MALIBU ( — Police pulled over about 40 people on a party bus at gunpoint Saturday after two passengers allegedly vandalized a car with people still inside.

The incident happened just after midnight near the Malibu Pier.

That’s when a fight broke out between two men boarding the bus and two women in a parked car, according to Lt. Robert Wiard with the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Department.

Deputies said one of the women called 911 to complain that two suspects smashed up her car with a bottle and the butt of a handgun.

“They said one of the suspects threw something at their window and shattered the front window,” Wiard said. “The victims were in fear…whether a gun was involved or not. Just imagine sitting in a car and people were breaking your windows, you’d be terrified and afraid.”

The suspects took off in the party bus, but the victims followed them until deputies caught up with the vehicle near the 710 freeway and Olympic Boulevard.

Police removed all of the passengers from the bus with their guns drawn.

Deandra Johnson, 24, and Keith Avery, 23, were arrested and booked on assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats and vandalism.


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