OC Students Claim Teacher Corrupted High School Election

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FULLERTON (CBSLA.com) — Students at a Fullerton high school claim a special education teacher rigged the student body elections for president and vice president.

A Troy High School student said nobody would have known Jenny Redmond, 28, corrupted the election if VP candidate Jacob Bigham didn’t hack into the school system after overhearing the password in the teacher’s lounge.

“He went into that account and checked and saw that he should have won his election along with one other student,” said Ryan Krong.

However, two other students won when the results were revealed.

Students said Redmond thought the wrong candidates had been chosen.

The OC Register reported Bigham was suspended for five days for hacking.

Although he’ll be the vice president next year, Bigham went before the district to ask them to expunge his record of suspension because he’s trying to get into UC Berkeley next fall.

The superintendent said a number of staff didn’t follow the school rules and there will be disciplinary consequences.

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