Bed Bug Sightings Confirmed At L.A. Central Library

LOS ANGELES ( — One bed bug found crawling across a book has led to officials confirming the presence of the bloodthirsty, resilient creatures at the L.A. Central Library.

There have been at least two separate sightings of lone bed bugs at the library – one on Aug. 9, crawling across a reference desk in the Science & Technology Department, and one on Labor Day, walking across a page of a novel a library patron had taken home, according to the L.A. Weekly.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the newspaper she put the book in a Ziplock bag and questioned Central Library personnel until she got confirmation of the presence of the pests.

“We’ve had reports [of bed bugs] from all over the place. We’re spraying all over. But we hadn’t heard they’d gotten to Literature yet,” the woman was told, according to the LA Weekly.

A spokesman for the Los Angeles Public Library System confirmed the bed bug sighting on Aug. 9, according to the newspaper, and that it was the only bed bug found in any library in the system.

Bed bugs can be found traveling alone, but will often congregate in small clusters.


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