Shark Falls From The Sky, Lands On OC Golf Course

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO ( —  A 2-pound leopard shark fell from the sky on Monday and landed on an Orange County golf course.

Golfers came across the fishy surprise on the 12th hole at the San Juan Hills Golf Club in San Juan Capistrano, which is two miles from the beach.

Witnesses said the shark was flopping around when an employee grabbed it and took it into a clubhouse.

“I kinda felt bad, so I went into the kitchen, got a bucket, filled it up with water,” said cart attendant, Bryan Stizer. “They took some pictures. I drove down to Dana Point Harbor and flopped it off into the shore line. And it actually swam away, so it survived.”

Stizer said the shark had a puncture wound on its fin with fresh blood, so he thinks a bird may have dropped it on the golf course.

California Fish and Game, however, said that there is a black market for leopard sharks and it may have gotten dumped on the course after getting too big for someone’s tank.

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