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Big News! Some Princess Wants You to Buy Some Stuff She Likes

...Or, she's a countess, or something. I kinda tuned-out
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(credit: Su-E Tan) Kent Shocknek
Kent Shocknek, anchors weekday prime-time newscasts on CBS-TV's KCAL9...
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Emails to news reporters are filled with secret tips, background information, story details, and … this: a picture of  a woman who claims to be a countess, claiming to use some cold product.  It’s hard to know exactly where to start, but here goes….

Why is a cold-fighting product sponsoring a luncheon that involves a red carpet? Who is the Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, and why — if she probably has her own castle, back in the old country — does she have to shill for this, or any product? Why am I on this PR agency’s mailing list?  But it’s all worthwhile, once I read the key quote in the  press release:

“Because of long taping schedules and many interviews, appearances and performances, it’s absolutely necessary to always have this cold remedy on hand because a scratchy throat can hinder a busy life.”

Oh. Now I feel much better.  I just wish she’d told me where I could buy some: even if I don’t have a cold.

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