LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Angelenos must have hockey fever, because photos and video of a shiny Stanley Cup alongside the iconic Hollywood sign are making the rounds online.

The Los Angeles Kings will play the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday in Game 4 in the Stanley Cup Finals. Already up 3-0, the Kings could make history as the only No. 8 seed to win the championship, and win Los Angeles its first-ever Cup.

With hockey fever settling in over Los Angeles, is it any wonder people believe they’ve been seeing the iconic Stanley Cup shining alongside the Hollywood sign?

A video of the sight was posted last week on YouTube, and featured on the LA Kings Official Online Community.

“Went for a trip to LA today and saw this shiny object next to the Hollywood sign. I thought I’d get closer abnd [sic] quickly realized it’s a HUGE Stanley Cup. Who says LA isn’t a hockey town…look at it!!!” the video’s owner, 8randyn8 wrote.

There’s no official word on what the shining object really was, and if it was a prank, no one has officially come forward to claim credit.

A CBS2 crew drove by the sign Wednesday and did not see any trophy.

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