SOUTH PASADENA ( — Gotcha! 27-year-old Joshua Rivera didn’t have the chance to say “Cheese.”

Police say, seconds after Rivera busted through the window of a South Pasadena apartment, the homeowner was there to capture his picture.

Dave Booth told CBS2 and KCAL9 reporter Carter Evans, following a break-in several weeks ago — where several bottles of wine were stolen from his wine rack — that this time he was ready for any intruders.

Literally ready and armed…with a camera. “I just heard this crash and I turn around and he’s just standing there at the window,” says Booth.

“When I was gone, at work, I’d come back and there’d be less and less wine,” says Booth.

At first Booth thought a friend might be coming over and swiping a bottle or two. So he changed the locks.

But the wine kept disappearing. And, the thief, never took anything other than the alcohol. “Nothing was missing but alcohol, nothing.”

Determined to catch a thief, Booth stayed home today — but not before closing the curtains and moving his car so it looked like his place would be unoccupied.

Around 1 p.m., a visit from his wine-loving intruder.

Says Booth, “He smacked that window in such a way that it just flew open. I tuned around and saw him and I went on the bed with my camera and I took a picture of him.”

Booth called police. They picked up Joshua Rivera down the block.

Turns out, Rivera wasn’t going far to get his wine fix. He and Booth are neighbors.

Evans knocked on Rivera’s door in an attempt to get a comment, but he is still in custody.

Booth doesn’t know Rivera well, nor does he understand why he only stole the booze. “I’m still going to hold him accountable legally but maybe this will force him to do whatever he needs to do.”


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