STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Teri Gault, founder of The Grocery Game, is back at KCAL9 with summer money saving tips!

First a few key tips for Maximum savings at anytime of the year, but especially during the summer season where lots of great things go on sale!

TIP #1 There are fabulous sales thought-out the summer – take advantage of them
TIP #2 INVESTING is the #1 way to save on all groceries – what does that mean?
TIP #3 : Invest in sales at 50% off or better. Combine Sales with coupons for 60-80% or even FREE items is the best way to maximize your savings
TIP #4 : Fruits are in season and will be cheap throughout the spring and summer! Buy it while it is at its peak…if you buy more than you need you can always freeze for smoothies and pies!

Summer Savings and when to buy:

Tip: Summer BBQ deals start happening 3 weeks before Memorial Day – (Sunday May 6th – Sunday May 27th). Remember this for next year, and Teri to explain why this is….
Tip: The week of Memorial Day offers great sales and is a perfect time to stock up on products for the house which can last you the rest of the year, such as soda, food storage bags, aluminum foil, and sunscreen

Memorial Day is considered the first day of summer, and supermarkets know that Memorial day is known as the start of spending time outdoors with family and friends…BBQ’s, Picnics and beaches symbolize this holiday and the aisles of the markets put those key items on sale….meats, buns, drinks popsicle boxes. Tip: To be BBQ ready, fill your freezer with huge Meat deals: chicken, steaks,ribs, ground beef, ground turkey

4th of July: The summer is all about outdoors activities, swimming, picnics, summer camp and entertaining with friends. It is also a time when fresh fruit is at its peak. Take advantage of the great sales that surround this time frame. Tip: Buy the limit – A “limit” may be a loss leader (at or near cost) Tip: Don’t miss UN-advertised sales – There’s more than just what’s in the sales circular. 62% of the deals at are UN-advertised.

July 4th – August 4th: July is in full swing – kids are home from school and in camp, and BBQ season is in full swing. Lots of BBQ items continue to be on sale, and summer fruits are in season, and normally at the lowest price. Tip: Use the circular to be your guide in buying the fruit on sale and freeze summer fruits for smoothies with yogurt or juice Tip : Buy more than you need and stock up on all the great pantry items that have a long shelf life

August 5th – Labor Day: Labor Day is the generally the final party and then it’s back to school! So this is the best time to buy school supplies, stock up from the supermarket, but also the drugstores have great deals on these products. Tip: Buy early and save the most money on schools supplies, snacks for the kids

For more money saving ideas, visit The Grocery Game online.

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