the spa.

For more about Iobella, including a free consultation and body assessment, click here.

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