NORWALK (CBS) — Authorities say they have seized 8,000 pounds of illegal mortars, bottle rockets, roman candles and other commercial-grade fireworks worth more than $20,000.

Deputies from the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station went to a public storage facility in the 10900 block of Firestone Boulevard Tuesday to follow up on a tip about a large quantity of illegal fireworks stored there. A Sheriff’s Transit Services Bureau explosive detection K-9 alerted to the suspected storage locker, which contained 91 cases of illegal fireworks.

The fireworks were turned over to the Los Angeles County Fire Department for safe disposal. In the wrong hands, such fireworks holds the potential for fires and major burns, KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports.

The registered owner of the public storage unit is not in custody, but sheriff’s officials say a criminal case will be submitted to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for filing consideration.

Any item that explodes, rises in the air and moves about on the ground, or any fireworks not labeled “Safe and Sane” by the State Fire Marshal, is illegal in the state of California.

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