STUDIO CITY ( — The cold dry air mass that has brought us the bitter cold temperatures before sunrise for the past several mornings continues today.

While it may be a degree or two warmer than yesterday morning, it’s still quite cold throughout our wind protected communities.

Today’s daytime highs will be slightly warmer than yesterday…but the big concern as we make our way through the morning will be gusty winds. We can expect some pretty fierce winds over the San Gabriel Valley by sunrise…but those gusts should pull back as the day progresses.

High pressure is nosing into the west over the next couple of days and we will start warming up. Instead of temps 5 to 10 degrees below average…we should be popping up 3 to 7 degrees above average.

The high will park itself over the west through next week. This will leave us in a dry spell through at least Tuesday next week. There is some indication the high will break down by the middle of next week.

Coast-low 60s
Basin-low 60s
Valleys-low 60s
Mountains-mid 30s
Deserts-upper 40s


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