ANAHEIM (— About 250 Anaheim residents attended a special city council meeting Wednesday night to voice their frustrations in the wake of two officer-involved shootings in July.

Police shot and killed 25-year-old Manuel Diaz as he ran from officers on July 21.  Some people in the community blamed the cops for the shooting, while others looked at the lack of Latino representation on the council.

Some residents demanded a Citizen’s Review Board of the police department and elections by district.

“We need redistricting, we need representation. We need people who are going to vote for the right candidates. We need transparency with the police department,” said activist Joanne Sosa.

Genevieve Huizar, Diaz’s mother, addressed the council and asked for justice for her son, but was interrupted by another resident.

“You’re a horrible mother,” the man shouted.

Huizar said she wasn’t surprised by the comment.

“I know there are good and bad feelings on both sides,” she said.

There were also a number of residents who took a stand on behalf of the Anaheim officers.

“The problem is not the police department,” said Alexandra Ariza. “The problem is the citizens of the community who refuse to work with police. The police don’t need to change; the people do.”

KCAL9’s Stacey Butler reports there were no protests or riots at the meeting, which was unlike the scene at Anaheim City Hall just a few weeks ago when residents threw rocks and vandalized businesses.

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