Chairs Placed By Clint Eastwood Cutout On Glendale Hiking Trail

GLENDALE (AP) — These days, wherever you see Clint Eastwood, an empty chair is sure to follow. Even if you’re on a hike.

A life-sized cutout of a cowboy Eastwood has stood on a trail overlooking a freeway in Glendale for months, but on Tuesday a pair of chairs were next to him, one also a cardboard cutout, the other an actual wooden chair.

They’re a clear reference to Eastwood’s interaction with an imaginary President Obama in an empty chair at the Republican National Convention last week.

Eastwood and the chair have fueled a social media meme that’s shown no signs of slowing.

An artist erected the cutouts of Eastwood and other Hollywood western heroes along the trail in Glendale, but it’s not clear where the chairs came from.

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